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  • @winter2020 wow what a clever boy! Dylan is two months old tomorrow, I have no idea where the time has gone. He gives the gummiest smiles and grabs everything in sight now including my hair most of the time 😂

    There's a huge wait for his jabs, 4 weeks to be precise, not best pleased but what can I do?! Same to register his birth, the earliest I could book was March 11th and that was weeks and weeks ago.

    @MissM2203 I was actually looking forward to have sex again until I started the pill and now I just can't think of anything worse. I feel disgusting and too tired for anything other than feeding and the basics of life right now. It's really messed with my brain, if nothing changes in two weeks I'm coming off it and going back to the gp.

    This weekend I'm going to try start a routine with Dylan in his cot In our bedroom. I can't stand these split shifts anymore and Dylan needs to get used to his cot. It's gonna be tiring and take a while but it has 5o be done. If OH doesn't like it, he can sleep on the bloody sofa. 
  • Aww @Emmy012 I hope Dylan settles quickly in the cot!!  Thats a long wait for his jab and to register his birth 😕 are you still able to register the birth in person? We got Fíonn registered about a month ago but we have to do online applications
  • @winter2020 He's currently asleep on me after trying to put him in his basket twice. 🤦‍♀️
    Yes we have to go in person but book online, the closest date was the second week in March due to covid! Annoyingly it says not to bring your baby, however if you're not married both parents need to be there... If both of us are there we don't have anyone to look after Dylan. The logic! 
  • Emmy012 said:
    @winter2020 He's currently asleep on me after trying to put him in his basket twice. 🤦‍♀️
    Yes we have to go in person but book online, the closest date was the second week in March due to covid! Annoyingly it says not to bring your baby, however if you're not married both parents need to be there... If both of us are there we don't have anyone to look after Dylan. The logic! 
    Well that's not a confusing situation with his registration. We just had to send photos in an email, really made things easier! I'm in the same situation, Fíonn is fast asleep on me, he's due a feed soon so we'll see how long that lasts 😂 Putting him back in his cot after his feed
  • @Emmy012, we managed to get our booked in the first couple of weeks and my hubby just went down and did it. Does that mean you can't get child benefit or open bank accounts because you don't have a birth certificate? We still sleep in shifts so one of us is on the sofa at all times lol. Rory does spend a lot of time in his Moses basket now though on a night so might try him in the bedroom again soon.

    @MissM2203 hope you catch up on some sleep and feel a bit brighter today xx
  • @LouTTC83 were not married so we both have to go 😩 we have been able to apply for child benefit bur still have to forward the birth certificate once we have it. Same with the doctors too. We haven't opened a bank account yet for him but will once we have the certificate, for now he has a joint savings account with me and his dad.
    I'm going to revisit the next to me cot again soon, it's crazy isn't it having to sleep in shifts. At least hes not screaming all night like before 😩
  • @Emmy012, it's a pain waiting but at least its not affecting things :) 
    It is crazy, we haven't shared a bed in over ten weeks but I feel a lot less stressed than I did with my daughter where I was jumping up the very second she murmured so she didn't wake dad, now if Rory has a little fuss, I just wait it out a bit. He slept from 9pm to 4am tonight. Just feeding him now and will see if he goes back down (fingers crossed) xx
  • @LouTTC83 That's great! I've done two feeds with Dylan since 9pm and a poo change but he's slept between, just on me as every time I've gone to put him in his basket he's freaked out and refused to settle.
    I really miss falling asleep with OH 😔
  • @Emmy012 I miss it too. Not sure if I will ever manage not going to bed so early now though lol. 
    I technically don't need more sleep but hoping I can put Rory down again after this feed 😴😴 
  • @LouTTC83 Dylan is due a feed and I'm due to go to bed soon so if I go to bed no doubt ill be woken up in less than an hour for a feed 😂 honestly the boy has no schedule haha 
  • @LouTTC83
    Thr best sleeper award is most definitely going to Rory, what a star he is! 
    I would definitely go back to the GP if those feelings don't settle.
    The pill has done weird things to me hence me not even contemplating it and I fell pregnant on cerazette 🤣

    How are you getting on with going dairy free?

    Layth now weighs a whopping 15lb 3oz  Not long and he will be double his birth weight!!! 
    I can't believe he is so chunky because his feeds are so short. They literally last 5 minutes but he feeds every 2hrs sometimes it's within an hour? 
    Nights tend to be longer feeds for some reason he can be on there for a good half hour... I also have no routine or even close to one 

  • @MissM2203 what a chunk!! I have zero routine either. Last night he slept on me and because he could smell my milk he was up a lot to feed. We had a nap in bed from 7.30 until 9 which has thrown me for the day now. Not that we have anywhere to go!! Dairy free is good so far, made some yummy muffins yesterday!

    @Emmy012 totally agree on going back to the GP if things don’t settle down soon. I don’t want to go back on anything hormonal but not sure of other options. 

    How’s everyone’s pelvic floor? I’ve bought an Elvie trainer as I’m worried about mine!
  • @MissM2203 @RememberToBreathe it's strange because today I feel a lot better, it seems to come and go but I definitely noticed myself feeling gloomy after taking it. I've said I'll give it another couple of weeks and if there's no change then I'll look at other options!

    My pelvic floor seems to be OK, I was told years ago mine was weaker due to having IC but I've had no issues such as leaking or any visible signs anything has changed after birth. I have done pelvic floor exercises for years though to strengthen everything as I was told I'd need to as my bladder is slightly prolapsed with IC. Yay. I tend to have the opposite where I can't empty my bladder fully, so constant infections if it gets bad but pregnancy was incredibly kind to my illness. 
  • @RememberToBreathe I think my pelvic floor is ok but did sneeze a few times the other day and may may have leaked 😂
    I have seen the Elvies, let me know what you think of them please? 

    @MissM2203, Layth is growing so well :) Rory weighed 9lb 15oz at his 8 week check. I am looking forward to him getting weighed at 12 weeks (two weeks time) to see how he has grown then :) he looks like a chubster but that is mainly because he is a shorty 💕

    We have been doing an online baby class today while big sis napped then some tummy time. He has been a sleepy boy today and I don't feel like I do enough with him, I don't always feel like I know what I should be doing to stimulate him xx
  • I’ll let you know @LouTTC83 - just have to find the time to use it!! I’ve not had any leakage issues but after my run last week or a long walk I just feel a little loose down there and so I think I can only benefit by spending some more time on it. 

    I am always worried I don’t do enough with Ralph because once he’s fed and changed and burped he’s tired. I do read to him a lot as it’s easy to just grab a book but less time to grab the play mat or similar (we can’t leave stuff out because of the dog!). 
  • @RememberToBreathe it's not so bad but I miss coffee... I drink specific sachets and they have milk in them so can't have them. 
    Have you tried any of the alpro milks or substitutes yet? 
    I don't know why but am a bit unsure about even giving them a go??
    My pelvic floor is knackered. It's so bad this time around that even trying to do the exercises is difficult. 
    I have bought the Kegel intimina but it's not arrived yet. 
    I was going to buy a more expensive one but this one had good enough reviews so am really hoping it works.
    I literally can't even walk fast without a dribble it's so awful.
    3 babies have definitely taken their toll 😳

    Glad your feeling better today hope it all settles down for you. Bloody hormones! 

    Aww he's really cute, does he like tummy time? Layth hates it and I don't know why? 
    I love weigh ins it's good to know we are able to feed our baby's well.

  • @MissM2203 I drink Azera barista coffee as a treat so I add coconut milk and vanilla syrup. The rest of the day I drink ginger tea or decaf coffee but I really miss a proper cuppa - no way I’m having coconut milk in that and haven’t tried any other types of milk yet! 

    I only bought the Elvie because you can get it from John Lewis and I had a voucher for pretty much that amount from work! 

    I found I was trying to do the exercises at first and couldn’t feel anything at all but it’s slowly coming back thankfully. Hopefully the trainer will help me be a bit more focussed on it now 🤞🏻
  • Bloody hormones indeed! @MissM2203

    Dylan has play time with daddy every morning, he seems to enjoy it around 11am he lays on his play mat grabbing and kicking, we also got him some priya and peanut sensory cards with black and white images on, he seems really into them and follows them with his eyes even smiling at some.
    I tend to miss out on his play time with the time I wake up but I know it's not forever and I try and interact with him as soon as I'm awake. 
    My role at the moment seems to be feeder, bath giver and sleep inducer 😂

    @LouTTC83 Dylan weighed nearly 12lbs at his check at nearly 7 weeks old... He's a monster 😂 he's probably surpassed 13lbs now easily. 
  • @Emmy012 really hope those hormones settle down for you. Nothing worse then feeling gloomy with a crying baby. We do play time three times a day. My mil comes in in the mornings to give me a hand especially with my wrist, so he has play time with nanny, playtime with mammy before daddy gets home from work and playtime with daddy while mammy has a nap.

    @MissM2203 wow Layth is such a good a weight!! That's brilliant. I wouldn't worry too much about the length of the feeds, he seems to be getting everything he needs!! Well done mama! We've only really just gotten into a routine but it's hard work getting into it.

    @LouTTC83 aww Rory is sleeping so well and he's gorgeous 😍

    @RememberToBreathe I definitely need to focus on my pelvic floor alot more. Finding it really hard to control flow at the moment so definitely need to focus on it alot more. Hope you're nap was lovely with Ralph!

    Had my appointment with the doctor today and have really bad carpal tunnel, had blood drawn to rule out arthritis as it runs in my family and everyone got it young. Have to have my wrist supported with a bandage or splint at all times, have an anti inflammatory gel and physio therapy with a specialist as well 😭 here's my gorgeous boy, two months old yesterday 🥰
  • I love this picture 💗💙
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