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  • MissM2203MissM2203 Regular
    edited Feb 11, 2021 10:07PM

    Fionn is gorgeous. 
    Oh gosh am sorry the CT is so bad, poor you. 
    I do hope it's not arthritis.
    Hopefully the physio works and the gel eases things just now for you.
    is it the hand you use? 
  • @MissM2203 that picture is just precious 😭😭 yeah it's in my right hand which would be my dominant one. Haven't been able to feel one of my fingers for about a week and the other ones are starting to lose feeling now too
  • @winter2020 that sounds awful and so uncomfortable 🙁
    @MissM2203 @LouTTC83 gorgeous boys and photos 💙

    Here is my chunky monkey, he's changed so much! 

  • edited Feb 12, 2021 10:56AM
    Gorgeous babes @winter2020 @MissM2203 @Emmy012 💙

    Mine is a chunk too and the absolute love of my life...

    [annoyingly can’t add photo!!!!]

    @winter2020 so sorry about your carpal tunnel. I had surgery for this when I was 21 because my right hand was super bad, half the time my middle to little fingers were in a permanent claw position. I was in my final year of university and it was hell. I’m asthmatic so can’t take anti-inflamatories but I found ibuprofen gel helped take the edge off and making sure my circulation was good also helped so I wore fingerless gloves pretty much all the time! Everyone is different but let me know if you want to chat about it xx
  • @Emmy012
    such a beautiful baby!
    Our boys are all starting to lose their newborn looks now.

    Aww that's frustrating when you can't post a pic!!
    Layth was really congested last night so because he's almost 12 weeks (Tues) I resorted to rubbing some snuffle babe vapour rub on his feet.
    It seems to have helped a bit he's definitely breathing better than he was.
    It may help Ralph if he's having a bad night once he's age appropriate 
  • Thanks for the tip @MissM2203 Ralph sounded like a pug last night he was so congested!! But he managed some crib time which I’m rather chuffed at! 

    Hurrah photos worked!
  • @RememberToBreathe such gorgeous photos!!! I was going through some older photos of when he was first born to start putting a photo album together and the change in him is ridiculous! He's still so little but he was so tiny and wrinkly 😭
    It won't be long before he has outgrown is 0-3 clothes, some of his sleep suits I have to stretch a little to accommodate his growing rolls and chub 😂❤️
  • Hello! Haven't been around but nice to see some happy December babies. Hope all is well. I guess some lack of sleep, tummy issues or unwillingness to sleep alone are all very usual topics for many mamas. I am there too, though as long as I am on a maternity break, it's fine, I let baby sleep on my chest and spoil her as much as I can. 
    Do you bed-share with your babies? I do and though I worry about SIDS I feel she's happiest next to me. There is an opinion it's safe for breastfed children (as long as you don't drink, don't put blankets up etc.)
    Difficult to balance out my own intuition and common advice 😮
  • @RememberToBreathe
    aww Ralph is gorgeous!! Love his big Pom Pom hat!


    Lovely to hear from you.
    I have co slept with all of my babies. 
    My girls slept happily by my side but my boy he will only sleep on my chest. 
    I too worry but have read that if breastfed and with safe practice it can be just as safe. 
    Smokers are a huge risk so not advised to.
    I too enjoy the snuggles and just being close with him all night.
    He hates his next to me cot 

  • Ladies can I have some help? I’m really struggling at night and I won’t lie, I just keep being upset and spending what feels like hours crying. Ralph just won’t settle in guys crib. Last night he went down but then the grunting etc started (the kind that have connected to reflux), he settled himself a few times but wouldn’t properly sleep and then he was sick so I got him up and fed him (this is about 1.5 hours into trying to get him to settle and he’d been asleep on me for half an hour before that). He wouldn’t then go down so I let him sleep on me but I’m worried that it isn’t safe. He was with me then all night but I can deal with his wake ups then as they are short feeds with no bum changes. His last stint was 4-7. 

    I feel like I don’t know what to do:

    1 - do I try again tonight and hope I get at least a couple of hours where I can sleep on my own?

    2 - do I maybe try a dummy to see if that night help him settle for longer? I’ve also read it might help his tummy due to the amount of saliva that it helps produce. 

    3 - stay downstairs, watch TV on low so that I’m not going crazy in bed with DH who is fast asleep and pop Ralph into his bouncer for sleeps where we’ve had some daytime success? 

    4 - just give up and let him sleep on me from the start? I don’t feel like this is safe though. I sleep on my back slightly propped up wearing my dressing gown so I’m warm then he lies on my chest in his sleeping bag so that he’s warm. I don’t pull the duvet up any further than his bottom. Should I try putting him next to me on his back? Might this assist in eventually putting him in his crib so he’s at least on his back? 

    I don’t want his sleep to take over but it is and I stress so much about bedtime. 

    Thanks lovelies x
  • @RememberToBreathe sorry you are having a bad time. 
    We haven't cracked sleeping yet but do it in shifts and Rory sleeps downstairs so when each of us have him, we have a duvet downstairs and catch some sleep when he does in his Moses basket (his sleep is improving) I find this less stressful than trying to be quiet in the bedroom. When I take over, I get myself some drinks, a snack and have Netflix on low. I spend a good amount of time feeding him then put him down. Its not ideal but takes the stress away of trying to be quiet while hubby  and daughter sleeps. 

    I have read there are safe ways to bed share but I don't want to do this xx
  • Thanks @LouTTC83 - I’m probably putting too much pressure on myself but I just can’t believe how much his sleep has regressed. He used to do three hours, feed, two hours, feed, one hour then up for the day and now I don’t get more than half an hour in the crib. I might stay downstairs tonight and see how I get on xx
  • @RememberToBreathe
    sending a hug your way, am sorry things are getting to you regarding sleep.
    My DH sleeps in the spare room simply because he is lazy when it comes to the night shift but I do prefer it this way because I don't have to be worrying about waking him.
    I co sleep and have done since my first daughter. Never intended to but she was so bad with silent reflux she couldn't be on her back either so I used to feed her and stay upright for a good half hour afterwards then pop her next to me and she would usually settle if she didn't I just slept sitting up with her on my chest and a pillow under each arm so she couldn't roll off.
    Layth however will not tolerate being on his back so he sleeps on my chest, I find this works for both of us and am getting enough sleep most nights now.
    It's really difficult when reflux is a factor because they choke and make awful sounds and I found that stressed me so much I preferred to keep them with me but that's just a personal preference.

    You could try what @LouTTC83 has suggested also if co sleeping is something you don't want to do or could your DH sleep elsewhere just to see if that's less stressful that your not feeling conscious about waking him up? 

    I hope things get better soon but know your not alone, we are all just winging it at the moment and doing anything we can to get some shut eye x
  • Thank you @MissM2203 I think nearly ten weeks of no sleep is just finally taking it’s toll! 

    I don’t mind co-sleeping, I’m just worried I’m not doing it safely and so if I have to do it all night I’m increasing the risk. Which perhaps is overthinking it as we’ve been ok so far! Bedrooms are the issue here, our guest room is a mess and you can barely move in there 😂 If DH slept in there then the dog would have to stay with me and I couldn’t tolerate that!! I could go in there sans crib though and just co-sleep. Maybe persevere with daytime naps in his basket so he has some back time. God they’re not easy are they???
  • @RememberToBreathe
    I had my meltdown a few weeks ago it's perfectly fine, going without enough sleep for weeks is a form of absolute torture!! 
    You sound as tho your doing everything to ensure safe co sleeping.
    I really do think I would be under too much pressure having to try and be quiet with DH next to me not to mention that slight bit of bitterness that he's snoring his head off oblivious to my troubles and exhaustion.
    It does get better tho I promise. 
    Someone once told me this
    " Your baby feels happier in your arms and only wants you just now because you doing such a great job as a Mummy, the nights are dark and the cot feels lonely but you make baby feel safe and that's all they want just now is to feel safe"
    It's always stuck with me xx
  • That brought a tear to my eye @MissM2203 you’re an angel x
  • @MissM2203 Thanks so much for your reassuring answer. 

    @RememberToBreathe Aww sorry to read about your worries and lack of sleep.

    My little one also slept nicely in her next to me co-sleeper at the beginning but at some point she started grunting and waking up a lot, that's when we switched to co-sleeping - she can be peacefully asleep for up to 5 hours.
    I do worry if it's safe and will try moving her to her crib when she's deep asleep, but otherwise I think it's best to all if she stays in our bed. For her development I think it's good, babies feel safest and happiest next to their mothers.

  • @RememberToBreathe I'm so sorry you're having trouble with sleep. Fíonn absolutely despises being on his back but I have managed to get him into the cot. I prop his head up with a thin pillow under his sheet and a dummy and he does generally tens to sleep for a while then. I know someone whose baby suffered really badly with reflux and apparently the dummy was a life saver. I find that the sucking motion really helps soothe him to sleep. I had to co sleep with him for a few weeks after he was born as I could not for the life of me work out why he wouldn't sleep in his moses basket. Have you tried propping his head up in the cot? Xx

    Had his injections this morning. Nearly cried from him being so distressed but he calmed down once he got some cuddles and so far has been a smiling and giggling baby. Hopefully he won't be effected to much by the jabs.
  • @RememberToBreathe oh love I'm so sorry you're struggling. I can completely relate as Dylan has rarely settled in his cot in our bedroom since birth. We have been doing what @LouTTC83 has been doing, sleeping in shifts and staying downstairs with him but it's not going to work long term as OH will be going back to work at some point.

    We have been putting him in his next to me cot for one nap a day and his pram cot on the sofa on an evening. He's been getting loads better and sometimes sleeping from 9/9.30 until midnight, wakes for a feed, I'll settle him on me after a burp to make sure he's not gassy and then he will do another stretch until 3/4. It was. Going well until he decided 1am onwards is when he will poo and can fill 5 nappies in a row. He refuses to feed properly until he's got it all out and fusses for hours.

    Were attempting to get him back in his next to me cot tomorrow night but now I'm worried I'm going to be awake half the hight changing his bum like tonight. He really fusses when he poos and nothing helps. 

    We have also resorted to a dummy on a night to help sooth him as when he went through his 6 hour colicky scream sessions it was the only thing that helped temporarily. He only has it for a bit of he's over stimulated and refusing sleep. 

    Co sleeping worries me too but I have done it a couple of times through sheer exhaustion when he was a couple of weeks old and will probably do it again at some point if I have to but the key is just making sure he's safe, can't roll anywhere and won't overheat. 

    Sorry for the essay!

    Sending huge love to you all, and hopes for some solid sleep ❤️
  • P. S @MissM2203 the bitterness and resentment that you're OH is getting solid sleep is real.

    I've been so tempted to smother him with a pillow often. 😂
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