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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our February 2016 Babies club, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood! 

If you have a toddler (born in February 2016), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. You'd be very welcome and they're a nice, friendly lot!




  • Was just telling my baby he's no more a baby now a toddler.. though unfortunately he's celebrating his birthday with a cold

  • Hi all I haven't been on here in ages! Things have been so busy and time has just flown by. Scarlett will be 1 in 2 days and I can't believe it! She's been poorly with a virus the last couple of days so I'm hoping she'll be better for her birthday. She's not quite walking yet but so close so I don't think it will be long. 

    My phone won't let me post a picture as I don't have enough memory! Hooefully I can post one soon. 

    I hope you're all enjoying celebrating 1st birthday celebrations with your babies. Xxx

  • Hunter will be turning one on the 19th February and I can definitely say this has been the fastest year of my life! He isn't walking yet but don't think it will be long. 

    We are planning to go to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm the day before his birthday then have a little gathering on his birthday. I'm excited! 

    Here he is:


  • Patrick will be 1 on Wednesday and is on his feet...Although he's decided running is better than walking.

    He's got a cold too, we're just back from the doctor as he was pulling at his ears but just a bit blocked. 

    My family are coming over at the weekend and on his birthday me and the husband have taken it off work to go to soft play and lunch. Ordered a cake as I'm sure the rest of the family on my husband's side will pop in on the actual day.


  • image

    Managed to upload a pic of scarlett eating and watching in the night garden. Currently her favourite programme! 💖

  • Ava will be one on the 21st she's doing great and is standing all of the time now :) she prefers foods she can pick up herself!! Baba is too big to be fed hahaha image

  • Hi everyone! It's so amazing to see these little people! We really do remember your birth announcements - it doesn't seem that long ago, at all. 

    We were wondering as you're all now, way past the newborn baby phase, do you have any sage words of advice for new mums suffering with sleep deprivation? We have a thread about it, right over here... Thank you! 

  • Hi all lovely to see recent pics of your little ones. Remzi will be 1 on the 11th but we having his 'party' on Sunday. He generally a happy chappie unless I dare to move even 1 step away from him (he obviously is allowed to crawl away from me but I'm not allowed to move!) He giving kisses which is lovely and makes up little games love him. He not walking yet but making anything that moves into a walker. image

  • Hello everyone. Sophie will be 1 on 15 and she's been walking since 10th of January. She doesn't even crawl anymore as she enjoys walking a lot. We even had a little walk around the park. Today it was my first day at work and Sophie's first full day at nursery and they said she was lovely and only cried once so I'm very pleased with that.


  • Hello everyone. My little girls will be 1 next Friday, can't believe how fast it's gone. imageimage

  • imageGrace will be 1 on the 19th and I just can't believe the year has gone so quikly. She can crawl around but not standing at all (I still think the hip harness has slowed her development down with regards her legs). She is such a wee character and loves showing off all her tricks. She is a fantastic sleeper and the only food she has spat out was grapefruit. She loves olives, mackerel, salmon sweetcorn is her new fav fingerfood at the minute. We are just so blessed to have this little lady in our lives.xx

  • It's amazing How milestones are so different my son too is not walking yet . He will stand and take a step or two but that's about it . I am not stressed about it as we shifted houses and I think that has hindered his walking attempts though I find it unnecessary that people point it out like it's a failure or that he's slow ! I know he'll do it in time 

  • Mandy I sometimes wish my son would just sit down lol. These tiny humans do everything in their own time so I agree you're best to sit back and enjoy instead of stressing. 

  • Hi everyone!! I hope you are all well. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by & that our little babies are so big now!! :( Mya isn't walking yet but is getting more confident moving around the furniture. She's soo funny doing her animal noises & her favourite word is hiya & she shouts it to everyone she see's :) she's still not a great sleeper & I'm still breastfeeding but I'm just going with the flow. I started back to work last week & i'm enjoying it. We are very lucky that because of my husbands shifts he looks after her most of the time & her granny has her a few mornings each week. I'm really unsure what to do to celebrate Mya's 1st birthday on the 17th. Our house isn't really big enough to have a party & invite all our relatives. We could just have immediate family but I know so many people will want to see her & give a present. What have/are you all doing to mark the special day? 

    my cheeky monkey :)


  • We had a small celebration yesterday - Remzi loved his cake!imageimageimage

  • You lucky with childcare ddmca we pay £700-£800 per month for our 2 and according to the government we don't qualify for help with childcare costs. They ask for your earnings but not your outgoings so how they can make a fair decision is beyond me 😩

  • I'm lucky with childcare too as my MIL takes my son two days and my mum the other. Not sure what will happen when the next on arrives as looking after two is a big ask (trying not to think about it atm) but I don't think there is enough support.

    My folks, 2 brothers, sister and neice came over on Sunday and we had a wee party. On his actual birthday my husband's family have all been invited at 6 to blow out candles and will need to be out by 7/730 as Patrick will need bed. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and just couldn't face having a huge party.

    I'm going out tomorrow to buy him a trike bike and pick up his cake but he's still got so much from xmas he's not even played with so don't want to waste lots of money. 

    Patrick has taken to waking up screaming hysterically in the night and won't calm unless I sit and give him and cuddle. Don't know what's happening but it's heart breaking.

  • Bless him, could be night terrors? Not sure what age that can hapoen from but had friends who had little ones that suffered with them x

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're well on this cold day!
    We just wondered, if your child's at school and they're on half-term next week, what have you got planned? Please do come and tell us by posting on this new thread here, we'd love some ideas what to do with our kids! 

  • Sorry I'm only replying now. Yes it's crazy how much childcare costs & very unfair how the whole benefit system works. It must be so hard paying so much each month plus all the additional £ spent raising our wee rascals. 

    We decided just to have a party at home next Friday. I've no idea what to get Mya because she also has far too much since xmas. I was thinking about one of those cute little teepee's but can't believe the price of them!!! 

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