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Testing around VDay!?



  • If it doesn't come properly by tomorrow ill do a test! xx

  • How are we all today? 

    I'm 8 or 9 dpo depending on which spo you listen too! 

    I have very tender breasts, feel like I'm wearing clothes made of lead & could honestly sleep all day. I've had to work from home the last two days as I have no energy. 

    I couldn't resist and took a test with FRER but bfn. I know far too early but guess that's what happens when home alone haha. 


  • Well af started today! My boobs killed all night to the point I couldn't sleep,well least it started,nearly 8 weeks😏 So on to my next cycle,but I'm decorating and looking for a new job,so maybe keeping my mind occupied n not on ttc will be a good thing😁🤞🏻,good luck to all that's testing soon x

  • Sorry to hear that Simmo! Fingers crossed for next cycle. Hopefully having something to focus on will take your mind off it. It's so easy to get fixated on it. That's how I feel I've been the last few days. 


  • Awwh fingers crossed for you Loz! And for next time Simmo! ☺️ 

    I have Zero energy and Im still getting stomach pains/heartburn, I did a test yesterday and it was negative so going to do another at the weekend as Im due on Friday and if not I guess it's just my body plating cruel tricks! 

    feeling super fed up at the minute with it , suppose it doesn't help that we're moving house this weekend too! Xxxx

  • Thankyou x I know how you feel Laura,was sure I was pregnant lol boobs killed! Smells drove me mad! Been sick this morning! Heartburn! tired! spotting the other day! Bought a test this morning-negative came on this afternoon 👍🏼 Well done n What a waist of money that was 😂 i have a POAS problem,least I got my period,was thinking it wasn't going to arrive at all again and I'd be in limbo and couldn't ttc,so all good really x  want to see some bfps soon🤞🏻 X

  • My period is due tomorrow. Posted a previously longer post today in a different thread. But long story short I had an early miscarriage two months ago, waited a month, and tried again this month. Scared it will come or that it won't and I will end up miscarrying again. The two week wait was terrible and now that it's almost over I'm really struggling. But not much I can do either way but wait and see. 

    Hope everyone gets a big fat positive this month!!

  • I have had the same symptoms! So unfair that it gets our hopes up like this. I have to smile to myself sometimes though because 5 years ago I was praying my period would come! Haha 


  • I'm so sorry to hear that SAH xxx

    sending you lots of luck for a bfp this month Xxx

  • Oh I'm sorry SAH xx I hope you get your positive x

  • Sah, I'm sorry to hear about your MC. I'm in the same situation as you

    I had an early MC on the 16th Dec, at 5 weeks. I got my BPF at 4 weeks, 1 day after my period was due.

    I'm now 3-4 days late for AF, was due on sunday and not testing until I reach what will be the 5 week mark if I am pregnant.. purely for a bit of self-preservation. I know if I do start bleeding it will be slightly easier for me if I've not had a BFP.

  • LauraPops,

    My MC was also in December. December 16th. Kinda put a damper on the holidays for me. That was also tough because I had been hoping to announce to my close family at Christmas time.

    Lauralouke and Simmo1 thank you for your positive thoughts! :)

    So far AF hasn't shown up yet. I'm resisting the urge to run to the store to buy a test. I have the same feelings as you LauraPops, if I can hold out until 5 weeks late then hopefully I will save myself a tiny amount of disappointment. 

  • I know what you mean about it ruining Christmas a little, I was hoping to tell my mum and dad on Boxing day when we had a little family get-together. Had it all planned out and everything so it was really upsetting.

    Onwards and upwards for us both Sah!


  • Not sure thinking and evaporation line image

  • Sah - any sign of AF today? 

    Babimama I can see a line but looks really close together? I don't think a bfp would be that close but fingers crossed it is! 


  • Thank you loz5409 just really don't think I am did a clear blue and got this image

  • No sign of AF for me yet. And normally I get very cranky and crampy and bloated feeling when it's on it's way and so far nothing. But I couldn't take the suspense anymore and took a first response. So far negative. It's interesting because with my last pregnancy that ended in MC I got a positive result like two days before I expected AF and I confirmed when AF was two days late and still positive. But maybe this is a good sign because obviously that last one didn't work out? Or maybe we just missed this month. who knows. 

    babimama1 I see a very faint line on clear blue also! Maybe test first thing in the morning tomorrow and see?!

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