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  • Wow congratulations KG beautiful name xx
  • Morning everyone how are we all doing??
    Last night was so tough, she just didn’t want to be put down and cried every time I tried. All she wants to do is sleep with a boob in her mouth!! I think I was hallucinating at one point I was so tired trying not to fall asleep with her in my arms.
    I forgot how tough this stage is!! 

    Nay thinking of you! 

  • @Jadeelx I thought I was past that stage as we’ve had some good nights and then hubby is back to work this morning and suddenly she won’t be put down and was feeding literally all night!
  • @Jadeelx @MrsBeeL, praying for strength for you both...can be tough the first few weeks.
    love & light 
  • @Jadeelx I’ve also found when she’s like this and just needs comfort that swaddling helps - you’ve probably tried it but I know sleep deprivation makes you forget the simple things 
    Hi everyone, we know it's only mid-March and there are a few babies expected, but we thought now would be a good time to to kick off the March 2019 Babies thread. Please do come on over to this thread (whether you've had your baby or not) as this birth club will eventually be closed, once all the babies have arrived. 

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  • Hey ladies how we all doing ?

    congrats kg and lovely name 💜

    also had my boy yesterday at 5pm after an 15/20min labour. Defo my most painful by fair whoever said they get easier lied lol 😂 a good chunky weight of 8 1/2 pounds. 
  • Oh congratulations @Nay1234 he's here! 
  • Nay1234 said:
    Hey ladies how we all doing ?

    congrats kg and lovely name 💜

    also had my boy yesterday at 5pm after an 15/20min labour. Defo my most painful by fair whoever said they get easier lied lol 😂 a good chunky weight of 8 1/2 pounds. 
    Congrats Nay! And to everyone else who's babes have made an appearance 😍 
  • Congratulations Nay💃🏼🎉💃🏼🎉
  • @MrsBeeL I will actually try and swaddle her, I haven’t been it totally didn’t even occur to me yet! X

    @Nay1234 amazing news congratulations lovely! Wow he’s a great little weight well done to you all. How are you feeling after? 

    Midwife came and weighed today, she’s lost a little bit more weight which made me worry but I know it’s normal. She said try and feed more and will re weigh on Friday! She’s making lots of wet & dirty nappies so I shouldn’t be overly worried, just need to keep an eye on her when she’s feeding 

  • @Jadeelx it’s crazy what the tiredness does to you!
    emily lost lots of weight too - mainly because of the tongue tie , but we weee told to wake her every 3 hours for a feed to build it up, and now she’s started to gain we can leave it to 4 but she’s waking herself and more alert now she’s gaining 
  • Congratulations to everyone so far! So happy for you all! 

    I’m in for an induction next Saturday! I’ve has sciatica for the last week so have limited mobility 😞 I just want to meet our baby boy now! 
  • Thanks ladies not too bad defo glad he’s my last or I wouldent have another induction well the pessery it caused me to over contract and caused so much pain manged to do it all without pain relief and just was too fast and to much of a panic for everyone needed stitches only because of how quick he came but apart from that all good Just glad it’s over and we can enjoy our bundle.

    i also recommend the swaddling makes them so much more settled and less jumpy as I call it. Mind you my daughter hated it so I think it just depends on the babyalso the baby sleeping bags are really good.

  • @Nay1234 that’s what happened to me with the pessary! Labour was less than 3 hours - for a first labour - no time for anything other than pain and pushing!
  • Horrible isent it mrsbeel I was 18mins ! The only good thing was it was over but everything’s catched up with me now but ibrophen seems to be working ok. 

  • Sorry I’ve been a bit absent ladies, have a little girl with a tongue tie and it looks like a dairy intolerance so all has been a bit of a blur here trying to get to grips with everything as well as still be a mum to my little boy!! 

    Huge congratulations to all you lovely ladies who have had babies, so lovely to read all your news. 

    My labour was only about 1hr 20 from start to finish so I sympathise with you so much. A quick labour always sounds so ideal but it’s so intense and such a shock to the system it’s really hard going on both the mum and the babe! 

    Hope everyone is feeling well and getting on ok. Ottilies tongue tie means she has a really shallow latch to begin with so I’ve got blood blisters on both nipples which are agony every time I feed. Am managing to feed through it at the moment but I don’t know how long I can keep it up for, it’s so painful I literally can’t stop myself shaking and shuddering when I put her on. Ohh the joys of being a new mum! Thank goodness she’s completely beautiful as looking down at her gorgeous face sometimes is the only thing that keeps me going!!

    Thinking of everyone! Xx
  • Hi ladies, not sure if this is allowed I’m new here but in need of help really worried, can anyone help me with this as im so confused right now. It came up with one test line within minutes , then within a few more minutes it turned out like this, is this positive or evap ?😭
  • @Beartobe Emily is tongue tied too. Have you tried nipple shields? They’re really making a difference for me along with lanolin nipple cream. Are you going to get her snipped? Emily has an appointment for it in 2 weeks. 

    @Nay1234 18 minutes?!?!?! How?! What?!?! Woah!!!
  • Yeah from first contraction from pessery till he was born the contraction was constant never got a break that’s why it was the worst and so intense 1 mim before he was born I was only 5cm everything was quick happened with all my births this one the record though. The midwifes always are so shocked and are like your not text book are you lol 😂 then it takes me hours for my body to catch up with what’s going on so ruins the start tbh. 

    Bear2be I was the same blood blisters and pain was intense and barely producing as they think my body hasent catched up so I just decided to formula feed after 24 hours of trying. 
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