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Due in March 2019 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in March 2019 - Part 2 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • hello ladies how are we all ? Part 3 that’s gone quick next thread will be birth announcements that’s crazy. 

    lovely name alf glad you both are doing well. I also miss my bump when it’s gone it’s when you get the phanto kicking it’s werid.

    start to anoThree week means another week gone getting close Now I have decided to get on with preparing hospital bag this week so planning a trip to town while i still can be bothered to walk around lol 😂 

  • Must be so weird not to have a bump! 

    Amanda that’s a gorgeous name! 

    I just had my midwife appointment and have to go for a growth scan on Thursday as the size has tailored off. Has anyone else had One?

  • Mrsb I have growth scans every 2 weeks they are nothing to worry about they just plot the babys measurements on a graph to make sure they are between the 10th- 99th pentacle so they are the right size for their gestation. if they had any concerns you Would see consultant after and probs would mean just being monitored more. The chances you will go and everything will be fine they just are over precautious with the babys growth. Least you get to see baby again :) i have my growth scan tomorrow 

  • Thanks Nay

    yeah - really excited to see the baby again! I’ll be 35+2 for the scan on Thursday so hopefully the next time I see her will be in real life!

  • Nay1234 you are becoming my preggo guru. Had the pgp physio tonight and she was horrified I’ve got to 35 weeks with no help. Talking about a planned c section because I can’t open my hips wide enough for delivery. Reeeeeeally don’t want that so working on hips now! Thanks for your advice!

  • aw bless you mrsb I try to help I was the same with my first loved hearing from other with experiance and had advise. Oh that’s so exciting that you only got 5 weeks left till your due date. I’m glad the physio was of help to you they have always stood my ground too they are good to have on your side. are you due to see the consultant ? About early sweeps or have ealry induction ? I stick by my last comment and just say to be strong and stand up for yourself :). Also Another bit of advise is to get your oh to know/remember how comftable you can open your legs. As if you are in labour and have pain relief or epidural you won’t be able to feel the pain but if They get stretched to much it can cause damage and take longer to recover my physio said ive always made sure my oh has known My limits. I was also told I would have to have a c section that’s where me and the consultant compromised and said an early induction first and if it gets to bad they will convert to c section. also My consultant/physio agreeed that a water birth is the best option for patients with SPD as the water lifts the weight so if you even considered a water birth that’s a plus for that you might just have To show them you can get in and out the birthing pool. 

  • I see the physio next Thursday again and then we go from there. I’ve already been wanting a water birth right from the start so happy for that!

    havent seen a consultant yet but I think the physio will arrange that next week if she thinks it’s the next step. 

    I really don’t want an epidural (can’t have it with water birth anyway), but will make sure dh knows my limits, thanks for that tip!

  • Ah great news it’s great they are hElping you and lucky enough I’ve never needed epidural either but just Incase ive done my last two labours with no pain relif but this time im open to options lol done it twice without lol 😂  and ah that’s good its what you Wanted anyways mention it to your pysio about the water birth and she should right it in yours notes as a recommendation. 

  • Hi, I have to have growth scans every 2 weeks normally with it being twins, they just take the standard measurements, nothing to worry about! I try to keep mine on the same day so that I get the same person scanning me otherwise we noticed changes of measurements! 

    We went to our RVI appt yesterday, they signed me out of their care and said just have weekly scans so that they can decide when to bring them! To say we went with problem of twin B, they scanned the first twin for about 40 mins, took every single measurement possible and looked at every inch of his body, then the consultant came in and took over and did twin B and it seems she hasn’t measured everything that the first had! She did say everything was fine structurally with the twin, they can see some loops in cord but not to worry too much! I just keep telling myself if they had found anything they would of told me! 

    Does anybody have any good suggestions on how to get a baby move position from being breech? need the first twin to move head down so that I can have natural! 



  • Happy2try that’s great news you have been signed off and they are both doing great not long till you meet them. As the breech suggestions apparently on all fours rocking is quite good.

    had my 32 week scan today baby is being naughty and is transverse so he’s laying horizontal across my stomach urgh no wonder why I been getting out of breath etc.. so he’s got 4 weeks to turn or it’s a c section :( hoping he doesent turn to breech either but I’m being hopefuly 4 weeks is a long time for him to turn. also made It hard to get accurate measurements but back in 2 weeeks anyways. his estimated weight is 4pounds 4 ounces at the mo 


  • Hey! 

    So I spent a few hours hooked up to the CTG machine in hospital yesterday. Midwife was concerned at the fact I keep getting really intense Braxton hicks under my bump, turns out I'm having sporadic contractions. Cervix is fine, no signs of labour. Doctor advised to take it easy. Every ok with baby though. Was a rush to get out as was my son's 8th birthday yesterday as well lol and my husband is working away this week! Next growth scan on Tuesday at 36+2, hopefully baby's growth hasn't dropped any lower. 

  • Just found the new thread!

    Sounds like we are all having growth scans at the moment. 

    I had mine today and baby still on track with good growth and measured 3lbs 9 . 

    I had bloods taken again so will wait and see how my iron is looking and if still low, I’ll have a transfusion booked. They said that when I come for my next scan in 3 weeks I should ideally decide if I want the c section, Im still in two minds 

    Mrsbeel I’m glad your physio is being helpful and I agree with Nay about the water birth, I always hear such amazing things about how it helps in labour. I hope you get to use it! I always wanted a waterbirth too.

    Nay poor you with a cheeky one laying across you! I’m out of breath and she’s head down, hopefully he puts his head down soon. 

    Im glad all is ok Chez and you made it for your sons birthday, your getting close now perhaps labour is only a few weeks away 😬

    Jade 31+2

  • Bloody hope so Jade! I'm totally over the whole pregnancy now 🙄😂 I have my baby shower that my friend has organised on Saturday then I don't mind when baby wants to make an appearance! 

    Sounds like your bubs is cooking nicely! 😊 x

  • Haha yes I remember that stage! Oh enjoy your day, hope it’s special and you have lots of fun. 

    Yes she seems to be cooking nicely, bang in the middle on my growth charts so I’m happy with that! 


  • So at what week should we be expecting baby to move into a ready-to-engage position? 

    My little one is still in a diagonal most of the time

    I know it’ll be different for 2nd/3rd etc pregnancies but for first? I’m hearing such mixed answers and different apps/sites are telling me different things!

  • I’m not sure exactly what week it should be for first time, but I know that it usually happens up to a few weeks before or earlier where as in subsequent pregnancies they don’t expect babies to typically engage until labour itself, usually. I think they like babies to be head down by 36 weeks as after it’s harder for them to move, although they say they can still move even in labour. Sorry I can’t answer exactly as I think its a matter of opinion with the docs.

    The website spinning babies is fab for techniques to help baby get into the optimal birth position.

  • Thanks Jadeelx

    turns ur baby moved down this morning  Just in time for my growth scan which measures her at 6lb 2oz!


  • Mrsbee I was wondering how your scan went today glad all is good and thats a great weight :) 

    suffeirng with my SPD but apart from that all good.

    ild say the same as jade baby head engages at all diffrent times and speeds. Every woman/pregancy is diffrent they tend to do the bobbing in and out till labour starts. 


  • Oh that’s great MrsBeel and what a good weight she is. They’re supposed to gain half a pound a week now so she will be a great weight at birth.

    Nay sorry your suffering but not long left I suppose, and he is so worth it. 

    I just had my acupuncture eerlier but luckily all the pain I had has eased off now so im not booked in until birtht preparation session at 38 weeks to help get labor going (if I don’t choose the section)


  • Ladies how many newborn/1month/0-3 sleepsuits are we buying?

    so far I have 3 newborn, 5 up To a month and about 20 0-3 😂 

    Do I need more newborn/month? I know I did this last year but I feel like I have no idea, wondering what you are doing? X

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