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  • I found with my first they were really similar Alf!! Which I know is really unhelpful. Reflux generally makes them sick a lot, unless it’s silent reflux, but it generally occurs most often when you lie the baby down because the acid travels back up the pipes, milk intolerance generally causes discomfort and wind, like colic symptoms but with no easing them. Unsettled, pulling knees up, struggling to pass wind etc. If you eat dairy you probably won’t notice much difference between breast fed and formula fed because both milks will contain cows milk protein! Try and notice if your little one is sick when they’re led down but better when they’re up right, or if you hear them swallowing vomit down a short time after their feed etc, hopefully then you’ll start to get an indication of where the problems coming from! Hope you’re ok and you make some headway soon - both reflux and dairy allergies are really tough going so I really feel for you xx
  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all ok? 
    Just a little reminder...please do come on over to the new March 2019 Babies thread. (whether you've had your baby or not) as this birth club will eventually be closed, and we'd love to get it rolling. 

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    Hope those still expecting are hanging in there and those of you with your babies are getting any kind of rest. 

  • Hi everyone, please come on over to the new thread and let us know how you and your babies are doing. We'll be closing this thread soon. 
  • Locking this thread now everyone. New thread here.  :)
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