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Trying and not giving up!

Lately it's been very hard to watch ppl come and go while we try for months. So I though it's time we get our quite corner. If u feel the way I do, please join me.

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  • I felt overwhelmed by pregnancy related stuff lately and my sanity can't take it anymore. Lots of love ladies and add whoever I didn't.
  • This was definitely needed. I'm struggling today ❤️
  • MadDodaMadDoda Regular
    edited Jan 8, 2020 1:44PM
    I'm so sorry u have to go through this again @Emmy012 it will get better, you have us. Hugs
  • @MadDoda you're all wonderful ❤️
  • I've actually been thinking about this for a while now, but thought I was the only one. It's really hard when so many join and then instantly seem to get BFPs. 
  • @Emmy012 what's going on babe? Share with us, we got you
  • @PinkSnow410 it must be really hard on you... It's been so long. I think many of us felt that way, Just no-one wants to say it.
  • @MadDoda yeah, it's not that I'm not happy for others, because I am so glad to see each woman get her bfp, but it is hard not to feel that tinge of self pity. And it gets tiring explaining our situations over and over and answering the same questions. The worst is having a newbie on the forum tell you if you just do _____ you'll get pg 🤦
  • I’ve been super struggling lately x I feel all of you x
  • @PinkSnow410 seeing the posts today was just icing on the cake for me, just makes me feel so sad for myself and all you ladies too. I'm pleased for BFPs but it's not fair that we've been trying and struggling so long, I don't need it rubbed in my face and reminders of what I nearly had. 
    Sorry for moaning, I usually try and stay so positive ❤️
  • @RememberToBreathe we've got you girl ❤️ 
  • @PinkSnow410 yeah and this advices without a clue on our situation. I reached point I struggle to be happy for others, so bitter. With exception ofc. I would be in heavens if u get bfp right now. 
  • @RememberToBreathe I hope u can find ur relief in here. I hope we will be safe here haha
  • @PinkSnow410 don't get me started on that... Newbs that appear with their bfp straight away and then try and give you advice. 🤦 Literally can't stand seeing it anymore but I want to check in with all of you and support you lovelies not have to deal with repeating myself constantly and explaining my heartache.
  • I try and stay positive too @Emmy012 but I just feel like I have no positivity left. I have been getting through work but then getting home and being lost. Like I don’t know what to do with myself. Have been doing yoga which has been helping but I just feel exhausted with just how tiring getting through the day is. 

    This is the time in my cycle where I usually feel so good and up for it because I’m about to ovulate and we’re gearing up for another go but I’m currently doing nothing and waiting for a scan which I’m convinced will say I’m fine and then we will try and again and it will happen again. You can see how my mind has a life of its own. Sorry, vent needed. 
  • @Emmy012 yeah I understand. Now we can support each other here without all the noise 💜  You're in the tww, which is hard enough alone. You don't need all that mess. So much love!! We are here for you anytime you need to vent.  With all that BD you and oh did I'm betting on a bfp for you 😘

    @RememberToBreathe ❤️

    @MadDoda I feel the same way. I hope and pray this is your sticky bean... Everything else seems to be in order. Thyroid good place, b12 shot, all bloods good, so I feel like you've got a real chance rn
  • @RememberToBreathe vent away, we all need to do it. I know love, it's so hard isn't it, you're still processing it all and daily life can just be a struggle. I had to talk to my boss today about it as I took time off work before Christmas and I hadn't seen her until today. Just brought it all back and made me feel like crap.
  • @RememberToBreathe I totally understand u, I have been a wreck since Dec,  up down down down down again. We just gotta take one step at a time, Im trying not think too far ahead. My earliest mc was last one at 4+3 so I want to get passed that and get stronger line. You should think of getting through scan first. We will always be here to support you. 

    @PinkSnow410 I'm oblivious, avoiding this thought. I'm blocking it out. I will just focus on u lot <3 how are u feeling today, any chance for bd?
  • @PinkSnow410 I'm not optimistic but only time will tell. Thank you for always staying so positive for me, it really means alot. This chat was definitely needed, a quiet space where we can rant and vent!
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