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  • A good bedtime routine and some white noise definitely helps. However, my main advice would be not to get too stressed over sleep schedules. (Easier said than done I know!) My 4 year old was an awful sleeper for the first couple of years but eventually improved by himself and now sleeps absolutely no problem. My baby girl has been much better at sleeping so far (I really hope this continues!) and we have done nothing different with her. I think the stress of worrying about their sleep is sometimes the worst part, if I'd known that my son would eventually work it all out himself I would have wasted a lot less time worrying! 
  • Keep the same routine every night ie bath, feed , soothing story or song 
  • Allow the naps and bedtimes to shift fluidly with your child's development, ignoring the textbook advice. Our little one is 12 months and has struggled to sleep through his sleep cycles. We've found allowing him to occasionally nap in the late afternoon if he's just too tired and then stay up an hour or say later helps him to sleep better at night. 
    My most important tip is to not beat yourself up or feel guilty about your baby not sleeping well. It's really hard on parents suffering from sleep deprivation, but worrying about your baby's sleeping (or lack of) just adds more stress. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby will be and the more likely they'll sleep well. 
  • A white noise machine completely changed my view on sleep once my son went in his own room.  My son would be a dream to put down but constantly restless. The second we got a white noise machine it made all the difference. 
    As a newborn we found swaddles worked incredibly well, feeling snug and safe he would dream the night away. 
  • Taking wake windows into account throughout the day, ensuring baby was well rested helped us have easier bedtimes. We also find having a humidifier in the bedroom helps, the air isn’t too dry so baby can sleep better and the hum of the machine acts as white noise. Additionally not ruling out a soother, initially we didn’t give the baby one but when he started resisting naps we gave him one and it changed everything - he’s great at napping now!
  • For my youngest daughter I used a white noise machine, she has always slept really well and we still use it even now (she is 9 years old) x
  • Best advice would be that all babies are different. Sleeping through is not something that happens for all babies. Some do some don't and that's fine you don't have to change that. Their love language can be touch and won't want to be put down. Try to use a sling if needed, let them sleep in buggy, on you or next to you. Make sure you follow the lullaby safe sleep advice tho. There's a lot of pressure for babies to be 'good' sleepers but you know what, they won't be uniform to all, they are unique to themselves. You're welcome to try things but overdo it. It might be a long season but they will eventually also sleep.
  • I definitely wish i had known about using a regular cot sheet, then a waterproof pad, then another sheet on top. That way, i could have just peel away the top layer and pad.
    It would definitely stop me from hunting for a fresh cot sheet after she soaks the nappy in the middle of the night, and turning on the lights wakes our baby up more fully,  :# as getting her back to sleep takes an eternity.
  • every child is different you just needs to find what works for you
  • Have an evening routine of bath time, story time then bed time.
  • A dark bedroom and a cool bedroom a warm bath and a story all the same time baby thrive of routine 

  • Have a strong bed time routine
  • Do what is right for you and try not to listen to too much advice.
    Every baby is different and every home is too and sometimes the more you try to get your baby to sleep or in a good routine the harder it is.
    Also remember that it is just a short phase in your child's life and before you know it you will be nagging those teenagers to wake up and get out of bed!
  • playing sleep sounds! gentle rain
  • Make sure you have a strict bedtime routine!
  • Being first time mum I have tried everything to help my baby sleep. The Ewan sheep (white noise) is my little helper everynight and I'm so glad we have him. A little dance with lots of cuddles and kisses helps my daughter to be calm and to get sleepy. As she's getting a bit heavier now I just lay down by herself and try not to sleep before her while Ewan playing as it works wonders. We also have a little bunny she cuddles while falling asleep ,I made bunny a little top from my old top and she loves it. We cannot fall asleep without the bunny, we must never lose this bunny haha
  • Don't have the room too quiet or too warm
  • During the bedtime having my baby next to me through the first few months was easy and amazing 
  • A bath for the baby before bed works wonders and makes them tired. After that I would put them in a sleep bag, give them a dummy and turn on their mobile and they’d go straight to sleep. My only regret is panicking so much. I wish I would of just let them sleep rather than going back to check on them every hour.
  • Having a loose routine really helped when hit night time.  Keeping room dark and cool, reading and soon dropped off
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