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rant page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brodiesmums idea 4 us all 2 come for a moan about the men in our world or dodgy baby clothes sizing.
what ever is getting u irrate, hopefully we can help eachother out through good and bad



  • yeah thats wat we need!
    sod the parking pettition we should get a t**t camp pettiton going. lol
    sorry ur oh is being a git babe
    i just dont think they live in the real word most of the time
    too bloody busy livin life like a singleton!
    i do really hope u get through it babe, im def thinkin its the end 4 me. i have been soooo forgiving in the past with his behaviour that i reckon i turned into a bit of a mug!. xx
  • it is a shame but i feel like he has put us through sooooo much and dont seem 2 be trying hard enough,
    dont wanna bore ya with 2 much of my s**t but we have got so bad i had him arrested in 2004, and we been on rollercoaster ever since
    he is either bloody lovely or bloody orrible
    real life jeckyll n hide, christ i should ring news of the world, might b financialy sorted! lol.xx
  • oh yes, definately should be diamonds!
    and maybe a spa day!

    felt sooo down yesterday i fell asleep on sofa
    woke up and my daughter had tidied stuff away and finished off mi chicken stock 4 me before she went to bed!
    so she has got something other than moody emo teen to her after all,lol. xx
  • maybe u need 2 sit him down for a talk
    the sort where u talk and he listens
    i know u prob have done loads of times
    but might b worth diong it again

    if he anything like my bf he will get soooo fed up of the talks that it becomes easier to make the effort.xx
  • hi babe, she sounds like a bloody rite fruit loop(soz)
    but could ur relationship possibbly get any more damaged?
    sounds like she hasnt quite let go, question is have u?
  • maybe she has regrets,or maybe tryin 2 keep her options open, i no that even though me and bf r dead in the water and i dont c any way back,i worry that he might b jumping in the sack with the nxt available, spose its coz a part off me hopes that by ending it he will s**t himself a bit and try like hell 2 win me back so 2 speak
    so maybe its her way of stopping u from moving on?
    us women can be quite fickle at times. xx
  • grrrrrrrrrrr! go let the tyres down!
    pray she gets herpes or summat! lol
    i really dont know how u cope babe with it in ur face day in day out!?
    i cant imagine wat i wld do if bf was doin the biz with someone else and i still had 2 c him every day, well done 4 being so strong!
    i really dont no how u manage 2 keep sanity!
    take care babe look after ur self and dont let the witch grind u down! xxx
  • ha ha! bloody ell wish i had the balls 2 do somthing like that sometimes! lol. xx
  • glad ur better than that babe, dont think i would be though im discoverin new feelings all the time lately!
    spoke 2 mi mother today
    never known advice like it! lol lucky she lives in another bloody country!lol
  • mornin everyone, guess wat? im not moaning!lol
    hope everone feelin ok today. xx
  • still pretty crap but im tryin not 2 let it keep getting me down
    did my grocery shop online yesterday and was soooo tempted to get a shit load of vino and just glug!
    didnt do it though as i know it wouldnt make me feel any better and obviously the kids could do without a p****d up p****d off mum
    so ordered loads of root beer instead
    when i woke up this morning i just decided im sick of waiting and hoping he is gonna do his share of sorting our relationship out.
    the ball is in his court now as i feel i have done my im gonna try and pull myself together and if he wants to play games he can and i will just have to rise above it.
    glad ur feelin ok this morning, lets hope we r still feeling good at the end of the day!. xx
  • hi babe, i really hope ur friends call works and he starts makin some effort!!
    do u think it will do the trick? xx
  • aw bless! the first year goes so fast it only seems like yesterday i was cuddlin a newborn, now im chasing after a 9m!
    thinking of changing his name 2 mr bump as he seems to be collecting bruises at the mo,lol. xx
  • grrrrrrrrrr! bills always come at the wrong time1 when bf moved out he left me with a 90quid phone bill!
    didnt bloody pay it as it was in his name
    i changed company and had it in my name,lol
    bt bill will b a nice surprise for him when they catch up with him!! ha ha
  • I will join you on your Rant Page! thanks

    Mine does need to grow up brodiesmum, i agree!!

    Men do not know how to make any effort.
  • nooooooooooo!
    i kept on asking when r we gonna spend some time together the other day and he was ignoring me, not answerin calls ect
    sent a txt 2 say he been asleep.still givin no answers!
    so i reckon that musta been his idea of effort!
    im not even tryin anymore now
    its up 2 him, if when he decides he gonna try,he will have 2 hope i still want him, wich aint lookin likely. he really dont like that i put my foot down 4 once, so sending the odd shitty txt
    its like watre off a ducks back 4
    any pathetic attempts 2 bring me down are bound to fail!
    just gonna concentrate on me n kids and leave him 2 it. if he wants 2 play silly games he can do it on his own
    grrrrrrrrr he pisses me off!!
    ha ha thats mi rant over 4 now,lol. xx
  • burnt dinner! bad shona!!!!!!!!!!, lol!!!!!!!!
    yeah going 4 treat em mean keep em keen tactic may b the kick up arse thats needed, if not then maybe just the kick up the arse wld do! lol
    it is hard to pretend that u dont care, im begining to wonder if i do anymore.
    was oh ok about burned dinner? ha ha. xx
  • grrrrrrrrrrrrr! 4got to put mi curlywurlys in fridge, so they not nice an cold an hard, room temp makes em easier 2 eat so now im gonna have 2 eat 2!!
    oh its 2 bloody much to bear! lol. xx
  • i woulda given it burned and called it char grilled, lol
    but thats coz id b 2 lazy 2 cook again,lol
    i gave up smokin when preggers then started again last few wks
    tryin 2 kick it again as its bloody windy outside and if its not windy its rainin!!
    so think someone it telling me 2 pack it in
  • will try!! cut right down as cant b arsed going outside all the time
    and mainly at night when kids r asleep
    prob smokin less coz im always moanin on here,lol
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