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  • sorry to but in but my rant is my fella since my m/c in january our sex life has died i know my o/h works really hard and is stressed but he just cant keep it up he went to the doctors and got tablets which i might add he wont take keeps saying he will but they are still there. its driving me mad i dont ask for it anymore cos i dont want to put more stress on him..what drove me mad was the other day we were kissing and he was pushing into my leg it was solid like it hasnt been in ages sorry tmi and he just rolled over and went to sleep so the next day i told him that he had upset me cos we didnt use it. he said its not worth it if he cant finish the job i try to talk to him and he just blanks me out says we will talk later. we are supposed to be ttc but its never gonna happen if we dont do anything. i keep telling him i love him and dont want anyone else but nothing is helping.i want sex i just want to feel like he still loves me he says he does but that is not how it feels i feel like he is just a lodger who stays in my house sorry for going on thanks to you all love anita x
  • sorry ur having it bad at the mo babe,
    if he is under stress he needs to find out wat is stressing him and to do that he is going to have to talk, maybe he feels too much pressure to perform and therefore cant?
    it may be that u need to forget about sex for a little while and get him to focus on ur relationship as a whole, its gonna b hard to get him 2 talk if its just about sex but if its about everything he may just open up a little, sorry im not the best help babe but i hope both get through this.
    take care. xx
  • aw, no diamonds then,but hey there is always from now til xmas to work on oh,lol
    hope u have a lovely birthday babe and enjoy ur meal. xx
  • bf is havin a wobbler coz he wants 2 come over tomorrow and im going 4 mi meal and presentation thingy! i said i would b back by 3 but its 2 late as he sees doc on a weekly basis, he thinks im doing it on purpose and i have been tempted 2 bail out of the presentation as i worry that oliver wont bloody recognise him! but i really havent been out,other than a couple of days when mum had lo while i went shopping. and oliver is 10m!
    gonna see how i feel when i wake up tomorrow,grrrr why r men so bloody difficult!!!!
    i feel like the biggest bitch as he is away all wkend,but i have asked if he wants to come over after work in the wk as he finishes at 4 so said he could spend some time and even give oliver his bath before bed,but had no reply yet.
    i think i hate men!!!!!!!!!
  • soooooooooo glad brodie had a lovely bday babe
    he is sooo adorable!! i really could eat him!!
    presentation was fab! im a full on bf helpy kinda person! although lack of funding means i cant go botherin preggers ladies just yet! it was a lovely meal and afwe peeps that couldnt make the previous meal were english as from yemen,syria and 1 from ethiopia that didnt turn up due to miss interperating instructions, but a really lovely day, oliver had pasta and garlic breadf so he bloody stinks at the mo,lol xx
    really glad i went and thinking maybe i could struggle on a bit with bf oliver, may need to remove his teeth though! lol
  • I'm just going to have a moan (for the first time yay) because I'm feeling so crappy! I knew pregnancy was going to be hard work (or maybe i didnt really realise) but this! I have no energy, I sleep half the day. I can't stand up quick. I constantly think I'm going to be sick and totally puts me off going out!!! I'm just so glad I don't have work at the moment! Lol! I'm only early on so I know this is nothing yet but it feels so...I dunno bla! I don't feel happy, I don't feel like I'm pregnant really just ill! It's my birthday tomorrow too and I just know my bro has arranged a party! I'll want to sleep by 7.30 never mind party! Grrr!

    Rant over image

    aw babe, sorry u and oh fallen out, hope u manage 2 sort it. i havnt had any more water disasters yet so hopefully they realised that am gonna be banging their door down if it keeps happening, so better to turn the taps off! lol.
    bf has gone to his bros wedding this wkend so im not gonna b getting any headaches til at least tue!

    take care. xxx
  • no he didnt even ask!, but his family dont know the half of our relationship, so he feels safer that i wont spill the beans if im not there, mummys golden boy and all
    i know how u feel about noisy teens im always going out shouting at em!
    they got nooooooooo bloody respect!
    i had footballs kicked at my windows 4 complaining,only so many balls they could keep buying though as i popped any that i got hold of,lol. xx
  • ha ha, just replied 2 ur other post.

  • good, lets hope the little s**t meant it and dosnt do it again.
    day 1 of the hols and its rainy and miserable!!
  • finaly got oliver down for his nap! he is such a grump when he is tired.

    how r u and oh getting on? is he seeing sense yet, i hope so. xx
  • bloody ell fire! give me strength!
    brother visiting from greece been 4 a visit, how glad am i that he lives in another bloody country!
    he has just left and im feeling religious so THANKYOU GOD. xxxxxxx
  • im loving having bed 2 myself, he he
    only time i want him in it now is to give me my baby that we made all our plans for,lol
    wat happend on sat? men dont understand anything sometimes. i wonder how they manage to even breathe for themselves! xx
  • aw hun,he is being a shit, i think i have heard every excuse possible 4 us 2 not spend any time together,everything else comes 1st!
    i know he has probs and is seeing doc about them but even so he still manages time and money 2 go out on the piss!
    i am such a bloody mug but hey it must av been written in my cv when we met,lol.

    oliver has been unsettled last couple nights, he is cutting another bottom tooth, has been really grumpy in the day 2. gave him a bf earlier as he must have been hungry, he not eaten much 2day and he settled down again
    does brodie go off his food when he got teeth coming through?
  • hope brodie takes 2 the milk hun,
    oliver woke up with a horrible cold 2day so i have been following him around with a box of tissues,lol
    he not bf much at mo as he finds it diff to breathe and eat
    gonna give a bottle later as he finds it easier to eat without a big boob getting in his way
    i have left oliver b4 when i did cc and later discovered he done a poo, i felt awful
  • i gave him some mediced last night and put some karvol on near his cot, he woke at 4am but got him back to sleep, so we had a lie in and got up at 8.30!
    im not used to getting up so late though so got a headache, grrrrrrrr.
    he seems a bit better today though and got him to have his cheerios and readybreak, so hopefully he got his appetite back.
    i can see olivers tooth just peeping through, so maybe ill get a less grumpy baby too. xx
  • i know, he will def be practising his new tooth on me!
    yeah cheerios do wat the name suggests oliver snacks on em sometimes, he wont have em with milk.
    he has def got his appetite back today he has done nothing but eat!! xx
  • he is coming over tomorrow after work, will see how it goes!
    i have been avoiding contacting him since i got no response to oliver getting a soaking! and i have 2 say i quite like it, he he.
    im quite prepared to go it alone now,no worries.

    hows u and oh doing hun? xx
  • i know! no nudge nudge wink wink 4 me,lol
    ill prob just throw a few plates at him instead,he he
    glad u and oh r doing ok hun, hope he gives up the door work for u babe, as im thinkin u would feel beyond better if he did. xx
  • had a talk 2day, he been seeing doc who has diagnosed depression!
    i told him last yr that i thought he was showing signs of depression!
    anyway he starts medication tomorrow.
    wedding this wkend didnt go well as he got pissed and told his bro the night before the big day exactly wat he thought of his bride to be!
    he came back before the wedding, and now his family aint speaking 2 him.
    i dunno how i feel about it all, dont know if i got enough left 2 give 2 help him?
    anyhow he has said that he loves me so much and all that and that he wants to get himself sorted. but wat do i do in the mean time? put my life on hold?
    i didnt break any plates though, cant afford to replace em,lol

    just when i thought we were done he throws this at me! bloody w****r!!! lol.
    will just wait and see wat happens next.

    i do hope ur oh comes 2 his senses hun, and yeah some women dress more like they goin to the beach than a club!

    take care hun, hows brodie doing with his milk, has he tried it ? xx
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