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  • Yeah I sometimes think that’s worse tho! The feeling sick but not actually being sick! I’d rather be sick to try and make myself feel a little better, I’ve only had an odd few days of sickness but nothing major! I know what you mean tho about feeling normal and worrying! I’ve been a little like that! and yes hope your scan goes well! the waiting game is the hardest part! Haha but so worth it xxx

  • I'm with you ladies there on the worrying when symptoms lessen. I've felt nauseous and tired with this one from before I knew I was pregnant (thought it was due to stress) but in the last few days it has dropped it. That's how I convinced hubby that we should go for a private scan - to check all is well before we start thinking about telling anyone.

  • ThuperRah have you had your scan yet? 

    I dont know if you ladies have started buying anything yet but mother care have an amazing sale on feeding kits and sterilisers. I’ll post the link so you can have a look. I’ve just bought all my feeding stuff now and saved £135 altogether. Worth it I think.

  • Girls I need some advice, ive been unwell since Saturday and getting worse each day very Sore throat and cough, sneezing like mad, headache, heavy and watery eyes, chills and I’ve cnecked my temperature tonight as I feel very hot to touch and my face is burning but I’m freezing and it was 37.6 and then when I did a forehead one it was 38.00. My back is also painful. My boyfriend And mum are acting like I’m being a drama queen when only I can know how unwell I feel my whole body Is aching what would you girls advise? 


  • Hey guys I’ve been getting really itchy feet every night... I googled it and google says I have some sort of liver disease in pregnancy!! Obviously now I’m worrying thanks google!!

  • Andrea have you had your booking apt yet? I would mention it to your midwife. I think the liver thing with itchy palms and feet is only a thing in later pregnancy (my friend had it) but I could be wrong. Always best to check xx 

  • That’s a good deal on baby feeding equipment. But my first child has really bad silent reflux so all our tommee tippee equipment got wasted as we changed to MAM bottles as they have air pockets in to get the trapped air out and you don’t need to sterilise them with a steriliser you do it in the microwave. So I don’t need all that equipment. Pram we are buying last as we need to save as we will need a double one and it’s bad luck to have the pram in the house before Baby is born, so I’ve heard. Got the worst headache ever had it yesterday had it all night and still got it this morning! I just want to stay in bed but I can’t as my OH had a argument about this last night just because he works nights and sleeps from when he gets in at 7 till like 4 430 I don’t get a lie in cause he’s convinced I get more sleep!!! Yeah right he gets 9 hours no interupted sleep because I’m looking after our son but when it’s my bed time I don’t get 9 hours sleep cause my son stirs a lot in the night so I’m up and down up and down and then he’s up at 5am! and I get up every morning with him every morning and put him bed every night! Being pregnant too I’m feeling drained but no I have to keep going even tho my partner has been off work since Friday so he Can’t moan about work we have to get up together cause he thinks it’s unfair he has to get up eith Baby on his own!!! Oh and because he can’t go out for a fag when ever he wants even tho I only asked for 30 mins lie in!!! He’s a arse whole... sorry about the rant girls xx

  • That’s a good deal on the baby feeding kit. I plan to breast feed again so don’t need anything like that thankfully. Is anyone else planning on breastfeeding? 

    andreag yes yes it can be something and it’s something you should speak to your midwife about but it’s normally your hands as well or so I was told last pregnancy.

    Craly I would call the doctor today and see if you can be seen. I hope you feel better soon x

  • Zoie I am planning to give it a try - this is my first so i dont know what to expect ... but i'm hoping to! One of the main reasons is that its one less cost to worry about when the baby is here and i'm only on statutory maternity pay!! I am a bit worried it's going to hurt my nipples so much that I will end up quitting though... what's your experience been?

  • How’s everybody doing 2day this sickness so bad has Anybody used anti sickness bands you get need try sumthing as anti sickness tablets not helping 

  • KMic it shouldn’t be sore. It’s normally sore until you have the perfect latch. I am still feeding my two year old just now. There is a brilliant facebook page called breastfeeding yummy mummies. they really helped me in the first few weeks of bf.

  • I plan to breastfeed this one as I have my previous 3. Still feeding number 3 as hes just over a year, hoping to tandem feed if all goes well 😍

    Jessica sorry your OH is being unreasonable. Hope he gives you a break soon! 

    Craly sounds like maybe you have cold/flu. Plenty of fluids and rest and paracetamol is usually ok in pregnancy but worth checking with your gp. 

    Private scan this afternoon for me. A bit nervous.


  • Well ladies i had 2nd scan today and baby is measuring even more ahead. Only 2 days more than last scan so it puts me 9 days ahead of where i should be according to period. So im now 10 weeks 3 days according to scan. Baby was moving soooo much. Stretching legs right out straight then bouncing itself off the walls of the sac. It literally didnt stop moving, even the sonographer laughed at how active it was

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