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  • I cant take waiting any longer to know the sex so ive booked a early gender scan for sunday :).


    Only problem is they said its from 16 weeks only at which point il be 15 weeks 3 days. I lied and said i'll be only 2 days off 16 weeks on sunday.. Oops. I hope it will still work?. I just want it as soon as possible and its only £45.00

  • Lovely scan picture Haylzp! It's so nice to see baby on the screen isn't it? 

    Katt at least you know you are only going back to work for the short term although that doesn't help at the moment unfortunately. The next  few months will fly by. 

    Jade Nicole can't wait to hear about your gender scan. How exciting!!! 

  • Feel a bit stressed now after consultant appt today. They have booked me for an extra scan at 32 weeks as they said because of my age the placenta can stop working properly. After my miscarriage in the summer I feel like this pregnancy is one hurdle after another and don't feel like I can enjoy the pregnancy as worry all the time that something is going to go wrong. I was hoping that they'd be able to tell me the screening results as its been nearly 2 weeks but she said she couldn't see them on the system so still waiting to see whether they are OK or not. 

    Hope everyone else is having a better day than me. 

  • also just wondered if anyone else is struggling with their boobs? Am finding mine so sore when I wake in the night and when I get up in the morning. I know they are preparing for milk but don't remember them being so sore so early in my previous pregnancies. 

  • My boobs where really really bad up until I got wireless bras and they feel much better now still sore in the morning but nothing like before. 

    Suffing with headaches myself every 4 days I get a blinding one makes me feel awful. 

  • Maybe I could wear a bra in bed. That might help. That's not good with the headaches Lillian. I had one today but managed to see it off with some paracetemol but I don't really like taking them even though they say they are safe. Hope yours are just a temporary thing and that you get some relief soon xxx 

  • Yeah I'm the same only take them as a last resort.

    does anyone have a bump yet or felt movement? and if yes is it your first or not

  • I'm also suffering with my boobs girls. I have some wireless sleep bras that I wear around the house and to bed because I cant sit comfortably in a wired bra. Being a 32g normally and moving to a 34h during pregnancy and feeding is a back breaker as my frame even though I'm not petite struggles with the weight.  But I have to where wired when I go out as I need the support. But they are so sore. I was the same with my littlE boy so I expected it really. Mine will pretty much stay like this throughout the whole pregnancy. 

    But on a brighter note my sickness and tiredness seems to have subsided over the last few days so feeling more human again 

    lovely scan pics from everyone. So exciting to see xxx 

  • Maybe get a night time nursing bra...they are kinda like the crop tops you used to get before you got a proper bra. 

    I would take the fact they want to scan you as a positive as they are keeping a proper eye on you. I know it must be hard not to stress but stress is not good for you. 

    I feel like I've got a bump. This is my 2nd and first time round I barely had a bump at all so quite liking it. Just tried to wear a pair of maternity leggings from last time and they almost fell down in Tesco. 

    No kicks yet. I was way later on in my first. It was certainly after my 20 week scan.

  • Louise try not to worry. Look on the bright side that they are keeping a close eye on you. Just try and enjoy as much as u can xxx 

  • Louise can I be cheeky and ask how old you are I'm 30 and they kinda treat me like I'm old as well lol. 

  • Thanks ladies. Yes you're right- it's a lot better to be monitored than not be aware of the risks. And it's always nice to have another look at baby 😃 Mummytoolley I'm 41 so definitely considered a geriatric mum 😂

  • I wonder why they couldbt give you the results lousie, they combined my results at the scan as they gave me the odds and because of the blood test told me about the small placenta. 

    Its a good thug they're keeping an eye though, maybe ask for an earlier scan if you're concerned aswell. 

    my boobs haven't been too bad, something I keep worrying about, but I haven't really got much there tbh, they're more like limes 🙈 And barely any bump at the moment but this is my 1st.

    Where they put back my due date I feel like I've been in the 12th week for ever!!

  • They send the samples off somewhere else apparently to be analysed . Wish our hospital was like yours dizzy. That is a lot less stressful. 

  • Definitely easier, dod you have bloods taken on the same day? I had to go in the week before so they could be sent off and returned in time for the scan. Need to keep a check on my 20 week date incase I was meant to book appointment at hospital, swear at booking appointment they said they send it in the post. 

  • Yeh the royal is very stressful isn't it Louise it's like a Conveyor belt one in one out 

  • Yes they took blood on day of scan so I suppose that explains the wait. Yes I would ring them and check re your 20 week scan date dizzy. Yes royal so busy mummytoolley - running an hour late in the consultant clinic today! - was falling asleep! 

  • Someone mentioned earlier wanting the 3n1 napper.

    It's 30% off

  • Hello everyone Hope you're all well? I had my gender scan today! And we're Having a boy!! I'm so excited one of each now so no more for me lol, my partner insisted his grandads name be in there as a middle name so I suggested Theodore for first name after my grandad whom we called Teddy for short and hes adament it's a no go! I personally don't think he's being very fair :( xx image

  • Wow Madie that's so exciting! Congratulations xxx How many weeks are you now? I like the name Teddy xx 

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