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Due in June 2020

Hello and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm @DanielleMFM and it's lovely to see you here. 

Welcome to Due in June 2020! If you'd like to join this thread and meet others who are also due this month, please introduce yourself.

Start as many threads as you like in your Due in June 2020 category from due dates to scan dates to baby names, or symptoms, whatever you want to chat about, go for it! 

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  • So excited to join this thread...although I have a feeling I may be on my own for a few days! 

    I got a really early positive test at just 3 weeks 3 days! But now 4 weeks and the line keeps getting darker so fingers crossed all is good. NHS puts my predicted due date at 1st June! 

    This is baby number 2, our little boy is now 2.5 and I was in the January 2017 group when I was expecting him...that said, I feel like I can’t remember anything from last time so feel like a newbie to being pregnant again!! We did have an early miscarriage before having our boy so a little nervous again this time but trying to think positively! 

  • Hey I've just found out I'm pregnant very early I'm only 10dpo. We have 4 girls between us (3 bio one step daughter) hoping for a boy this time but a healthy babe is main objective 
  • Hello @MillP congratulations to you - we are so happy to see you here! 
    And hello and welcome @Hopingforaboy - that's a lovely early BFP! So good to have you here too. You must let us know if this pregnancy differs from yours girls? 
  • Congrats @Hopingforaboy! Wow 4 girls! Do you think you’ll find out the gender of this baby at your scan then? x
  • Thank you no we are waiting until birth! 

    So far I don't even feel pregnant i even went out and bought sanitary pads haha thinking I would come on my period. My luteal phase is quite short and we dtd 32 hours after positive opk and the next day so I'm surprised I even caught at all!
  • Hi all. I caved and tested again today at 10dpo and pretty sure this looks like a pos to me very early so will keep testing hopefully they get darker xx
  • Same day p.o. as me! Congrats mine is faint like that too 
  • That looks very promising @Mumma87! I hope they keep getting darker for you! 

    Here are mine from 10 & 12dpo. I tested 13 as well but haven’t got that pic, it was darker again though. Waiting now until weds to do another. 

  • Thankyou @MillP congrats. Yours is deffo a blazing BFP  really hope mine looks like that ina couple of days 🤞🤞😍 xx
  • Hi @Mumma87 welcome to the thread. Have you retested today? Fingers crossed! 
  • Thought I'd update I tested again this morning and definitely positive 11dpo
  • Hi @DanielleMFM I did rete test this morning. It does look a little brighter and bit more pink then yesyrrsy9 fingers crossed xx
  • We can not imagine how excite you must all be! Look at these tests! 
  • Yay @Hopingforaboy hopefully for sticky beans, xx
  • I know so exciting. Good luck all you ladies stil waiting for there bfp zxxx
  • @Mumma87 Thank you! Congrats to you to! Do we have the same due date? X
  • Erm I'm 11dpo today and according to app I'm edd is 5th June 2020.. @Hopingforaboy xx 
    I ovulated 13th Sept. X
  • Yay those lines are looking stronger ladies!! Congrats 🥳 xx
  • Hello everyone, how are you all feeling today? 
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