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Welcome to due in June 2021 and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! 

I'm @DanielleMFM and it's great to see you here. If you'd like to join this thread and meet others due this month too, please introduce yourself.

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  • Hi there, I am just over four weeks pregnant and I am very excited and nervous all at the same time. Working out my dates, I should be due on June 2nd. 

    Would be lovely to chat!
  • Hello @Elsie1 Im just 4w4d pregnant due on 1st June 😊😊
    So many emotions all at the same time at the minute. 
    Be good to talk especially in these very early days 
  • Hi @Ada34 ahh so close. Congratulations! Are you having many symptoms? 
  • @Elsie1 Congratulations to you too. Is this your first? 
    Im just tired and nothing tastes nice. Everything just tasted the same. Those were the 2 symptoms that gave me the reason to test 😊
    What about you? Many symptoms. 
  • Yes it is my first! What about you? I haven’t had too many symptoms .. waiting for them all to start now! I have had some headaches and lots of bloating. That must be annoying not being able to taste anything! 
  • @Elsie1 yes its a bit annoying as everything just tastes the same 😂
    I had a wee touch of light heads but no headaches. 
    This will be my first but my third pregnancy. My husband and I started ttc about this time last year. I fell pregnant first cycle but mc at 8 weeks in Dec. Then ttc in february and again fell pregnant first cycle but I mc in May at 16 weeks but I knew from the 12 week scan something was wrong. Both were completely different and nothing wrong genetic wise just pure bad luck. So please god this little nugget sticks with me 😊😊
    Had you been ttc long? How are you feeling. So many emotions when you see that positive test. You hope for it so much but still you cant believe your eyes when it shows. I do the same thing each time I do about 20 tests 😂😂

  • I am so sorry to hear must have been really difficult for you. I will keep everything crossed 🤞🏻 We only started recently ttc so we have been very lucky for it to happen so quickly so hopefully all goes well ... I have been finding these threads so useful and everyone seems so helpful and supportive. This is my first time posting though!

    I’m feeling good thank you. Boobs started hurting today but only minor. You are right though I am still testing every few days just to make sure! Have you booked any appointments yet?
  • @Elsie1 Thank you. It was and is still difficult at times but definitely feeling positive. And keeping busy too is helping.
    no sore boobs yet. Im usually coming up to 6 weeks b4 my boobs ache and boy do they ache. 
    Ive noticed a bit of heartburn the last day or 2. I only ever suffer it in pregnancy. 
    I rang my doctor on friday to let them know as I will have to have early scan at 8 weeks and scans at 11 and 12 weeks. Also a Harmony test at about 9 weeks to assess my risk factor. So it will be a busy few weeks. 
    Yes why do we do so many 😂😂
    Drives my husband crazy 😂😂
    Have you been in contact with your doctor yet? 
    I joined this forum after I lost my baby in May. Because I was 16 weeks it was so more difficult as I had to deliver my wee baby so joined for support with ladies who had been through similar and it was so helpful and supportive. 

  • Hi @Ada34 and @Elsie1, welcome to this thread and huge congratulations! We've sent you both a Private Message with some handy tips in 😊
  • Aww @Ada34 I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that you found support in the groups. It’s good that you could talk about it with others xx

    Definitely a busy few weeks for you...good that you have everything booked in! I am waiting for a Doctors appointment for a blood test and then will go from there. 

    Hope you are having a good week x

    @DanielleMFM thank you that’s very kind!
  • Hey ladies, I found out I was pregnant last night! Second baby due June the 11th. How are you all? 
  • Ah lovely @danielle250701 congratulations. 
    I have appointment with doctor on Tuesday and just got my appointment through for my 8 week scan today for the 20th Oct. Will breathe a bit after I get the early scan. Feeling positive. 
    How are you?
  • Congratulations @danielle250701 and welcome to this birth club! How old is your first born? 
  • Aww congratulations @danielle250701 that’s great news! Welcome to the June club!
  • Hi lovelies hope you don’t mind me jumping onto this thread but I am desperate to share my excitement/nerves/worry with somebody other than my husband 😆 he’s already bored of baby talk. 

    We had been TTC for over 2 years (haven’t been on contraception for over 4 years) and had booked in the infertility clinic only to reveal our little bean during an internal scan. We were told it looks around 5 weeks, which fits with our dates. We both just froze and the nurses were asking if we knew before this appointment - obviously not hence the shock!! 

    We’re back next week for another scan to check everything is going smoothly but I can’t help but feel anxious and excited all rolled into one
  • @FingersCrossedx Congratultions. What a wonderful surprise. 
    I totally get you... so much excitement and worry all rolled into one. Hard to put into words exactly how you feel 😊😊
    Im 5w3d and will get an early scan at 8 weeks to see how my wee nugget is doing. I know like me Im sure your counting down the days to your next scan. Im sure your little bean is happy and content where its at 🤗

  • Does anyone know what this is?
  • @Jackilb93PCA4 It looks like tinged ewcm. Its not something I would get alot of but when I was in the ttc group some ladies there got alot of ewcm tinged on not. 
    Where are you in your cycle
  • Welcome and congratulations @FingersCrossedx - we are over the moon for you! 
  • My little girl is 8 months old! She’s still little but we both wanted our children to be close together! Is this first baby for you all? Xx
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