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  • Thanks for your reassurance ladies. I’m not worried about how much she weighs just the trend of her growth, as it’s dropped off which is in line with my small fundal height which also has droped off. On my personaled growth chart the fundal & weight from scan are at the same point so a few weeks behind what I should be tracking at, hopefully its just a lull and she will have a growth spurt or inaccurate measuring! I’m just worried as they said this could happen with having low Papp a, hopefully it’s not as I don’t want them to take her out early x

  • Hi Ladies, 

    so I had a growth scan at 32 weeks and baby boy was estimated at 4lbs 6oz, my belly was measuring at 33 weeks at 31 weeks and I’ve gone back to see the midwife today and she said my belly is now measuring 38cm at 34+3! I have another growth scan next Thursday but I’m just wondering if anyone else has measured as much ahead? Baby is slightly engaged 4/5ths I think she said so only just! And I had sugar in my urine so have to get some blood tests done! the doc who seen me after my scan last time said that if I have a 35 weeks scan and he’s still over the line then i wint be allowed past my due date 



  • Lauren I had the same. Bump was measuring 3 weeks ahead bit dropped a bit so sent for a growth scan. At 35 weeks the estimated baby at 6lb 2oz which seemed big to me! But fell in between 50th and 90th percentiles.


    scans can be 2lbs or 15% out as well so its all estimates really That they use as a guide.

    I wouldn’t worry too much x

  • Hey lauren

    My bump was measuring ahead too and was above 90th centile line so I had a growth scan today baby. On the scan baby was a good size but not as big as the chart was showing. Im 36 weeks and baby is scanning at 6lb7oz.

    I seen a consultant today but she doesn't need to see me again. She was checking if baby was engaged and gave the head a good shake and I am in so much pain now since. Not sure what she has done but I'm struggling to walk 😳 

    36weeks today 💛

  • Lauren as the others said I wouldn’t worry too much as the scans can give be inaccurate and I hear a lot of times how babies come out weighing less than estimated. But it’s great they are keeping such a good eye on you and baby and hope all will be well!

    Saw my doctor today who said i would need to go for a growth scan at 36 weeks in fetal medicine as baby has dropped her centile so they want to keep a close eye on development and also got my section date for 18th March! feels very real now 😬😂💗 although they said if growth at next scan is still slowed they may take her out earlier, hopefully this won’t be the case though 

    How are you feeling MrsBeel?

  • Completely agree with the others, know it’s so much easier said than done but try not to worry about the growth scan showing a big baby, they are so often completely out and no where near as big as they estimated. 

    Must be so weird to have your date Jade, on count down now I bet?! At least you can be super organised!! 

  • Ooo Jadeelx that’s very exciting!

    im feeling... fed up!!! 38 weeks and officially want this little girl out! Had a couple of false alarms as well which just makes me more fed up! Every day I wake up and hope today is the day!!! Today was just an emotional day!

  • Well I managed to get a sweep yesterday! And today have had big chunks of bloody show come away all day. Had contractions on and off for past couple of hours but nothing regular. Just want baby out now. Got a funny feeling ill have a Valentine's baby purely cuz I don't want a Valentine's baby 🙄😂

  • Yaay for having your date Jade! It feels good to know you have an end in sight doesn't it haha x

  • Chez I am the same! So desperate for her not to be born on Valentines that it’ll probably happen! I tried to make a deal with her today that I’d even have her on 14th if it meant she came out ASAP - but I don’t think she was listening or has those barga skills yet 🤣 

  • Chez get bouncing on a ball!! 

    Sorry you’re so fed up MrsB - its horrid when you just have those tough days. Are you hand expressing? That helps get everything going which is why you aren’t supposed to do it until you’re 37 weeks x

  • yes it’s exciting but feels very real now and scary.

    Oh I feel for you both ladies! Hope that bubas come out for you both very soon! 


  • Thanks for your response girls! I’m not worried about baby because placenta is fine and his heart rate is great! It’s just more why ive suddenly started measuring 3 weeks ahead! 

    so exciting to hear about everyone being so close! I can’t wait for the next announcement! 

  • Beartobe - I didn’t know hand expressing whilst still pregnant was a thing!!!!!

    think I’ve spent about 10 hours on the ball today! Definitely can’t get this baby any lower without her coming out!

  • Hand expressing is actually a good idea and good to have the practice anyway MrsB! Maybe give it a go in the bath or shower. X

  • Hand expressing is a double whammy - one because it gets everything going and two because it means you end up with a little store of colostrum in the freezer for those first few days whilst you‘re waiting for milk to come in etc. It was a life saver with my first because of his tongue tie. Get yourself some 1ml syringes (you can prime them from amazon etc), then get in the bath and put a warn flannel on your boob, gently massage from the boob to the nipple to get everything going and then begin to express, it will be a surprising colour and you won’t get much out but collect all the drops with the syringe, you’ll be amazed how quickly it builds up! Then write the date on the pack and pop it in the freezer And take it to the hospital with you. It defrosts in minutes and is a great way to calm a starving baby enough to get a decent latch etc!! X

  • Ooo I might try if I feel brave enough tomorrow!

    thanks ladies 

  • Don’t stress if it doesn’t go away well to begin with, there’s a knack to it!! warm water definitely helps, but if it’s not happening then don’t panic just forget about it and try again the next day! Good luck 

  • Good to hear you’ve got a date now Jade.

    MrsBeeL give it a try. You never know. 

    Getting really difficult to move around with all thE Weight and SPD, it’s still too early for me to do anything so just taking it a day at a time 

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