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  • @Bubz2018 Shes actually a friend of my husbands but we have been messaging regularly since we are both pregnant so thats been lovely. Yeahh im nervous and excited all at the same time my appointment isnt till 4pm though so i know ill be stressed that morning xx
  • @emi9 . Ohh that's nice bless yas. I know its such and anxious build up towards a scan, its awful. I hate that part, but when is all OK then such a relief xx
  • Started bleeding light pink 😣 weird thing is i was thinking last night im going to see blood soon. Im not sure what to do ill monitor it and see how i go, anxiety is on one now xx
  • @Bubz2018 oh gosh im sure its nothing hun theres an awful lot of things it could be, is it spotting? Any cramps? 100% ring your midwife if your worried.. stay positive though as im sure it will be nothing serious 💕💕
  • @emi90 i rang MAC they said to come in if i want i said ill monitor it see how i go if it it gets worse ill come down. Just intense back ache. Don't want to get hubby out of work unnecessarily, just on sofa with hot water bottle. Xx
  • It was pink blood about half a teaspoon xx
  • @Bubz2018 yeah keep resting and keep an eye on it.. try not to worry hun you could of just been doing abit too much maybe xx
  • @emi90 yeah could have been,  Ill just see how it goes feet up now for sure though xx I'm not stressing too much xx
  • Hope you’re ok @Bubz2018 ? Sending hugs xx
  • @RiaMushk im not bad hun. Just real intense back ache lots of pressure low in pelvis, no more blood since!! If this back ache continues I'm going to visit MAC tomorrow.  How are you hun ? Xx
  • @Bubz2018 sorry to hear you've had that today, but pleased the bleedings stopped for you. Fingers crossed some rest and a good nights sleep and you'll be OK again tomorrow xx
  • @SW123 🤞🏼 thank you lovely. Hope your ok xx
  • Hi all, sorry to ask but is anyone still or have been experiencing stomach cramps? Only short lived 10 seconds or so sometimes less, rather sharp and really low down on either sides or the middle of the stomach, then vanishes and maybe comes back in a few hours? I keep having them thats all, was laughing earlier and has a sharp pain on the side also. I am just interested to see if anyone else gets this please? 
    Just me overthinking as usual maybe as I’m panicking but also looking forward to (the emotion/thought changes daily) about my gender scan next Thursday xx
  • @BethO sounds particularly the low down on sides like round ligament pain it is quite sharp and short lived. Xx
  • @Bubz2018 thank you, I have looked this up just didn’t think it would go on for days maybe even a week now too but It’s not particularly painful wasn’t sure if it was really common xx
  • @betho your womb most likely going through a growth spurt and some people can feel it very often plus womb will be popping out the pelvis now too,  if its getting too much or worrying you contact your midwife or whoever it says you should speak to in your notes. Xx
  • @Bubz2018 thank you, got my 16 week appointment next Wednesday so I’ll mentioned it then. Have no idea what to expect at the 16 week one but I’ll mention the sharp spasms/cramps. Other than that, I feel like I’m not even pregnant just tired and eaten too much I’ve had 6 scans altogether in this pregnancy (3 private) so I know I definitely am 😂
  • @BethO yeah i had that the other day every time i sneezed but its gone now. Think its its everything stretching. Isn't it the strangest thing not feeling atall pregnant haha xx
  • @betho 16 week app will be usually bp check urine check chat about how your feeling some midwifes will check heartbeat, just a run through maybe your previous bloods if you didn't get a detailed letter regards 12 week scan and get the screening test for downs etc. Yes do mention anything that's troubling you they'll reassure or advise what to do xx
  • Hope your ok @Bubz2018 . Fingers crossed the pain has gone for you today ! Xx 
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