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Due in October 2017

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us!

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in October 2017, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

If you're due in a different month and would like to join one of our other birth clubs, you can find them here.



  • Looks like I'm the first to post!! So I found out I'm pregnant on Sunday! I've taken 4 tests in total and they've all been positive. We've been trying since Jan 2016 so extremely happy! Just waiting for my first midwife appointment in Feb! I'm 4 weeks 6 days :) 

  • Hi Mummy2017, congratulations on your BFP and being the first to join our brand new Due in October 2017 thread! Hooray! We promise, there will be more women along soon to join you... They're likely busy peeing on sticks right now! 

  • Hi there im also due on the 7th october.i tested positive last friday at 12dpo and tested again on saturday with 2 tests and yesterday i went to my gynae to confirm and i was 4weeks and 2 days pregnant :) im so happy as we were ttc for 1 year 4 months.i was diagnosed with pcos and my partner witj extremly low sperm count of only quater of a million.we booked for ivf last month as we were told that we cant conceive naturally.this was a total surprise for me im so happy :) lets start our 9 month journey :D xxx

  • These are my tests @13 dpo image

  • Sorry im 4 weeks 3 days not 4 weeks 2 days

  • I have another apointment in 2 weeks time to hear the heart beat :)

  • Hi Christy, congratulations! I bet that was a bit of a surprise! :) what symptoms have you been having? 

  • These are my tests, bottom one was done Sunday and the other two yesterday! image

  • Woww congratulations to you symptoms right now is like af symptoms.back pain,cramps,sore breasts,hot flashes and gas.and you??

  • christy anne, that's incredible - against all those odds and with the IVF booked in - so many congratulations! 

  • Thank you so much daniellemfm :)

  • Evening ladies, I too am Due Oct 17.  I got my BFP last Tuesday.  It came as a total shock as we have been trying for 5 years after having my daughter in 2010.  We had a MC in Dec 12 but since then nothing.  We had 1 round of IUI fertility treatment back in Sept which didn't work and we were due to have the next round this month when my period arrived, but it didn't arrive!!  My cycles are all difference in length so although i thought i was late I couldn't be sure but when i tested last Tue the result came up positive almost immediately.  I think I am 5 weeks today so due 3rd Oct.   Very scared at the moment after having 2 previous MC but i'm trying to be positive and keeping everything crossed.  Got midwife booking in apt next wednesday :-) xx

  • Welcome MP2711, congratulations! I wish you a happy pregnancy!! That's amazing after 5 years of trying! And to answer your question Christy Anne, my symptoms at the moment are basically the same, the typical nausea, cramps and needing to wee a lot!! I've also been super thirsty and have weird pulling sensations in my tummy with aching hips! Although I'm not even 5 weeks yet I feel like I can see a bump already! What are your symptoms MP2711? 

  • Welcome MP2711, we are so sorry to hear of your past loss, so we'd like to wish you a super sticky bean and happy and healthy 9 months ahead. 

  • Same symptoms, nausea, tender breasts, bloating, tiredness etc :-) xx

  • Mp2711 welcome with have been trough alot but hoping that it will stick this time :)

  • Hi, thanks for messaging on my previous post very new to all this!

    i found out yesterday, I'm guessing I'm 4/5 weeks but have my appointment with my gp next week. does anyone know whether I'm right in just making a general gp appointment answer explaining when I get there or do I have to make a special appointment?


  • Hi Everyone, I just found out I'm pregnant this past Monday. I think I'm around 5 weeks but I have an appointment next week to confirm everything. I'm super overwhelmed although happy. We have been trying for 3 months. I guess, I didn't expect it this quickly and the symptoms I'm having already...whoa! First timer here so I got a lot to learn.

  • Morning Ladies, 

    I have just got my BFP this morning! Me and my partner are very excited!

    I was on the pill for 10 years and came off at the end of September. Since then I only had one period in November. Currently going on cycle day 72. I only did a test as I was due to book a doctors appointment to talk to them about my periods not returning yet and i knew one of the first things they would ask is if I had done one. I had bleeding for 2 and a half days but it was brown and stringy (tmi sorry) but thought it was my body trying to have a period then it stopped. Reading about it now it may have been implantion bleeding! This is my test from this morning.


  • Wow this birth club is filling up, it's brilliant! 

    Welcome Chardie and congrats on your BFP! And welcome SLFirstTimer! We bet you can't stop looking at that digital test! 

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