Saturday night chat!

Someone has to start it and while i'm here, thought I would.

Hope you have all had a good day.

Zoe xx


  • Hi!! I'm here!!!!
    Will be on and off for the next hour - forgotten to get some booze and choccie, then will be on for the evening - have told hubby that he gets sole control of TV remote tonight, so he's happy!
  • Will be on and off for a bit as I need to order Tesco shopping and horror of all horrors .......Nigel wants the bloody laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No Lucy!! You've got to tell Nigel that this is far more important!!!

  • Hello everyone!! Im here too! Had a busy, but exhausting day! Two boys (three including terry!) and Thomas the Tank Engine. Up since 5.30ish - exhausted!! How are you all doing girls, good day?
  • Terrible day! Ithink only the thought of tonights chit-chat has kept me going!
    How come only 2/3 boys today Nicola, which one was missing?!!
  • How was it nicola, was it a good Thomas day?

    I'm just waiting for James to get back from the chippy, then i'll be off for a bit while we eat, but as the kids are showing no signs of going to bed, it could be a late night so i'll be about.

    Lucy, tell Nigel it's time to get his own laptop!!
  • Tom goes to his Dad's every other weekend..Terry is Toms stepdad, sorry not explained this all before! Hence the big age gap between Tom and the little ones. How is William doing now?
  • Hi girls

    I'll be here for a little while.
    We haven't done very much today. John's sister was meant to visit as they haven't seen Cameron since christmas, but they never bothered coming. I'm really quite annoyed because we stayed in all afternoon in case they turned up.

    Hope everyone else has had a good day and enjoyed the lovely weather!!
  • I bet you miss Tom while he's away?
    William's not good at moment although he has had something to eat - we said he could have anything that he wanted and he chose COCO POPS!! He's had his 2nd dose of Antibiotics and the cream so hopefully we should see some improvement tomorrow, although I probably won't as will be leaving at 7am and won't be back til about 9pm!!
  • I have to tell you this... Jack has been to his swimming lesson today, it's only week 6 and he is doing really well. His instructor came up to me afterwards to say how pleased she is with Jack's progress after so few weeks. I was glowing!! He has had some extra pocket money so that might encourage him to do well even more.

    Sorry to boast but i hate swimming, i'm not very good and so we don't really go, bad I know that's why he is having lessons, and he loves it which i'm so pleased about.
  • That's a shame Dawn, does she usually just not turn up? If I was camerons aunty I would want to see him lots - he's very cute!!
  • WELL DONE JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You should boast Zoe, it's a very important thing to learn and fabulous if they enjoy it too! Sophie has had 12 lessons now and started trying some of the lesson without arm bands after about the 8th week, she can now swim quite well for about 5metres then just sinks!!
  • Dawn that's awful. I would never dream of just not turning up somewhere i said i'd be. The curtious thing to do is phone and apologise no wonder you are annoyed.
  • Ah bless....that's good progress though. At the end of the lesson she gets them out the pool and they have to jump in. She catches them but Jack is very hessitant, whereas the others just do it. He needs his confidence to build up, James will take him one day this week and practice with him.
  • Hi Zoe, yes good Thomas Day!! Although we went up to Thomas was about to go on him, then he let off all this steam, completely engulfed the pushchair! Made the loudest peep, peep ever. Tate burst into tears, Luka started screaming!! Tate spent the rest of the afternoon saying he didn't like Thomas and all that steamy!! He got a little Daisy train though he was so pleased! He's in bed with it now!
  • Naughty Thomas!!

    That's cute he's gone to bed with the train!!
  • I do miss Tom, but Im kind of used to it, we split up when he was only 15months old. The worst is holidays when he's away for two weeks I cry when he goes and when he return!! And xmas we take turns its awful when he goes xmas eve and I won't see him til boxing day. Tate misses him now and wonders round the house calling for him!
  • Zoe, Sophie was hesitant about jumping in at 1st then after a few weeks, I happened to say that if she did well in the lesson and was brave enough to jump in, then she could have whatever she liked from the 'sweety' machine after!! (NOT BRIBERY AT ALL!!) She jumped in twice!!

    Sounds like you had a good and exhausting day Nicola?!
  • That must be hard to do, but it's great for him he gets to do things with both of you. There are so many children that are not allowed or the dads aren't bothered.
  • Oh it must be so hard Nicola, but great for Tom that he can be part of both his families lives - he'll thank you for that when he's older.

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