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trying for a clomid bump! want to join me (take 2!) :D

Hi everyone, after such a lucky June for Little B and Starry Nu, and a pretty pants July for the rest of us thought i would start a new extra lucky thread image

PMA all round that August is going to be an extra special month for us all

So as a start here is a big sprinkling of babydust for u all xxx


  • Well hello there FC 30 imagine bumping into you round here!

    Ha ha ha x this is going to be our positive thread x
  • Hiya girls!! image

    Sprinkling bucketloads of PMA and babydust all round!!

  • And some more of that PMA from me too!!

    I've just seen my consultant and it was quite productive really if a little scary. I've had an AMH test done today as apparently my ovaries are a bit small and don't have many antral follicles - a google search tells me this isn't good at all : ( I go back for the results of that in 2 weeks. She says if thats not too bad then perhaps try IUI next time and if bad straight to IVF!!! Aaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh!!! Not sure how I feel. Well petrified kind of sums it up. Me and hubby have already decided though that if its IVF we're going to use all our savings to go to the Lister. They say it has the best success rate and I don't want to wait 18 months for the NHS as I'm getting on a bit now!

  • I'm just starting my 2nd month of clomid. Was so sure it would work the first month as I really can't see why I'm not getting pregnant without it so was hoping it would make it certain.

    We've been trying for our 2nd baby for coming up to 2 years. It's so frustrating as we had no problems conceiving the first (or even the miscarriage before that), so why isn't it happening now! All tests show there's nothing wrong with either of us which makes it even more annoying. And I keep seeing pregnant women everywhereimage
  • thought i would say hi in the new thread how is everyone
  • hi ladies just wanted to stuck my head in to say super good luck to you all! I hope that this is a lucky thread and you get the BFP you all deserve very very soon xxx
  • Lovely to hear from you LittleB, hope your well and the pregnancy is progressing well, do you get an early scan?

    I went for my folicle tracking scan today, 2 follicles both in left ovary measuring 13mm each so I have to go back for another one on Friday. Picking up another perscription for a further three months but lets hope I don't need them

  • Hi ladies

    Blin - how are you feeling? Not heard of antral follicles, but sorry to hear it's not good. Hope the next two weeks fly by for your results.

    Hi JanJan - Are you having follicle tracking/blood tests with your Clomid? I had tracking on my first month but now on third month it's just blood tests.

    Littleb - hope you're doing well and enjoying your pregnancy xx

    FC - that's great follicle news - keep willing them to get bigger!

    No news from me, just wanted to say hi - at that waiting stage of just finishing Clomid, making sure AF has definitely gone and about to start BD'ing!

  • I'm doing great thanks FC. I had an early scan last week which showed a little dot with a flickering little heartbeat! and def only one in there- ha! I'm waiting for my 12 wk scan to have a clearer idea of my EDD as from the scan they thought it might be a bit later than I thought but its hard to be accurate with such early scans.

    good luck for your scan on friday!
  • Congrats Littleb

    I believe I will be having scan for this 2nd month. Got to call the consultant's secretary tomorrow to make appt for next Thurs. Haven't been having blood tests. Had HCG injection last month and assume this month too as I've got more left.
    I thought my PMT was just late this month but I've just realised it's prob the clomid. Poor Hubby, lol
  • Jan Jan I have the hcg injection too, last month i got a bit stressed out about the bdg timing so trying to be a bit more relaxed this month

  • Hi FC - I wasn't stressed about it but wonder if we did it too much last month lol Hubby has been told he's got super-super sperm but SA was after over 3 day break.
    Did you do your own injection? If I don't have to have it on same day as scan this time then I'm gonna try to be brave and inject myself
  • Hi JJ, the last two cycles i have had a scan on cycle day 10/11 and then gone back for injection 2 days later, this is the first month that I am having a second scan so think i will prob have injection there, they have not suggested to me that i do it, which is fine with me, although making lots of excuses for work is becoming a little more difficult as the hospital is half an hour away from work

    You're very brave !! x
  • When I told my consultant I thought it best I come back to let a nurse do it he told me that all of his fertility patients inject themselves. Then the nurse made it look so easy I thought I would try if there was a next time (which unfortunately there obviously is now). Last month I had scan on CD9 as cons was away the weekend (how dare he!) but hopefully I'll get scan on CD12 next Thur and last month I had injection on CD11 so should have both next Thurs. I've been lucky so far not having to have much time off work (only half day for HSG) but then I am private and have been able to go Mon or Thur eves so far. Are you private or NHS?
  • NHS, but they have been able to fit me in on a lunchtime for the injections which is brilliant, the scans have all been early morning so just needing to take a bit of toil

    Good luck for next week
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm loving the new lucky home haha.

    Blin- I haven't heard of that condition and I suppose although ivf etc cxn sound scary it's taking the bull by the horns and removing some of the guesswork you're going through each month.

    Jan Jan & FC- hope the injections are ok if you're doing them yourself, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Good luck with this cycle!

    Snowie- oh no the long awaited need to get at it like rabbits part haha. Hope you enjoy it.

    Little B- lovely to hear from you (and your little bump)

    I've had a busy couple of days. On Tuesday I got my natural af despite not ovulating. It was a 32 day cycle which means I've had 2 periods in 2 months after waiting 13 mths before that. Feeling like I'm off the starting blocks now and able to try and I'm relieved that it seems to be a case of just trying to get me to ovulate now. I also had a laproscopy and ovarian drilling yesterday- was quite painful and a little worse than I expected. The hospital wanted to keep me in but I convinced them to let me go last night. Feeling a bit better this morning after a good sleep. I got to start my 2nd cycle of 100mg clomid yesterday too.

    The consultant seemed fairly pleased she said one ovary was very bad and twice the size of the other so they did that one. She checked eveything, my womb, appendix etc and that was all fine. We're carrying on with clomid for the next few months. I gp back in 3 mths and she said if I'm ovulating she'll up me to 150mg but if not they will refer me to Liverpool women's hospital to start gonatrophin injections.

    I'm sprinkling baby dust all round... Xxxx
  • Hello ladies, fingers crossed this is super lucky image

    Hopeful, glad to hear you AF arrived at least you can get started on the higher clomid dose, fingers crossed it makes you ovulate.

    Congrats Littleb, hope everything is progressing nicely for you.

    A quick question, does anyone know if you can ovulate with an erratic BBT?? I've been temping since Feb, and each month preov has been btween 35.9 and 36.55 but this month its bouncing between 36.3 and 36.76 - is this a clomid thing, or indicating I wont ov or just a random!

    If I go by last month hopefully will ov over the weekend, so lots of BD for us! But don't want to waste my precious OPKs if it's not going to happen ;-( ahhhh the joysand stresses of ttc!
  • Hi bleurgh,
    My consultant said not to bother with BBT at all.
    Are you having HCG injections with your clomid as you should roughly know when you're gonna ov then. If you still want to use OPKs then Amazon sell cheap ones.
    Good luck x
  • Hello ladies just a little update from me as I'm at work,

    scan showed that the two folicles have grown slightly 15mm and 16mm so I have to go back on sunday for HCG injection

    think i will have a busy weekend bd'g

    Hope-hope your feeling a little better today following your op


  • FC - glad your follicles have grown hun!

    FC and JanJan - you two are so brave with your injections! I've only just been able to have blood tests without squeezing onto hubby's hand and pulling a face...must have had a dozen blood tests in the last year and am only just starting to get used to it!

    Hope - so glad to hear you got AF - to go from 1 in 13months to 2 in 2months is fantastic! Sorry to hear lap and drilling was painful, but that's good that they checked everything out and it was all good. And great that they spoke to you about the next step...which hopefully won't be needed!! Hope you're feeling better and looking forward to your holiday!! Hope you have a lovely time.

    Bleurgh - when I signed up to Fertility Friend, I had an option to get daily information sheets - not sure how I found that - must have been part of registration. But anyway, the most recent ones have been about BBT and it says that Clomid can cause erratic temperatures but says that when there is an ???????ambiguous thermal shift??????? (temp rise) without added information such as consistency of CM or OPK, it's difficult to pinpoint ovulation. Sorry if that's abit ramble-y and off the point, but basically it's probably Clomid that affecting things. I got some cheap OPK's off ebay and they work fine - did them same time as my Clearblue's last month (just to check they worked) and they showed the same result...which is good as Clearblue are pricy!

    Sounds like most of us have a fun weekend of BD'ing! ?????? Enjoy!

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