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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Sending love MrsRees, Emj3 thinking of you too .you both should be with us on this journey and I wish it with all my might that you will both once again be here.

    GTT test tomorrow, 4d scan on 24th, can't believe I'm 26weeks tomorrow, still in shock and scared but alot more relaxed. Moving rooms around at the weekend and will then put up all of babies stuff. 

    When is everyone due? I'm due 21st Feb but having a planned c section 14th Feb.

  • Mrs Rees, sorry to hear about the spotting. But I still have my fingers crossed for you seeing as AF hasn’t arrived yet! The not knowing is definitely the worst part, spent two years after my last miscarriage with irregular periods and it made it so much worse. 

    Not sure if I’m next but I‘m due December 28th, so only 6 weeks and 2 days left! I‘ve been told throughout that there’s a possibility I may have to have her early (due to my health) so may be sooner than we think! 🤞🏻

  • I’m on day 35 now I’ve never had a cycle longer than 36 days and that Was the first cycle after last mc, I really don’t understand why it’s so long and Why af just won’t show up properly 

    wow kaayls not long now have you got everything ready and have you got a name already I can’t remember if you’ve said previously or are you keeping it a surprise?? 

    Sounds exciting honey bet it will be lovely having all the baby stuff ready :) 

    i brought my best friend the cutest little baby vest the other day for Christmas it says baby kolmel on the front as that’s their last name and I’m in love 😍 she’s not due till April/may but I can’t wait 

  • My first period after my last miscarriage took forever! I was two weeks late 🙄 

    Yeah she’s going to be called Lily Amelia Hope Taylor. Lily is after Lily Potter because we conceived the day we went to Harry Potter studios haha! 🙈 Amelia is one of my middle names and then Hope is after my sister with special needs, who is also my mums rainbow baby! We just about have everything now, just collecting things to decorate her nursery with x

  • I love it 😍 that’s a beautiful name 

    if I have a girl one day it’s gunna be ariya-hope because of game of thrones and the hope I’ve had to keep that my baby will one day come :) 

    glad everything is sorted I hope the next few weeks go fast for you :) xx

  • Kaaayls sounds like you are all ready, have you got past the scared stage yet? I'm still terrified deep down that something won't be ok. Feel so close but so far at the same time. MrsRees 2019 will be a good year for us all hopefully xxx

  • Mrs Rees, Thank you! We considered the name Arya too but my partner doesn’t love GOT as much as I do 😂 it’s a beautiful name though! 

    Honeybee, I’m still terrified that something will go wrong even at this stage but it has gotten easier. Luckily she’s very active so I know everything’s okay. I still panic before every scan too even if she has been kicking 😬 So I know exactly how you feel! x

  • Hey everyone! Been a while since I’ve posted in here, how is everyone?

    just wondering when everyone first felt there little ones move/kick etc ? Xx

  • Doing good thank you Amie! Feeling ready to pop especially after all the food I consumed at my baby shower this weekend! 🙈 

    I first felt kicks at 18 weeks after feeling flutters from about 15 weeks. How far along are you now? x

  • Aww lovely did it all go good?

    im 18 weeks but haven’t felt a thing but i don’t really know what I’m looking out for so maybe that’s whys x

  • Amie, Yeah it was good! Turned out to be just family in the end after all my friends dropped out 🙃 but I loved every moment of it. Definitely starting to feel huge & you can Probably understand why from the photo 🙈

    I wasn’t sure either but when they start you can definitely tell it’s little kicks. For me the first ones felt like some one was gently flicking or tapping my tummy. I’m sure you’ll feel them soon! 🤞🏻 


  • I was 14+2 when I felt Oscar move, then it gradually got stronger.. we went for our 4d scan on Saturday, guess who was being awkward and didn't want to be seen!! 

    This is all I got :( 


    I'm now 29+3 and I'm still tiny!! 


    From the front & even the back you can't really tell I'm pregnant especially when he's laying low, yesterday I looked about 16 weeks lol. Kaaayls how far are you now? 

    Amie I'm sure your feel baby soon, try laying flat on your back & relaxing that's what I did & still do with Oscar, unless your placenta is at the front? I presume midwife has checked heartbeat ect? Xx

  • Steffy, he looks so cosy! Did they offer you a re-scan? Lily did the same thing so they let us go back the week after. 

    I’m 35 weeks on Friday eek! You have a lovely sized bump! I’m only 5ft 4 and her daddy is 6ft, so she’s really long which is probably why I’m so big! 😂

  • I know lol to cosy for his own good lol! Yea going back 27th but I'll be 30+4 so worried they won't be able to get great pics coz he's getting bigger. 

    Aww bless not long to go! I think you look average size.. I think oscar will be long as me & daddy are tall, I'm 5"7 matt is about 5"10-11 xx

  • That’s good! Lily’s good pictures were taken at 32 weeks. I think it all depends on the way they’re positioned. 

    I would love an average size bump haha! It’s currently measuring two weeks ahead!

  • Mrs Rees I spotted every month for 4 months with my last pg, you should do a test if nothing arrives properly!! 

    I am also waiting for AF to arrive, had some random spotting almost 2 weeks ago which I think was OV, it was just after my birthday weekend and our long haul travelling so we missed the fertile window, which is so annoying as we had been at it all week before 😂😂

    we had a fantastic time in Mauritius, Amelie coped with the flights so well. She loved the beach and the pool and was generally amazing 😍😍




  • Omg mrsfish she is adorable x

  • She's so cute 😀

    Had my 3D scan today sadly little man wasn't being a good poser so back next weekend. Here is our only half decent shot. He's estimated at 2lb 8oz, did anyone else have an estimated weight at 27weeks ish? Xxximage

  • She is gorgeous mrsfish. Glad you had s good holiday!

    they‘re still good pics steffy and honey but going back will be nice.xxxx

  • Mrs fish I did eventually come on, I got a negative 3 days after expected date for af then 7 days late I finally came on my af, was a lot gutted but there we go nothing I can do about that 

    sorry you weren’t able to get your fertile days but so glad you and the family had a lovely holiday Millie is gorgeous and looks like she really enjoyed the holiday too 

    ah honeybee looks like your little man and steffys oscar will be good friends being little devils hiding for their scans but glad your booked in for another scan and I hopw you get better pics 

    happy thanksgiving dee hope you had a lovely day....not sure if anyone else is in America too

    nothing to report for me other than thinking about ovulation testing again might give it a go this cycle and next see if I can pick up a pattern after this terrible cycle 

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