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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Thanks Honey. How are you and the bump doing?xx

  • Awwww congrats emj3 that’s amazing news so happy for you xxx

  • Thanks- How are you doing mrsrees?xxx

  • Hi all,

    EmJ 3 that’s such amazing news!! So so happy for you!!

    Apologies for the radio silence here, but our daughter Lola was born yesterday via c section. We are all doing really well and very much in love 😍

    hope everyone else is doing well!! Xx


  • Omg Lola is gorgeous! Congratulations lorew!! Hope your ok & doing well xxx

  • Lorew- she’s amazing. Congratulations. So glad you’re both ok!!! You and mma have such incredible Christmas presents!!! Love her name too.xx

  • Emj3, massive congratulations to you! I have everything crossed for you and your little rainbow 🌈 

    Steffy, I know the feeling! Currently 38 +3 and the Braxton Hicks are really starting to drive me mad 😂 No signs of my little girl appearing yet but there’s talks of inducing me due to health reasons so fingers crossed she makes an arrival before Christmas!

    Lorew, congratulations she’s gorgeous!

    I hope everyone else is doing well x

  •  Congrats Lorew she is beautiful.

    Emj3 I'm 31 weeks on Thursday which is crazy, just trying to prepare house for little man xxx

  • Yay congrats Lorrew Lola is beautiful hope the birth went well and that your settling into life well

    emj3 yeah I’m ok af just finished so waiting for fertile days again 

  • Thank you so much ladies.

    She was born almost exactly a year to the day that my miscarriage was confirmed which is bitter-sweet , but of course I appreciate how lucky I am to have her. So excited to see some more bfp‘s early 2019 to those still waiting for their rainbows xxx

  • Lorew congratulations Lola is beautifu!! I know you guys are over the moon. I’m counting down the weeks for myself possible 3 weeks left for me. Peeping and preparing while still working 😞 tried aNd becoming irriatied easily now 

  • Thanks ladies! Fingers crossed!!

    honey- that’s flown!! your precious baby boy will be here before you know it!!

    lorew- its very bitter sweet but your beautiful baby girl is most probably the best gift you could receive after such heartache. 

    kaaayls, can’t believe how far you are!!! any time now- Good luck!

    mrsrees- you’re next, I said 2019 will be our year!!!!


  • Dee2dee- 3 weeks??!!! Gosh!!! Can’t wait to see pics of these beautiful babies when they arrive.xx

  • Thanks, they are not allowing me to go pass week 37 and I’m 34 now will be 35 on Friday 😀 

  • Emj, massive congratulations on your BFP keep us posted on how you are feeling etc - amazing news, I am sooooo happy for you xx

    welcome to the world Lola, I hope both of you are doing well? Would love to hear your birth story when you get chance LorEw.  Enjoy the early days, they pass so quick!!!

    we are siding towards 9 months, not crawling but she loves to stand and stood unaided today for around 20 seconds 😳

    Loving her first Xmas so much 




  • Lovely photos Mrs fish :) glad Amalie is having a good Christmas so far 

    wow dee can’t believe it’s gone so fast 

    I really hope your right emj3 I’ve gotta be pretty much the only one left now from the other forum well except for the new ladies, so hope it’s my turn soon 

  • I’ve got a good feeling mrsrees! Keep

  • Mrsfish, they’re gorgeous pics- your first Christmas together Is so special! Amalie is

  • How’s your cycle going Mrs Rees?

    2019 is defo going to be you year, are you opk or temping?

    I’m still with you trying - haven’t had a sniff of a period for way over 2 cycles in around day 65, but did get a stronger opk this morning so am 🤞 but hubbie is on night for next 2 nights 😔 

    Am back at work in Jan, so life is defo gonna change - have loved being off sooooo much 

  • WOw back to work already still feels like it ws only a few weeks ago you had Millie I can’t get over how quick it’s going, are you still breastfeeding and is that what’s causing the long cycles then?? 

    I’m not temping or opk at the minute hubby got really shittiy with me the other day cause I did I was making when my period was Nd he was getting shitty saying I thought we weren’t doing all this stuff I ain’t going through stress stuff again, so think he would be against doing that stuff and it’s not easy to hide it 

    gunna go to doctors again in January and see what they say and to follow up on if there’s an answer from consultant she emailed 

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