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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Thank you Mrsreese, you don’t celebrate thanksging the same as We do?

    MrsFish Millie so big now how old is she? Glad to hear you all are working on adding another to the addition. 

    Honey, you just never which way they are going to go  on those scans hahaha maybe next week he will cooperate. I’ve had monthly scans since week 21 and she was measuring in the 80 percentile 1lb 13oz which was to big right, went back 3 /4 weeks later she’s 2lb 9oz measuring in the 50 percentile which is normal. Now I’m headed for another on Wednesday next week at 31 weeks and I’m curious to see where she’s going to be then. So they are probably head on with his weight. 

  • No we not celebrTe thanks giving in uk but I knew when it was so thought I’d say happy thanksgiving :D 

  • I totally missed the new thread! I feel like i’ve missed loads 😫

    I’m 39 weeks on Thursday 😱 where did the time go? I have a sweep booked on weds and a meeting with my OB on the 11th as she is measuring big and they don’t want me going too far over my due date. 

    How’s everyone else doing? 

  • Gosh Lorew, I can’t believe you’re so close- that’s amazing! Can’t wait to see pics of your new little bundle when she arrives!xx

  • Lorew, can't believe your due so soon!! So exciting! Can't wait to see pics when she arrives. Hope your ok x

  • Thanks ladies- it still doesn’t seem real!!

    i’m due on the 6th but I think it will be more like the 15th/16th with induction. She was estimated 7lbs 6 when I was 35+5 so she’ll Be well over 8lbs already!! Hope the rest of you are feeling ok :)

  • Lorew eeeek so close!! Won’t be long now! Wow 7lb 6 at 35 weeks that’s crazy that’s what harry weighed at birth (41 weeks + 1) hope everything goes well she’ll Be here in no time how exciting! 

    Dee2dee hope you had a lovely thanksgiving! 

    hope everyone’s well! 

    Harrys 4 months old now hes gotten so big! He’s rolling over now 😭😭 Here he is giving me a big cuddle a few nights ago


  • Thank you MummytoL&H!

    Gosh Harry's so cute! How is Lily enjoying being big sis?

    I know, she's a chunk! I have loads of really cute babygrows in newborn size, but I guess that ship has sailed!

  • lorew she loves being a big sister she’s amazing at it ... most of the time 😂 Harry’s really taking interest in her now and watches everything she does so she gets a bit funny if he keeps staring at her 😂 thank you he is the most beautiful baby boy I’ve ever seen those eyes melt me 😂 this’ll make you feel a bit better about your chunk harry weighed 16lb 3oz a couple of weeks ago ... lily Weighed less than that at 7/8 months 😂😂😂😂 but when he was born he had loads of next first size which says up to 7.8 he was in them til he was at least a month old and he was well over that at that point so there’s still hope for her fitting in them xD 

  • Hi mummytoL&H, thank you my thanksgiving was great. Harry is so handsome it’s so easy to cuddle a Lil cutie as him I’m sure he gets his way. I love that lily loves her baby brother how sweet. I bet she’s protective over him too. 

    Okay mrsrees I didn’t know that. Thanks for advUsing. 

    Lorew your so close omg I’m anxious now to meet my lil one. 

  • I’m so excited you guys will be having your baba soon :) 

    its so good for me seeing all your success stories gives me hope that all will eventually be ok for me too xxx

  • Hey mrsree, your definitely next in line and this time it’s until your due. It’s gotta be because your so positive and caring to us ladies even in your own tragedy and that’s so sweet of you. I once heard someone say if you celebrate someone else happiness yours is soon to come as well. 

  • Thanks dee :) I really hope your right, I’m desperate for it to be my turn and to have my baby I’m my arms after loosing 2 i don’t think I could bare to loose a 3rd but I know many of you girls have lost more than one and are now having your babies, 

    i just hope that I can get pregnant before you all move on, once babies arrive I imagine keeping up with forums must be difficult and I don’t want to be on my own haha 😂 

  • Mrs Rees! I definitely think your time is coming soon. 

    3 has always been my lucky number and we’ve been blessed with our rainbow after two losses so fingers crossed it’s the same for you 🌈🤞🏻

  • I’m with you mrsrees. We will get our babies! I’ve lost 2 this year too, so something happy has got to come out of all the sadness. I’m Still struggling after losing Jacob particularly, but I hope our angel babies send us our 🌈s.

    i love hearing about all of these special babies too. It’s inspiring. 🤞🏻We’re next.xxxxx

  • THanks girls :) yeah your right our angels are sending our rainbows, I once had a dream that I got pregnant with triplets and got my first 2 back, that’s very unlikely but would be awesome and extremely tiring haha 

  • Hi ladies just thought id check in! Been a while! Lorew good luck for labour hope it goes smoothly, best thing that will ever happen i cant belivee how much my life has changed! 

    Mrsrees and emj defo think your times will come soon!

    Like harry, rosies just recently turned 4 month and is a proper little giggler, however harrys beating her on the milestones showinf off with his rolling ! 😚😚😚


    Proper little pudding as you can see over 17lb now! Xz

  • Ah bobble she is gorgeous 😍😍😍 she weighs more than Amelie who is 8 months 😂😂

    so nice to see how she is growing and you look s I happy and relaxed together xxx 

    Lorew, any movement yet? How are you feeling? Sooooo exciting for you!! 

    Mrs Rees I am on around day 38 of my cycle!! No sign of anything 😡 had 2 bpn’s And defo not pg......Where are you up to? 

    I had a colleague tell me the other day that my Angel boy is still waiting with my Nanna to come to me.  She said Amelie was scared to come by herself, so he said he would come with her until she was ready to be by herself.  Apparently it was never his time, but he is there waiting and ready - my goodness did I cry!!! 

    Also she said I will have 9 grandchildren and also great grandchildren.  Apparently one of the girls is going to be a vet or Dr, but falls pg very young, but still manages to get through her studies and graduate!! 

    How’s everyone doing with Xmas preparation? X

  • Wow MrsFish, I would’ve been balling my eyes out too hearing that about your lil one who didn’t make it.  

    We’re not doing any decorating this Christmas we are actually packing to move waiting on closing to finalize so I’m excited to move in our new place for the holiday.  

    I had my baby shower yesterday it was very lovely we received a lot of gifts money and gift cards. Sad part of the day my cake collapsed but they made it where it didn’t show. I still don’t have a release from work date hopefully she’ll tell me this week. I start NST twice a week starting tomorrow looking forward 

  • Bobble and mrsfish, your little princesses are just beautiful!!!! 

    Dee2dee, glad you enjoyed your baby shower, despite the collapsed cake- bet it still tasted lovely!

    mrsrees, how are you?

    how is everyone else?


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