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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • I’m doing good thanks emj3 tomorrow is my first angel babies first birthday so will be lighting a candle and eating a cupcake for them, I should have been planning a cake smash and a first birthday party but never mind I can’t change what’s happened 

    how you getting on??

    gald you had a good baby shower dee 

    mrs fish and bobble those babies are so cute and growing so quickly 

  • Just celebrated my last birthday today with just my angels! Also found out my little tinker is breech, so looks like we could be meeting her sooner as we’re in talks of a c-section. On the plus side, I received the prettiest necklace from my other half for my birthday today to celebrate our rainbow 🥰 

    Emj3, how are you doing??

    MrsRees, happy birthday to your beautiful angel for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you all ♥️ 


  • kaaayls, your necklace is absolutely gorgeous- such a lovely present. How long have you got to go? 

    Mrsrees, will be thinking of you tomorrow. It’s just not fair but your rainbow will come.

    afm, this is the first month we‘re back ttc. Not done ovulation tests this month but I’m going to next month. Just wanted to relax a bit about it all before the stress kicks in. Planning a boozy Christmas unless a miracle happens. Hoping for a Bfp January or February though. We’ll see!!!! I’m hoping 2019 will be a better year.


  • 2019 is our year emj3, I’ve had a mc in 2017 and 2018 I’m determined not to loose one in 2019 

    that really is a lovely necklace kaaayls absalutly beautiful 

  • I really think it will be mrsrees. 2019 will be our turn.xx. 

  • Thank you girls! I agree with you both, I definitely think 2019 will be your year! 🌈🌈✨✨✨

  • Thinking of you MrsRees xxx

  • Hi Ladies 

    I MC at 8 weeks on 9 November . Was devastated as am 42 and was our first try for a baby.  Had neg test 2 weeks after to make sure all complete.  Have been DTD but not really trying or expecting anything however did a FR yesterday am and got faint pink line. Did one today FMU and neg. Don't know if it's possible so soon or if was a false pos. Advice would be appreciated x image

  • It does look positive scatlettblackbird. When is your af due? Have you done another frer?xx

  • I usually have a 28 day cycle but I'm not sure how to time it after MC 9 November.  Did another FR looked neg. So very puzzled but really hoping not to get af.

  • Hi it looks positive to me scarletblackbird, as you started you’ve taken to test after and both was negative hopefully this is your sticky positive. It’s just so hard after a loss to really know but it does happen pretty quickly. Fingers x

  • Hi ladies hope all is well. Wondering has Lorew given birth and how they are doing?

  • Hey Dee 

    We're good thanks, had Braxton Hicks the last couple of days, I'm now 33+1 :o getting closer & closer! How are you? Yeah I wonder if she has as she must be due soon or gone past due date? Xxx

  • It’s early day but I can join you

  • Glad to hear these babies are cooking

  • Oh my god oh my god!! Massive congrats emj that’s amazing news! Woooohoooo! Made my day that has!! 

    Lorew hope everything is okay & baby girl has arrived safely! 

    Steffy cant believe how far gone you are that’s crazy!! Not long left now! 

    Dee2dee youre due soon arnt you? 

  • Thanks mummytolily&harry. I’m really shocked. Frightened but I just hope it goes right this time. I’m going to phone the consultant on Monday and he said he’d put me on some low dose steroids to

  • Hi Steffy, good hearing from you. I’m 34+1 so we’re right behind each other. I’ve had Braxton Hicks since week 30 on/off. 

    Oh wow how awesome Emj, congratulations!!

    mummytoL&H yes I’m due in a few weeks my doctors wanna induce week 37 so not long yet. 

  • Emj3 that's amazing Hun I'm so pleased for you 😀 xxxxx

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