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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 4 thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. 



  • MrsRees any news hun?

  • I have my fingers crossed for you Hun xx

  • I’ve been working so haven’t been able to go down and get a test yet Gunna head down in a minute, usually I have a stack load in the house but after last mc I must have forget to get some more 

  • Good luck Hun, we're going into maternity at 230 for monitoring as Oscar is being lazy. Anyone know how long I'll be in for? 

  • JUst an update I did A first response nd it’s negative so maybe I ovulated late or it’s an anovulatiry cycle 

  • Oh I’m sorry mrsree, although you’re not out until af arrived!

    steffy, how did the hospital go? 


  • I'm so sorry MrsRees I had everything crossed for you x

  • I’m gunna test again in the morning using fmu just to be sure that it’s not because I was too hydrated I did have a coke maybe an hour or less before I took the test 

    or should I wait I have no idea what to do really I really don’t understand how I’m this late with no sign of af coming at all, I’m still getting cm like in pregnancy and I’m bloated I’ve had a few  tingle pains in my boobs but that could just be me imagining things I guess and just wishing them on 

  • When was your af due mrsrees?xx

  • I thought 3/4 days ago so maybe the 8th or 9th my last cycle was 29 days down from 30 the cycle before and 36 before that, they’ve been coming down after the mc I was pretty sure it was becoming a regular cycle,

    i do think I ovulated a little later than I thought I would for 29 days but even then I’ve gone past af for that too, just gotta see what happens maybe I will come on in few days maybe my pee was dialuted and didn’t register on pg test or maybe I’m just not Gunna have a af for some reason for a while will find out one way or another 

  • Mrsrees so sorry :( still keep everything crossed, I used cheap tests to get my initial positives then clearblue to confirm. Do you have any ovulation tests as they pick up a surge.. I also used those to :) 

    Emj hospital was fine, he moved once the midwife manhandled him 😂😂 we we're monitored for 30-40 mins, his heart rate is a bit erratic was between 130-169 then dropped to 98 and cut out then he came back again.. little fucker 😂😂


  • Glad you and Oscar are ok steffy, looks like you have a little devil on your hands there keeping you on your toes 

    I’m thinking that maybe the sensitivity may be a bit crap on the tests I brought it says 99% accuracy from first day of missed period, I wanted the frer tests but they didn’t have any in my town....or I could just be clutching at strings I dunno, wish my body would just tell me either way :/ 

  • IGnore what i previously said as I’ve just found some spotting of old blood so af will be here tomorrow I expect 😔 never mind I guess try again 

  • I certainly do lol! Can't wait to have our scan on saturday though :D oh Hun I'm.sorry to hear that . Can the Drs not help regulate your periods? X

  • Hi ladie, I see a new thread has begun which I never get notified of unless I come out to check updates in thread. Anyhow how is everyone doing? 

    Steffy glad Oscar is ok

    Mrsreese your not out until she fully arrives I spotted the day my period was due for one hour and nothing else, a few days later I tested positive so fingers x

    We’ve decided her full name Londyn LeeAnn King and we also had cramps and backache last week and I was just told by doc it’s Braxton Hicks if I feel more then 10 in a hour go to ER. I’m 29 weeks now and doc stil won’t give me a release from work date oh well guess she’s healthy enough for me to keep working but I’m giving myself until Christmas. 

  • Awww mrsrees I’m sorry about this month. It will happen and I’m here with you.

    steffy, he’s s little rip already!!! He’ll be lots of fun! Glad he’s ok!!!

    dee2dee- what a lovely name. not long to go now!


  • Thanks Emj, how are you doing?

  • I’m ok thanks dee2dee. Waiting for af to arrive  and then we're going to start Ttc. My bloods still weren’t right but if I do get pregnant straight away, which is highly unlikely I know, then the consultant will put me on low dose steroids straight away. I’m hoping 2019 is a much luckier year for me! 

    Finishing work at Christmas will give you a nice amount of time to relax and wait for your little princess. 

    Lucking forward to seeing pics of all these precious babies when they’re born- lots of inspiration.xx 

  • Dee, your very correct about the spotting with mrsrees, I had a few occasions at 5&6 weeks when I spotted. I've saved some holiday so I'm taking that on 14th December my mat leave starts 31st can't wait to have Christmas off :) am I right in thinking there's 2-3 days between us? Oscar definitely keeps me on my toes lol! Lovely name Dee.

    Hope your ok Emj, and hope you & mrsrees get your bfp soon!! Xx

  • Thanks everyone I’m so glad of all your support these forums really are my safe place and I couldn’t get through it all without you, I’m very lucky that over the 3 forums I’ve made so many friends and I hope that I have been or can be a support to you all too

    spotting is still going still not coming to much I’m cd 34 now last Cycle was 29 days so I’m getting fed up now I’d rather af just turn up, I’m not the type to get upset when af arrives really and this time trying after second mc I’ve been really relaxed 

    I really do think that even if I get pregnant again I will mc again, I just get this feeling something isn’t right but I can’t find out cuz I tor’s won’t do anything unless you have 3, I’m hoping I’m wrong but there’s just something in my instincts that makes me think

    so who is due next then?? 

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