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Anxious, preg after loss and lines not darker.



  • @TeeAli22 thank you for replying. It’s them rubbishy Internet strips that came back lighter so panicked. 
    I only checked as my boobs don’t hurt as much anymore and that’s what happened last time. 
    The frer is still darker than control line, but seen as though it’s sensitive I don’t think it would go lighter as quickly. 
    I haven’t called anyone as already have scan booked for next Friday. 
    It’s going to be torture as they won’t see me earlier as they said they wouldn’t see anything on a scan now anyway. 
    Praying it’s not bad news and I feel sick or painful boobs or something - just any sign will do it’s all good x 
  • Those tests look good :) I never had a dye stealer so strong!! X
  • @NDG let's hope it's good news at your scan so you can start enjoying your pregnancy! :) Keep us posted xx
  • @SmithL35 thank you hun. The rubbish strip test is whats lighter so that made me worried.  

    @TeeAli22 thank you. I don’t think il be calm until at least 12 weeks. Only made it as far as 9.5 in the past.

    will keep you posted as I get updates. Thank you for all your support.xx 
  • Best of luck x
  • Hey Ladies @TeeAli22 @SmithL35 just to update. I still have no symptoms. And still waiting for a scan. I did a test this tues, a week after the last and for 3+ on it. So hopefully a good sign it’s all still going well xx 
  • Hi @NDG, oh that's great! Really hope that has given you confidence with it. Keep us updated x
  • Thank you. I will keep you posted. Thank you for your support x 
  • @NDG ahh I’m so pleased to hear that. Let us know how your scan goes 😊 I’ve got my first app with midwife on the 11th Feb so counting down the days haha! X 
  • @TeeAli22 good luck with your appointment. Hope the time flies for you. 


    just updating you both. No symptoms still. But my scan says we have a heartbeat!!! 
    Im going to try and enjoy it. I’ve been here before and things changed for the worst but I’m going to hope this is my turn and it’s all going to be fine. 

    Thank you for your support. Keep me posted on your scans xx 
  • @NDG ahhh so pleased for you they found a heart beat! :) amazing news! 
    I wont have my 12 week scan until end of Feb but at least the booking app is something to look forward to and means less time to my scan then!

    Keep us posted on your progress! :) xx
  • @NDG oh I'm so pleased about your scan!! :) you will still be anxious bless you, but try to enjoy it as much as you can. Every pregnancy is different so stat as positive as you can x

    Ah I bet you can't wait for your scan @TeeAli22, it will be here in no time!!x

    I've finally got my rainbow baby, he is 4 months old now!! X
  • Thank you both. 
    @TeeAli22 feb will be here in no time. When is your booking scan. Hopefully that will make the countdown quicker. 

    @SmithL35. How adorable. How are you adjusting to being mummy?x 
  • Well the 16 weeks have literally flown by!! My birth plan didn't really happen but nevermind, he is here safely :) he has an issue with his heart but has a fab consultant xx
  • @NDG booking scan is the 11th, which will make me 9+4 so I'm hoping to have my 12 week scan end Feb / beginning of March. Already flying by! Hope everything is going well for you!

    @SmithL35 so glad you got your rainbow baby and he is doing well! :) x
  • @TeeAli22 thank you 🤗 I bet you're so excited for your scan!! When are due? I'm sure my 12 week scan was the end of Feb last year! Xx
  • @SmithL35 If I go from LMP then it would be the 12th Sept but I usually O on CD18 with 28 day cycles so if I go from there it would be the 16th Sept. My birthday is the 15th Sept so I'm guaranteed he/she will be born then!! haha! xx
  • Oh fab!!!! That would be even more special! I was due on the 17th September but he really didn't want to come out 🤣 I was induced and he still didn't want to come! He was born on the 30th xx
  • Aww bless - he must have been very toasty in there haha! Hope you're loving every moment! :) xx
  • @SmithL35 really happy you got your rainbow baby and he arrived safely. 

    My current EDD is same as yours was. 

    @TeeAli22 eek we are so close, my LMP suggests maybe 17th. But how lovely yours could be your birthday. 

    Hope you’re all doing well. I still have zero symptoms and the slight boob ache I have is gone but praying it’s all good still xx 
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