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Fancy testing a Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor worth £289? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • Arlo is 3 months old. 
    Being a first time mum my most anxious time is putting Baby down for the night. Is the temperature of the room ok? Are they sleeping safely? Does he need me? Can I see him through high quality video or do I need to keep getting up to check on him or watching over him while he sleeps?
    I feel by having a monitor system like Cubo Ai it will give me that peace of mind knowing my little love is safe while sleeping. Which in turn gives me time to relax too. And the fact that is safely and easily mounted and adaptable in different ways depending on what works for the room is a really plus too. 
  • Riley is 15 months old
    I would love to be a tester as this is such a must have product for any parent and the one we currently have is drilled in the wall with cables dangling down which is a bit of an eyesore at the moment! This one looks fab! 
  • My son is 22 months. I’d be interested as we are about to transition from a cot to toddler bed and I’m worried about him falling out, this sounds like a great time to test this camera!
  • 1. Jaxson is 9 months old and carter has just turned 3. 

    2. We would be interested as the monitor we use for carter actually broke not so long ago so we’ve been going without while we decided if we needed another. If we won this we would give this Jaxson and carter would have jaxsons. X
  • 1. I have 2 boys 10 months and 2.5 years old but I would be using this on my 10 month old.

    2. I would love to use this as i haven’t yet moved my youngest to his own room as it’s on a different floor and the current monitor we have his in his brothers room but is pretty basic, he has suffered a few times with bronchiolitis this year so want to be able to keep a good eye on him. 
  • My boy is 1 years old and I’d love to test this out because:
    - we co-sleep but I’m starting to leave him once he’s asleep so I can do all the things I can’t do when he’s awake (have a hot cup of tea!)
    - I’m often home alone as my husband works shifts so it’s difficult for me to always physically be in the room when he’s asleep 
    - I’m a full time teacher and often have loads of marking to do after he’s asleep so this would enable me to have some form of work/life balance at home x
  • Theo is 17 months old and is about to transition to his toddler bed soon. He is a bit of a daredevil so it would be brilliant to make sure he is safe when he isn’t confined to his cot anymore!
  • I have one toddler, aged 13 months. We used a breathing monitor to alert us for reduced motions. Now she’s more active, she’s trying to get out the cot and wakes in the night so it would be good to test this monitor so we are alerted if she wakes in the night and attempts to escape  :D
  • 1. I've got a 25 month old and an almost 7 week old that I could test this with. Primarily I'd plan to test it with my 7 week old. 

    2. I've always been curious about the smart monitors but haven't been able to justify the price when I'm not sure how much I'd use the extra features. I'd love to get the chance to try all the features out and see if it's better that my current video/sound monitor.
  • Our girl is 13months and I’d love to know more about what she’s up to during the night when she doesn’t cry to understand her daily behavior better.
  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? 

    Two Testors for us - So our little one is 20 months & we are due another in just a few weeks, so 1-2 weeks old. 

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    It would be absolutely perfect for our little one who is going to be transitioning from cot to bed! The features sound fantastic and would help us to create a safe environment, the alert functions sound fantastic. . Ideally we’d still like to continue using a monitor in his bedroom when baby arrives - the other side of things would be using the monitor for baby , at just 1-2 weeks they are the most worrying stages & would be fantastic for reassurance! What a Great prize :-) 
  • 1.  My daughter is 23 months.
    I also have a little boy who just turned 4 years old.

    2.  I would love to test this out as I am about to try my daughter out in a new bed to see if this helps her sleep better at night time.  She is a very restless sleeper and cries out loads overnight, I'm always having to jump out of bed and run in to the room to make sure she is ok.  She moves about her cotbed a lot, ends up lying sideways or bottom of it, just everywhere!  So this monitor sounds amazing with the Danger Area Alerts you can set up, this definitely would give me peace of mind to prevent her falling out her new bed.  Also the 135° view angle would great to give a better view of her in bed.  Plus as she shares a room with my son too, an overlook view of their room would be perfect for me to see them at night.
  • My son has just turned 1.
    I am interested in this monitor because my son sleeps on his belly and the face down alert on this model would put my mind at ease. I also like the toddler mode as he has just started to walk and the fact that it is portable means it can be used during the day and at night. We also hope to extend or family soon so a monitor like this would ideal in that scenario too. 
  • 1) My daughter is 14 months old
    2) We would love to give this a test, we currently own a VTECH VM320 and have noticed the battery life on it has reduced so we only get a couple of hours of use each time. Also peace of mind is a must, constant worry as a parent. 

    Thank you ❤️
  • I have a little boy Henry who is 20 months old. He is super mischievous and finds all sorts of ways to get out of his cot during nap time & bed time. This would be a great way of not having to sit outside the door worrying what he’s doing! 
  • My son is 9 months old. 

    This monitor would be perfect for us because my little one is constantly wriggling around in his cot and doesn’t stay still. I am always worried that his comforter will end up on his face or that he will sleep face down and not be able to breathe- also he likes sleeping pressed tightly against the flat side of the cot which causes me anxiety! He stands now and is quite tall for his age so manages to pull himself up holding onto the cot- and peer over the top. It’s only a matter of time before he is able to pull himself out! 

    I always end up being stuck to my monitor day and night because I want to make sure he is ok- so having a monitor that alerts me when necessary would make my life so much better. He is going to be starting nursery in a few months and when he starts picking up germs I know it will only get worse and my worries over sleeping will increase!

    Also the current monitor isn’t able to be mounted (our walls aren’t good enough!) and I can’t get it high enough to be able to see the full cot. It does rotate but not fully so sometimes he is out of view of the camera and I would need to go in and check on him- sometimes if he is in a light sleep this disturbs him and he wakes from his nap\sleep which is not ideal! This monitor would give me the piece of mind I need to ensure I’m not constantly checking on him/glued to the monitor! 
  • My daughter is 2 years and 5 months 
    I would love to test this out as we have an audio only monitor and she has a tendency to get out of bed so it would be great to be able to keep an eye on her 
  • Hello, we would love to try this! We have a 1 year old who is ready for his own room (well he has been ready for a while but I wasn’t ready to accept my baby isn’t a baby anymore 😢) and we are in need of a monitor for his room. We also have another little boy who is 2 ❤️ 
  • GsplassGsplass Regular
    edited Oct 14, 2021 11:36AM
    I'd love to test with my three year old! We have just got rid of his baby monitor, but he seems to be going through a growth spurt or sleep regression as now gets up multiple times in the night again. It would be good to be able to still keep an eye on him and be alerted when he is getting up. The features on this monitor do seem amazing and way more advanced to what we have used before. I also have a six year old and a nine year old.
  • 1. 6 months

    2. I would love to try the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor 3-Stand Set because of the amazing peace of mind it gives.

    As a first time mum I am anxious leaving my baby in her crib but the Cubo would make me feel safe, even if she was awake to get other things done whilst keeping an eye on her and especially when we move her into her new room. With the cry detector and alerts I feel I would feel safe knowing she was safe and less anxious. As my baby is coming up to being able to roll over, the cubo will also settle my nerves for if she rolls over and can't get back- it's like a third eye keeping her safe! I also love the ability for others to check in on the app, with family who live at the other end of the country, its nice for them to be able to check in and get involved in the morning routine!

    The moments wall option looks amazing, meaning I don't have to be taking the 1000 photos a day that I currently do as I can watch her development through the pictures on the app.

    I also love the temperature alert function so we can set a healthy temperature for the room and know she's not too hot or too cold, ensuring a good night's sleep.

    As well as all of this, aesthetically the camera looks amazing and would look beautiful in her room. A lot of cameras can look bulky and get in the way but I feel this will actually suit the theme we have in her bedroom!
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