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Fancy testing a Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor worth £289? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • I have a 14 month old daughter, and also a 3 year old.

    I'd like to test this on my youngest. She currently sleeps with us in the same bedroom, but I'd like to move her out of our room and in with her sister.  As she's still quite young, it'll give us peace of mind if we could monitor/see her easily.  Once she moves to another room, the sleep pattern/log will also be of interest.

    I also like the fact that this monitor can be attached to her cot. At present, we have a monitor that can only be placed on a shelf or cupboard, so we can't see her very well as it's some distance away. 
  • 17m! Baby loves sleeping with a pillow in crib but it gives me the fear this would be a dream x 
  • Me and my wife have recently had our second child, and would love to test this out with our little boy.

    We have an old monitor at the moment so would be nice to try one with newer features.

  • Hi 

    We have two sons . One is a year . Be great for him in his own room 
    Reasons -alerts if their face is covered

    Cot and cotbed are hard to attach many baby monitors. The picture quality are not got great.

    Both our sons especially our 3 year old venture a bit so this will help prevent from climbing or falling out of their cot or getting out of their bed.

    Bonus points temperature and humidity information along with sleep patterns 👍
  • Cooper is 15 months. I’d love to test this as he’s always wriggling about and as we’re soon going to be moving him in with his brother who’s 5, it will give me peace of mind that his brother isn’t getting in his cot with him, or that Cooper hasn’t put his covers over his head. It sounds like an amazing peace of equipment to help anxious parents, and with Cooper being a lockdown baby I’m even more anxious despite having two older children 
  • My son, Etienne, is 20 months old.

    I would love to try this for a few reasons. Number one being that we live in a Victorian flat with thick granite walls so finding a baby camera that works well has been particularly difficult. As well as this, we are currently transitioning from cosleeping and bedsharing to our son sleeping in his cot bed and so having a baby camera that is reliable and has extra safety features would really put our minds at ease. The Cubo AI sounds like it would be a great item to test!
  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? Please let us know if you have more than one child at home, and their ages.

    Daughter 2 years old
    Daughter 1 year old

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    Both of my babies sleep so so badly! They share a bedroom and I will hear them bang all different parts of their bodies on their beds several times in their sleep. So this could help with monitoring them and being able to see that they are okay without having to leave my room or even to be able to check back on the video in the morning. My youngest loves to climb and play peekaboo with the blanket so if she tries to climb out I will be able to see and I will also see if she is playing in her blanket 
  • 14 months old , 2 years old & 4 years old 
    I would love to try this out because it looks like it would definitely give me peace of mind when putting my little one to sleep. It looks fantastic that it can be attached to the cot and be secure and safe for the little one too. I’ve only had a basic monitor fo it would be good to compare abs see if they really are worth the money they cost 
  • One daughter Beth 10 months old 

    We would absolutely love to test this monitor. We are on our 3rd baby monitor after our past 2 video baby monitors became faulty shortly after use. We would love the opportunity to test Cubo Ai smart baby monitor to see how it compares and to give an honest review to other parents.
  • My baby boy is 18months and currently going though separation anxiety and cot aversion so having this camera would be a great comfort for us both. 
  • I have two girls, Lara 1 and Naia 3. We just moved house and decided to trial them in a shared bedroom. The monitor would be great for being able to keep an eye on both of them with its wide angles. The alert feature also sounds great as Lara has started trying to escape her cot and we are scared she falls out! The high quality camera is also a bonus as I like to keep a close eye on Naia who gets sleep apnea and being able to see them clearly over a camera Wood be wonderful. 
  • My little one is 18 months old.

    We have an audio only monitor so would love to test if having a smart video will help improve both me and my baby's sleep through all the different features. I love smart products so woud love to test all the features. As I've been avoiding being out or staying overnight for work as I always settle baby, it would be great to see if the smart features help me settle her without physically being in the room
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    Hi there,  I have a 15 month old boy and a 4 year old. I also babysit my niece alot, she has just turned 2. 

    I'd love to test this for you. After reading the description, I feel this monitor would definitely give me alot more peace of mind, that my child is safe whilst alseep. My little boy loves cuddling his blanket to sleep, he is also a bit of a venturer. He loves to climb! Luckily he's too small to climb out of his cot at the moment. The image quality and the wide image lens sounds like an excellent feature along with the 3 piece stand, it kind of grows with the child.
     I currently have a motorola mbp36s and i'd love to compare it to a smart monitor. 
    Having a temp checker and humidity checker on this monitor would also be very useful, as winter is approching, temperatures can drop quickly. I use a humidifier as my little  boy is asthmatic so it would an added bonus to monitor all this on one app.
    We also love sharing pictures/video's with our family and I'm sure they'd love to see some of the saved videos 🥰.

  • 1. I have two year old boy / girl twins 

    2. Firstly because it looks like an amazing product. I currently have one that I got from my local council as it vibrates (I’m deaf) but it isn’t very good and we bought our own cheap camera to support it. I would love a high quality baby monitor with great video features to put my mind at ease. I’m always so paranoid the kids have woken and I haven’t heard. It would be interesting to see how these features work with twins as my two currently share a bed! 

  • Henry 17 months also have an 8 year old and 4 year old 

    we would love to test this out. It looks like it can give peace of mind. Henry has just gone from cot to bed so this would really help keep an eye on him 
  • 1- My Little one is 10 months old
    2- I would love to test this monitor as I researched it thoroughly but couldn’t get one in the UK when my baby was born. It feels like it would fill me with so much confidence in the evenings, especially now my little one has started nursery and seems to have a constant cold! 
  • 2 years and 1 month old (has a 4 year old sister) he is still in his cot but like to try and climb out so being able to see what he is up to would be really helpful. 
  • 1. The child who would be testing is currently 14 months old.
    2. We have never had to use a baby monitor with my previous 4 kids so the world of baby monitors is a bit of a minefield to us! Having done a little research into this area the Cubo Ai smart baby monitor looks perfect for our needs. Covering all the aspects that we find important in a monitor.
  • 1- She's 3 years old
    2- We're about to take the side off the cot-bed, so she can get in and out herself, and will need a better eye on her when she's able to roam around the room and fall over toys... The current monitor video quality isn't good enough, and it has a very narrow field of vision.
  • I have a baby daughter; Effie who is 9 months old.

    She’s a late mover and is now turning a lot during the night so would be great to test the face detection feature. I also require a really good signal range due to having to be outside sometimes when she’s sleeping due to having a lot of animals. Finally, with the nights being colder it would be great to see if the temperature gauge is accurate as I find on our current monitor it can be up to 5 degrees out! 

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