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Fancy testing a Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor worth £289? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • 1. I have a almost 15month old (she’s 15months old in the 18th) and a 3 year old 
    2. we have a video monitor but it isn’t any good it would be nice to compare and see if it’s better than what we have. Our 3 year old is also potty trained and night and is getting up to use the loo at night so it would be great to be able to keep an eye on him as well as our daughter as they no longer make additional camera for the model we have. 
  • 1. Our son is 13 months old.
    2. I am particularly interested in testing the Cubo Ai smart baby monitor due to the true cry detection feature. We need to move our son upstairs and we will be in a bedroom downstairs. Due to the house being old and built with thick stone walls, I am concerned that we will not hear him when he wakens during the night. I love that you can use your phone as the baby monitor and would mean I could be downstairs getting on with cleaning or other chores whilst our son is napping in his cot bed during the day. The family sharing feature would also be amazing so that when grandparents come to our house to babysit, they could also benefit from the amazing features that the app offers. It would also give me peace of mind as I would know I would be alerted if his face was covered with his blanket.
  • My son is 9 months old. I would love to test this monitor because the one we currently use is challenging to position ad it doesn't have a stand which attaches to a surface. Also, our son has started to get up and I am worried he is not far from pulling himself out of the pram, which terrifies me! I think a device like this would settle my worries and let me sleep better at night :)
  • Chloe is 6 months old.
    This testing opportunity sounds perfect for us because we often experience occasions that Chloe covers her mouth and nose while she is in her cot bed, either with her blanket or she rolled over while sleeping. We also had an accident that Chloe fall out from her 4 years old sister's floor bed while playing. This monitor could be very useful for us to prevent accidents. We are happy to test it, providing feedback, photos or videos.
  • 1. My baby girl is 3 months old 
    2. I am struggling to sleep even when my baby sleeps because I’m constantly worried about her. She is my rainbow baby after a number of losses so I am very protective and scared of something happening to her. I would love to try this because I feel that it would give me the peace of mind I need when my baby is sleeping.
  • Hi Dani,

    we would love to test this. Matilda is 2 years old and 2 months.

    I’d love this sort of monitor because she will not go into the grow bags anymore and manages to get into every position known to man and I worry about her. She ends up facing all directions with feet trapped in the bars of the cot and upside down etc. It would give me some more peace of mind.
  • My daughter is 16 months. 

    I'd be really interested in testing this as my daughter constantly pulls our exisiging monitor off from its stand. A few times a night we are putting it back on. It would really give piece of mind particularly as she has started trying to climb out and on this basis will need a cot bed soon! 
  • My little boy has just turned 1.

    I would love the chance to try out this monitor. Our current monitor drops signal, I spend my whole night checking it’s still on or that my boy is ok! I’d love peace of mind with a reliable monitor 
  • Hi, I have a 4 month old called Zachary.
    I’d love to try this monitor as he’s my first baby, he’s always been a bit colicky and I worry about him being sick in the night and choking. He’s also started rolling around and kicking a lot so always spinning around in the cot bed! He’s teething now too so he’s been a bit restless recently so would be good to keep a closer eye on him. Ive been researching which monitor to buy and it’s such a minefield I can’t get my head around it! 😊
  • Charlotte is 6 weeks old.

    I have yet to buy a baby monitor as I can't decide what features I would like - this sounds like it has everything without me having to either compromise or buy multiple gadgets. Charlotte is just starting to roll and is such a quiet sleeper that I'm scared she'll end up face down and not be able to breathe and I won't wake up. The face detection technology is innovative and would provide fantastic peace of mind. The other feature I'm keen to trial is the temperature sensor as I'm never confident with how many layers to dress her in. Would love to be considered as a tester please.

  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? Please let us know if you have more than one child at home, and their ages. 

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor, 

    my son is 17 months old and co sleeps with myself in my bed. So when i am not in bed it is essential i can see him where ever he moves. Hes a very light sleeper so and we are struggling to get him to sleep through therefore the app would be very beneficial to us. 

    I also have a 3 year old who is also very active in her sleep aswell as sleep talking and walking  also for her it is important i can move the camera around to see where she is  and i would also be interested to use the app with her to see what her sleep pattern is and if there is anything i can do to improve this for her. 

  • How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? Please let us know if you have more than one child at home, and their ages.

    We would love to test out this monitor for our 14 month old, we also have a 4 year old. 

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    We have a basic monitor we bought and its a real hassle as the connection wire keeps coming loose and it no longer works on battery, plus the hassle of having to unplug and plug it back in when we move rooms. This monitor looks so much easier, having it on our phones mean we can easily check on our daughter and it gives peace of mind. I'm interested in how it records the sleep patterns and also having temperature and humidity recordings is definitely helpful as i'm always worrying about her room being too hot or cold. Two way recordings also sound brilliant, I've not had that before and sometimes our daughter just needs to hear my voice and she'll go back to sleep. 

    I love the design of this camera too and we would absolutely love to test it.

  • I'd love to try this with my 13 week old baby, the camera lens sounds great , would be really interested to see how this works in practice and whether I can soothe my baby with the 2 way audio.
  • Would love to test on my little girl Florence who is 2 years old. 
    I currently only have an audio only and she is starting to climb out of her cot and will need to be transitioned into a cot bed soon so this would be amazing to let us know when she is moving around or falling out of bed 
  • 1. I have 2 year old toddler and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. 
    2. When I had my first newborn I could not sleep for weeks if no one was able to watch her, I felt intense fear that she might go under blanket and won't be able to breathe. I was exhausted, barely functioning.. I don't want to experience the same fear and tiredness! Cubo Ai Smart monitor with its face recognition and alarm system sounds like a life saver to me! We have very outdated basic monitor at home that we desperately need to upgrade. Cubo Ai Smart sounds like every parents dream come true where you can see every single minute of your baby's sleep and that also would help to figure out baby's sleep pattern! (I won't even go to the details to the details how hard it was to put my firstborn to bed!) Especially with couple of small kids this monitor would let me see everything what happens to my sleeping baby whilst occupied with my toddler and doing house choires! Every minute of peace of mind will be greatly appreciated! 
  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai? Please let us know if you have more than one child at home, and their ages.

    My daughter is nearly 6 months old

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    She is moving into her own room and this would give me peace of mind, knowing she is ok and settled. She was quite prem and poorly so this would be so much help and an excellent source of reassurance when we make the move in the next couple of weeks.

  • 1. How old is your baby/child that would be using the Cubo Ai?

    My baby is 3 months old

    2. Please tell us why you are interested in testing this kind of monitor?

    We have started putting him in his own bed over night time. He goes to bed between 8:30-9PM which would gives us few hours of adult time but it rarely happens as I constantly keep up and down the stairs to check on little man. I would love to be selected to try this, as well as have some peace of mind and actually spend some alone time with my husband. 

  • edited Oct 18, 2021 10:08PM

    I have 2 children a 6 year old and my youngest who just turned 1 years old and we would love to test the Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor. 

    We are interested in testing this monitor because my baby is our second child and we have not found a monitor we are happy with and a monitor which I can get a nights rest with the feeling that my baby is safe. I am really interested in all the features specially the 'danger alert zone' and 'cover face alert' technology and knowing how many hours my baby is sleeping through the night without crying. I also think the photo technology is a great feature to send working daddy and grandparents photos. 

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