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help my 18 mth old wont sleep

my 18mth old daughter has been in her own bed for 2mths now and has been sleeping through the night with the odd night waking once but settling back off by herself she has never been a good sleeper but since fri she wont go to bed for me (bedtime is 7pm) takes me about 2 hrs to get her to sleep then she is back up within 2 hrs and is then up and down all nite i just dont know what to do and im so tired


  • hi. didnt want to read and run. im afraid im not going to be much help but just wanted to sympathise with you. my little one is just turning 18months and we have been going through the same thing although she still in her cot (hoping to get her into bed when daddy finally builds it). she used to be such a great wee sleeper but these days she satrts to cry when we put her down and it can take anything up to 2 hours to settle her. its even worse if my oh tries it. im hoping its just a phase and im trying to be as strict as i can so that she doesnt think she can get away with it but it so hard when they have been on the go allday and your tired. i hope it gets better soon or we find a reason for it. for both of
  • thanks i hope we both get it sorted soon its been hard today been feeling really sick and she is now refusing to go for a nap in her bed or cot after 2 hrs of struggling she wanted her pram least it better than nothing i guess
  • hi beckyboop just wandered how you getting on with lo. i think we might have made a break through. i met my hv when i was picking up a pres yesterday and she said to use pick up/put down. think it just another word for controlled crying. well it took 3 hours but she finally settled and tonight she was down within 30mins so im hoping weve cracked it.
  • hi still no better took me 3hrs 20mins tonight but she did sleep alot better last nite once i got her there managed to get 4hrs solid sleep so im hoping for the same tonight cause i aint feeling to good and oh has to get up at 5am for work so cant expect him to get up and down with her ill give it a go tomorrow nite thanks
  • its so hard isnt it. especially when your not getting any sleep. i always say you can tackle anything as long as your getting your sleep. my oh the same up early in the morning and i worry about him driving to work when he had no sleep. im just hoping its worked. it might have been a saying that hse seems pretty sound at the mo so heres hoping for both of us.xx
  • yeah aint heard a peep out of her so lets hope it was just for a short time and they get back to sleeping tidy again cause id love a good nites sleep right now
  • hi just to say i tried what you said and only took me 25 mins its great ive had food and bath and the house is tidy and it aint even 10pm just hope she stays there hows it going with you hope all is going well
  • hiya. so glad it worked you must feel relaxed. we done ok although she was at 12.30 and then again at 1.30 last night. but this morning she smiled at me and i can see a bottome tooth poking through so i think thats what it was. we ended up giving her some calpol coz she seemed in pain. today at nap time was better though she went down without a fight so heres hoping we have both cracked it.
  • yeah in hoping so i feel so much better from getting everything done and i can have an early nite for a change
  • thought id let you know she went to bed at 7 only had to got up 3 times and was fast asleep by 7:15 thanks for you help just hope it stays like this now hope your having the same results as i am
  • hiya. so glad things have got better. chloe been good too. she went down first time tonight and she only woke once through the night but i know that her mouth really bothering her. she was only up for 10minutes then back down again. heres hoping it lasts. youl be enjoying the rest.xx
  • yeah loving it oh is away for the nite so can sit and watch what i want on tv really fancy a glass of wine but have to wait till the end of the month hope your enjoying the rest too
  • well i was going to put my feet up and relax but ive started tidying and once i get started thats me. she been full on the last couple of days it probably her mouth so she hasnt givin me a minute so nothing has been done and im back at work tomorrow. it never ends does it.xx
  • no it never does got loads of ironing to do and it aint going to get done by its self lol managed a bit of tidying earlier she went with her dad for a few hrs. im lucky im a kept women at the moment oh wants me to stay at home while we add to the family dont know how long ill be happy doing that for miss working
  • thats what im doing at the moment a pile of ironing. i work 3 days but its enough to give me a wee break but i miss her like mad when im away. im lucky my sil takes her 2 days and my mum amd mil take turns on a saturday although she has her dad tomorrow coz he not working for once. are you ttc. we will be at the end of june.xx
  • she only sees her dad 6 hrs wk and half the time it at my house cause she wont leave with him other than that i have her so dont get much time to myself. yeah this is my first month ttc aint had to try before as i was on the pill with my daughter so im not enjoying waithing to test
  • i dont either. my oh leaves for work at crak of dawn and not back till 7 so i got her most of time. we didnt really try last time either. i came off pill and fell first time but im not convinced it happening as quick this time. im finishing my last pack of pill so be trying after that. when was your lo born. chloe was december.
  • seren was born on nov 11th she was 4 wks early im we wernt going to try till the end of the year but oh said lets try now so stopped my pill end april and just waiting for the 30 or 31st to see if af turn up
  • chloe was dec the 5th. she was only 2days early. my sil had baby same day which was spooky. were you nervous about trying again. i am. dont know why im desperate for another and oh the same. is nerve racking waiting. i didnt really bother last time coz didnt think there was any way id fall in first month.
  • no not really ive wanted another soon after i had seren im more nervous about telling the familys his family more than mine his mam dont want any more granchildren i dont think we have done it this month will be gitted but will try again next month and every month till it happens i guess i got plenty of time im only 27 this year
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