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Share why having a dog is so special to your family at this time: £200 voucher courtesy, Winalot



  • Our dog is a huge part of our family! The kids have grown up with him and they have been comforted so much by having him around during lockdown. We are fortunate to have a garden and he has been entertaining them by playing fetch. In the evenings, he loves to snuggle with us on the sofa. His presence is calming and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

  • This is Fraggle, our rescue Lurcher. As you can see she is incredibly laid back and this spreads calm through the house. She can sense when someone is feeling stressed and appears at their side to comfort them with a cuddle. 😊❤
  • I share a dog with a freind and really missed her happy wggy tail whist lockdown was on. Now we are able to meet she  races across the field as soon as my car pulls up and even on the dullest days brightens mine

  • I loved having a puppy to help with the chores. Ha, he’s not so helpful now he’s all grown up!

  • We love my brother Michael's dogs - Digger, Jack  and Spike, and look forward to going for a walk with them very soon after lockdown is lifted here in Wales x
  • Last year I spent 8 months in hospital. The day I was discharged I picked up my new addition, Milo :) At the time I had no idea that 2 weeks later the country would be in lockdown. 

    Leaving hospital and reintegrating back into normal life is scary enough, let alone when there is a pandemic. People told me not to get my baby, to get myself settled first, but I let their advise go over my head - and I’m so glad I did.

    My little Milo has kept me sane during this period of insanity. He’s been my biggest comfort in times of distress and uncertainty. He gives me a reason to get up in the morning (I have no choice when he jumps on my head). His cheeky personality always cheers me up, he’s licked my tears when I’ve cried and when I’ve feared the outside world he’s pulled me to the front door and made me face my fears. 

    This little pup has saved my life - he’s kept me out of hospital and given me my smile back. To everyone else he is just a dog - to me he’s my confidence, my comforter and my biggest fan. During lockdown we’ve had time to bond - he knows me and I know him. He’s grown to be my shadow and I wouldn’t have it any other way 💕💕
  • Love this. My family dog is 16 years old and she is completely part of our family. My mum battled breast cancer a couple of years so was at home for long periods of time. Our dog was her rock and gave her company when we were at work or had to go food shopping etc. Now she's old and we are giving her that care right back. She's an absolute star.

  • I was in a coma for 5 weeks, waking virtually paralysed from the neck down. Having to learn to walk, talk, use my hands and my brain again too. My best friend, my dog Kea, was very old. She waited for me to come home but passed away soon after 💔 I was scared, isolated living on a mountain n my husband said I couldn't handle a dog. But I won't be told !!! I found Honey being given away on gumtree. A breeding dog, old and worn out !!! My husband did a 7.5hr. Trip to fetch Honey. Together we are healing and learning to live again. Then Corona hits and I find myself shielded (I'm in Wales n shielded till August at moment). I can no longer go to rehab or see anyone. I've seen no one since March except my tired husband who's still working. What does having Honey Dog mean to me ? She is my friend, my physio, my exercise partner, my company through the long lonely days. I don't self motivate well as I'm just so tired of the struggle so Honey motivates me, cuddles me when I'm in pain and makes me smile when I'm sad. I couldn't do this without her !! 
  • Six months ago, we welcomed Reggie, a 10 week old Cavachon puppy into our home and have never looked back! He quickly introduced us to the wonderful, crazy and sometimes knackering world of being a dog owner!

    He has been a total champ during lockdown while everything has been closed, keeping us entertained for hours on end. The kids love walking and playing with him, not sure they would have even left their rooms if we didn’t have him!

    Our son, Jack, suffers from anxiety, and Reggie has been amazing for him. They are simply adorable together and Jack is the calmest and happiest we’ve known for a long time. 

    He is fast becoming my favourite child, as he listens to me and doesn’t answer back!

    Speaking as a first time dog owner, I can honestly say he has been the most welcome addition to our family we could have ever asked for. 

  • I never realised before we got “Babe”our Dog de Bourdeux how much a dog could mean to me and our family. She is the sweetest puppy I’ve ever met and everyday she repays us with the sloppiest Of kisses and jumping hugs she gives us. What a character so love life with her 😘❤️Xxx
  • My Milo the Golden Retriever is so special to us, he has made us get out collectively as a family and explore the area we live in.  We came over to this country from Australia and adopted Milo, initially I was so lonely, I knew no one, my hubby was going to work, my children were enrolled in a school and I was on my own, Milo helped me get out and I made friends with other dog walkers.  He has kept me happy and helped me make friends in a new country!!!  I owe him!! 

  • This is Louby the Westie. She is 8 years old (will be 9 in July) and we rehomed her when she was a year old. During lockdown, she’s been keeping me company by sleeping by my side, begging for food and attention and doing the Westie ‘stare’ where she will appear out of now where and stare me down. Her being Instagram famous (@louby_love), means she’s been keeping us both busy by posing for the camera and showing off her tricks to her social media followers. She also has a YouTube channel and we’ve been filming dog trick tutorials for other dog owners to try teaching their dogs’ tricks! And when she’s not working, she’ll be by my side, sleeping her head off! 
  • My son would love to have another dog. Unfortunately we haven't had one for a couple of years and my son was very upset when she died. As an only child my son loved it to keep him company when he was little upstairs by himself so he wasn't scared!  
  • For my Mum who is shielding during lockdown - ‘Holly Berry’ (given her name as she arrived at Christmas 🎄) - has been an absolute lifeline for her.

    Being company for Mum, Holly is a focus of attention (and distraction 😂) during the day.

    As hard as it sounds - she gives my Mum something to get up for in the morning. Knowing that she must be exercised daily - Mum has to get outside with her, which blows the cobwebs away and does wonders for her mental health too!

    As couples are referred to in their Forenames - Sid & Nancy  - Charles & Diana - Bonnie & Clyde - so are Mum and Holly - an inseparable couple.

    Holly has been comfort in hard times too.

    Would be great for my favourite couple to win! 

    Thanks Made for Mums & Winalot!

  • My daughter is an only child, we got a pug puppy to join our family.... the 2 of them are like best feiends, he sits and waits for my daughter to finish her homework so they can play, they have such a special bond, like best feiends.    My daughter would have struggled through lockdown if it wasnt for Frank (pug) 
  • Things aren’t too bad now as Erin is seeing her friends at School now, but at the height of the crisis Loki was her great playmate and friend, and although she always got on with him, I think she relied on having those play sessions. as much as she enjoyed playing with us I think the carefree way they played made her feel (obv I’m guessing!!) that she was somehow playing with her peer group.

    dont know, but she seemed a bit less stir crazy than stories I’d heard of friends children!
  • A Dog at this time is perfect because every day she needs a walk even if we don't feel like it, and the routine is good for everyone mentally and physically.
  • they are amazing company and really help mental health, keep you fit and healthy with daily walk and are a companion for life
  • Our girls April and koda.

    Where do I start ? . Look at them they are absolutely beautiful, loving loyal and so much fun . They keep us on our toes the dachshund is 11 months old so we need eyes in the back of our heads always up to something she is . And our bichon is just wonderful so happy loves everyone and is a wonderful cuddle companion. They are everything to us And to each other 
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