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  • Meet Benny & Isla.  Benny is a 16 weeks old jackawawa. In the 5 1/2 weeks since Benny joined their little family him and Isla have already formed an amazing bond,  Benny is absolutely amazing with Isla and doesn't move far from her, he usually sleeps cuddling up to her when she's having a nap.  If Isla's coming around the corner you can bet Benny is close behind.   This week my daughter found Isla with Benny and his lead when she asked her where she was going her reply was Benny Walk.   
  • I fostered Charlie in 2018. He came to me skinny, fleas, sores on his feet and a host of other issues including barking 24/7 😫. Fast forward 8 months, I foster failed 🤣.  No one enquired about him and I’m sure I was destined to keep him from the start 😀.  
    I’m registered disabled with ME, Fibro & joint pains to name a few. This wee guy makes me get up in the morning when I struggle. I may have rescued him, but I think he rescued me. 
    He loves everyone especially kids. He barks a lot to start with,  but does eventually stop.  He looks scary when he barks but he’s a gentle soul who had a tough time before he cane to me.  
    With the help of a few very good friends and a dog trainer we are working through his issues.  Hes just such a sweetheart once you get to know him. 🥰
  • i adopted Coco from the Dogs Trust and he has become a lifeline for my 77 year old Mum. She has been isolating since 26th February and i think without Coco to keep her company she would not have coped. He is always by her side day and as the picture shows night. 
  •  After our kids had grown up and left home, my hubby really felt their loss, he was always reminiscing about his grandad and his chihuahuas. I didn't want to buy a puppy as so many dogs need homes, so I contacted Chihuahua Rescue. I wasn't expecting to get one as their waiting list was long, within a week we were offered Mocha a short haired ex breeder who had been imported from America she was six years old and had had 9 litters of pups, she'd never seen grass or had much human contact. We met her and hubby fell in love instantly, two weeks later we got a call asking if we'd take on Truffles as soon as I saw this pretty 4 year old I knew I couldn't say no... That's how our furbabies came into our lives.

    Our girls have literally rescued Us. My hubby was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he's housebound. Mocha is his constant companion. She acts like a puppy dispite now being 21 years old. The girls have given unconditional love to us and enrich our lives everyday despite their rough start in life. We wouldn't want to be without our partners in crime 
  • People (cat lovers) don’t take other people (dog lovers) seriously when they say their dog is their best friend. It sounds silly because your pup can’t text you to talk about it when you’re having a ruff week. As an animal lover in general it’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t get why animals are so therapeutic to mental, emotional, and physical health. I could write an entire essay on why animals have the effect on us that they do. In fact, I have before. But for now, let’s look on the lighter side of why my dog is considered to be a best friend to me.

    Unconditional love. It doesn’t matter if I get mad, raise my voice, or ignore him all day. There’s nothing I could do that could take his love for me away.

    He’s always there for me. Literally. I can't even walk into the next room without him checking on me. 

     He benefits my health by encouraging me to get outside several times a day.

     When I want to get active he's down to play, and when I'm down to cuddle he's down for that too (who needs men).

    He has my back and I feel safe having him at home with me when I’m alone. 

    He may not have known me my whole life, but I've known him since I picked him up at grovehill when he was 2 months old. I trained him to sit, lay down, shake. I've been there for every birthday. I've watched him grow from a fluff ball of a puppy, to the big dog he is now. And he's been there for me when I've needed a friend the most. Dat's my best friend. 

  • Having our gorgeous boy blue around during lockdown has been so good for all of us. It’s meant that I have had reason to get my 3 young daughters out for walks which has definitely saved my sanity and improved all our moods. He’s  such a brilliant family dog and a real gentle giant. We love him lots even when he nicks food of the work top, he’s had a whole joint of beef before. 💙 
  • After losing my lovely Cassie( jack russell) 18 months ago,I thought I would never have another dog again as the heartbreak was so painful.But then little Harper came along and changed everything.Being on the "vulnerable person" list has meant that both myself and my partner have been so restricted ....
    But our little lady has stopped us from falling into a coach potato lifestyle!! She has given us purpose,we go out for walks, she provides comic relief and gives cuddles and kisses by the bucket load.She rescued us and made quarentine so much more bearable...
  • Our daughter is an only child so a pup has provided company for us all. As well as dog walks to make us go out. Working from home had enabled us to have a puppy.
  • this is Bambi, almost 4 years old.

    She is my angel, she has literally saved my life several times now as my Assistance Dog.

    She alerts me to absence seizures and prevents me from walking into the road when unaware, she also warns me about migraines and helps me cope with PTSD and Autism.

    She has given me my life back and has kept me grounded during isolation. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her

    She with big brother Charlie (10) have kept me from being in a very dark place.
    She came to me from a "Free To Good Home" advert on Facebook 2.5 years ago... And changed my life forever.

  • Mum had Alzheimer’s had lost her ability to hold a conversation, she always loved the dogs , she had a special bond with Kai. She never spoke with us in her final year but it’s as if Kai knew, he would sit with her and she would talk to him. It’s the only time we seen her smile in the end when the dogs were with her , he adored her and misses her to this day. Dogs have very special talents more than people realise, they pick up on these things and I am 100% sure Kai supported her when we were all in company , he never left her side. He is one of the kindest boys you could ever meet, everyone’s pal and he loves people, animals  not a bad bone in his body.

  • This Comp had just come up on my news feed on Facebook. I'm not entering for myself but on behalf of my Mother who owns a Jack Russell. His name is Jack for Jack Russell lol but after all that his surname isn't Russell. Jac has just got a nice new comfy bed. No wonder he's in it most of the time, spending as much time as possible there. Having a dog is incredibly special towards company if you live alone. They say "a dog is a man's best friend" or woman and that is very true! By lifting each other's mood or being there when one of the other is facing difficulty is the best things...🐕🐾 

  • My 4 year old grandson was diagnosed with Autism just before lockdown.He has been hospitalised so many times in his 4 years due to meningitis, severe anaphylaxis ( to most foods) and along with his older sister who has a lactose intolerance, and his baby brother( who is allergic to the same things , plus egg) they have became very withdrawn and started to have nightmares,pined for their close family during lockdown ( they still have a way to go as they are shielding.) The solution? To take our beautiful big Goldendoodle Oscar, and his sister Dot( Sproodle) for play dates once we could approach their house. The change in the children was immediate. Both dogs are our pride and joy, as they are true , gentle, placid, friends. The children take solace in writing to our doodles, and telling stories about their time together. They have grown up together and as you can see, Oscar isn’t complaining..
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    Dogs have been in  mu family forever. However my 4 furbabies have helped me so much over the last few years. I was a RMN but sadly injured in work and can no longer return due to my back. This has led me to have fibromyalgia and osteoporosis and my mental health has deteriorated significantly. 
    The dogs....they have been the best medication. Taking walks with them when I am able, makes me feel refreshed and worth something.  They will cuddle up with me when I am sore, tiered or crying. They always know when I need them, so their wet noses appear and push their way in until I move to give them space to give me their magic cuddles that make me relax, calm down and help me rethink my thoughts, which sadly have been dark.
    Although they are GSDs we keep an eye on them around others and other dogs because you cam never be too careful, however they are so gentle with my grandchildren and love nothing more than sneaking in their bedroom  with them in sleepovers and laying by their beds all night.
    Having dogs just makes life so much more significant in life because they give you unconditional love and respect  which I take from them and keep going on each day knowing that no matter what, they are there for me and know I carry on each day because they need me as much as I need them.
    Sasha is 6 and Vince is 4 they had 10 pups and 2 daughters stayed, Teddy and Lexi who are 2 August 13th. 

    Sasha black. Lexi at back. Vince front middle. Teddy xx
  • Sprocket is my link to the outside world. Because I'm ill a lot, she forces me to get up and about when I'd otherwise just hide in the dark for days on end. She's my constant companion, a source of neverending amusement (anyone with a spaniel knows what i mean!), and is part of the family. A house isn't a home without a dog. 
  • A Few weeks ago we welcome Bailey into our family ,he was a special birthday surprise for Barry who turned 70 a few weeks ago and with party and holiday cancelled he was the perfect surprise as he wanted another dog for a very long time,he a mischievous bundle of fun who antics have bought a smile to everyone in the family young and old 😀We cannot wait til he can goes for walks with Barry next week 🌈🌈🌈 And his twin granddaughters Willow and Isla 
  • We all thought it was so cute Roxy doing a trick of begging for a treat, she’s so funny and loveable. However I was halfway through an important meeting at home when she took centre stage and stole the show! No-one could focus after that as they kept laughing! It didn’t take her long to figure out that she also got lots of attention from everyone so now does it every time I have a visitor. 
  • Misha is my world my mum bought her for me it was the last present I ever got from my mum she passed away  from cancer I never wanted another dog after Derry died she was a rottweiler fantastic dog. Misha is an akita,  my mum new I needed to fill the space Derry had left in my heart. I look at misha and always see my lovely mum. 
  • I'm a much older mum and now live alone. Maisy lifts my spirits when I'm feeling down. She gives me unconditional love and is my one and only friend. Without her I wouldn't go out for walks and talk to people at distance. She seems my only reason.for living.
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