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Share why having a dog is so special to your family at this time: £200 voucher courtesy, Winalot

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For almost 100 years, Winalot, have been making 100% complete and balanced dog food, made with wholesome, quality ingredients, with essential vitamins and minerals. 

At times like this, having a dog really does make a house, a home and that having a dog right now, more than ever, can be especially special to our families. Share on this thread why having a dog is so special to your family, particularly at this time.

To be in with a chance of winning, please scroll to the text box at the bottom of this page, and tell Winalot why having a dog is so special to your family at this time, and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for sharing. If you wanted to share a picture of your dog too, that would be amazing. 

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

NOTE: Since our forum has recently had to be taken down for some unexpected technical updates, we have extended the closing date to give you more time to enter. We'll keep this thread open until 10am on 25th June and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

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  •  Connie Fry

    These two make the world seem brighter. Being 6 months pregnant and at home with a 4 year old these pooches are my therapy. They listen without answering back, give me hugs, take me on a walk, bring me back down to earth, make me laugh and entertain my 4yr old for me. I live for our evening cuddles when the house is finally quiet. 

  • This is Stringer, it was his 6th birthday yesterday. We made him peanut butter and bacon dog biscuits, so he had a great lockdown birthday.

    He is the best big dog brother for Ezra, who is 1. They have the greatest bond and it is just so lovely to watch them play together. 
  • We got a puppy just before lockdown. My son and daughter have birthdays in march and with the start of the coronavirus we cancelled their parties. We have wanted a puppy for a while and used the money to buy a chihuahua. It was the perfect timing for us as we are home with her all day. The children have loved having a puppy to play with and love and cuddle and she has help keep routine in the by encoraging us to get up early in the morning. Unfortunately alot of vets were closed at first which delayed getting puppy Injections done, but we inly have a week to wait and she will be able to come on our dailywalks. We are looking forward to this and it will make our walks more exciting. I also feel like I can let my older children out for a walk alone as I dont want anyone thinking they are breaking lockdown rules so it will be nice that they can take the dog for a walk. 

  • We got our handsome puppy Alfie about 10 days before we had lock down, wow what a decision that was! I’ve wanted a family dog for such a long time however I am an allergy sufferer so has put me off, I’m pleased to say Alfie who is a Poochon is hyperallergenic and I can rub my face in his fur with no reactions! I’ve waited all my life for that! My daughter is 7 and has struggled with not seeing her friends at this time however she has a new best friend now and can play with him happily and snuggle when she needs it. It’s also making us go out in the fresh air for lots of dog walks which is great for us all. Love him!
  • We lost our 8 year old house rabbit 2 years ago. We were all so heartbroken and wanted a new pet but I just could not get another rabbit. I have always wanted a dog, but my partner was attacked by one as a child, so was wary. I found the perfect pup and begged him for her. My partner caved, and bought me her for my birthday. Our new pup Ripley now 1 and a half,  has shown my partner not all dogs are dangerous and they now have the most beautiful relationship. She follows him around everywhere. My whole family life has changed, we all are more active with walks and she cheers us all up, especially in these difficult times. We all enjoy walks and hugs and I am so grateful for my partner changing his mind. Thanks Ripley xx
  • We are looking after my sisters dog at the moment as she is a key worker and is living on site due to Covid 19. Little Millie is bringing us all closer together and lots of happy times. We are loving having her and she makes our daily walks that bit more special. Shes such a cutie. 
  • We have my daughter who has been through a lot of mental anguish, trauma and illness. She had been desperate for a dog for some time a disability care dog. However I also have disabilities and getting such a dog trained was impossible. We took a long time to decide to get a rescue dog and at the Blue Cross, we met Molly.
    She wasn’t a Lively happy girl, she was a damaged dog who didn’t trust easily, and cowered with tail firmly lodged between her legs. She looked like a rather grumpy old man really. She had permanent issues and at only 5 already had arthritis from injured joints. We visited her many times And she didn’t really seem to gel too well with us: but we knew her time in kennels had been long and decided to give her a home regardless of the medicine commitment and behavioural challenges. She had assaulted a robotic dog, thus failed a test and we were warned not to attempt walks when other dogs were about. 
    She took the journey home well. Lifted gingerly out of the car: we had been told that she probably wouldn’t manage stairs.

    well, she started out just as she has gone on.... a sniff about, surveyed her two new beds: our carefully contained garden For her safety and then bolted! Straight up the stairs.... Tail flying high behind her as she shot off! By the time we clambered after her... she was nuzzling cheerfully into the covers of my double bed with a glint of mischief and glee. 
    And Molly has bonded uniquely... she stays if you cry and knows she’s needed. She sleeps with a single part of her ‘touching’ a part of one of us; be it a paw or a chin, a butt or her tail she is always linked in some way. She now tolerates other dogs, As her trust in Us keeping Her safe grew.... she lets us know groomers and such aren’t her friends but thank goodness LOVES a bath! She’s let us know that she has been kicked in the past and under her fur are many many small scars of strange shapes and sizes. So All her fears explained! 
    And for us, she is a delight, an instant source of hilarity! We taught her to play... she taught us to relax. We taught her some tricks.... she taught us that she listens, and It helps! We gave her a chance and she gave us love, so much love! She is an every-pet, eats like a pig, rolls like a cat, squeaks like a guinea pig and gambols like a sheep, she charges like a bull and gallops like a pony.  She not perfect....She punctures balls Instantly and eats Our post! But she’s perfect for US!

  • Our lovely Poppy, is the most wonderfully sensitive cockapoo. I got her as a puppy when recovering from depression and she has been as supportive and loving during the lockdown. She's got me outside every day and her big furry smile makes me smile on each and every walk!  :)<3
  • I have two children Joey who is 4 and Roo who is 10 months up until 8 months he was waking every hour, I was living off max 4 hours of broken sleep I made the crazy decision to buy a puppy in February... Everyone told me I was mad and making a silly mistake as I had my hands full! She came to us first night not a peep, toilet trained in 2 days (she had never been outside)...

    Well I can honestly say it has been one of the best things we have ever done. She is honestly a delight with both my children so gentle just rolls onto her back for belly tickles. She watches over Roo and brings things to my attention very quickly if he’s up to mischief 🤭

    Everyone meet Pippa the puppy ❤️ 

  • We have our 6 month old son and our nearly 5 year old cavapoo Milo. 

    In a time where we could easily hide indoors and worry about the outside world Milo is ensuring that we get out daily and explore our local environment. Milo is fantastic for our mental health; comforting when we need comfort, playful when we need some fun, he gives the best cuddles and kisses and he is the best big fur brother to Freddie. The boys have had a fantastic relationship since Freddie arrived, Milo is so gentle with him and I’m so grateful that he’s adapted so quickly to our bigger family. 

  • Robh32Robh32 New
    edited Jun 2, 2020 10:12AM
    My dog, Bobby, means the world to me. He keeps me company, (important as I work from home all year round), keeps the house safe and makes sure I get out for regular walks. But above all he’s a kind, gentle, loyal and loving dog who makes everyone smile. Having him in our lives during lockdown certainly lifts our spirits every day and keeps our family from going stir crazy. 

  • Mckinley is our gentle giant!! I suffer from social anxiety and having a dog means I have to go out and walk him and the amount of people that stop to talk to us is incredible and has certainly helped my confidence, people love to ask questions about him and he certainly loves the extra attention, he brings lots of happiness to our family. 

  • Our dog Rosie has brought us together as a family during this difficult time. She has given us a reason for getting outside for a long walk in the fresh air, every day without fail. My children have loved teaching her some new tricks such as “high five” and they love her like their very own fur sibling. Having a dog has been invaluable for our family’s mental health and wellbeing during this time. She’s one in a million! 
  • We have 2 amazing doggies in our family. Suzie is a 12 year old Jack Russel and Sansa is a 12 month old Bull Mastiff. Both dogs adore my 2 girls and my girls adore them. They like nothing better than to go long walks together through our fields and snuggle up together in the house in the evening. Sansa especially is like having another baby and for being such a big dog she is such a softie. 

  • On the left is my 3 year old daughter Alyth and on the right is our 3 month old working collie Chase (Alyth is a paw patrol fan).
    We lost our 15 year old collie/golden retreiver Cross on 14th December 2019, and to our shock we lost our 13 year old retired collie Gale just a mo th later, to the date on the 14th January. We think they missed each other.  Alyth took it really bad, and our neighbour noticed the change in us all, she told us she had puppies on the way.  My partner and I both decided to keep it a secret and Alyth and Chase have been inseparable since we got her 7 weeks ago. Running after a puppy during lockdown has been possibly the best thing to have happened to us, there's certainly no time to be 'bored' or 'fed up'!
    We live on the Isle of Lewis and have a beach at the bottom of our croft, this is the 2 best buddies last week playing 
  • LyndalooLyndaloo New
    edited Jun 3, 2020 10:25AM
    My husband past away coming up for 2 year ago on June the 9th. He was 49 my son hadn't even turned 21 and was without his dad. We were lost I didn't see a purpose to live with out Kevin. A friend asked if we would like to look after Annie for 2 weeks and we did we were smitten. When they came back they asked if we would like to be Annie's forever home. Omg how she has turned our world around we go out walks have fun play ball. She has made such a difference to us. She gives a huge lot of love  back. Some days I think she smiles and she takes in every word we say. She makes the hard times better ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Our Cavalier, Stevie has the happiest disposition! Stevie has the softest heart and sees the world through the gentlest eyes - this is why we call him with great affection “Little Man”! 

    Stevie’s full of character - there are so many anecdotes we could tell about the funny and more unusual things Stevie gets up to! For instance when it snows, he nestles his chin in the snow and shuffles backwards, creating a loose snowball, which he then picks up and runs away with! He looks with great excitement, but also bewilderment as they inevitably fall apart! 

    When I was seriously ill, hearing little Stevie stories was the best therapy. It was the highlight of each day, and really helped keep me going - even on the darkest days. I often think of Stevie as an angel, meant to be our family’s companion and therapist!

    With bags of personality and full of the joys of life, even in his old age, he is also very loving and tuned in to us all, enjoying a bond with the whole family, young and old. As you can imagine, Stevie is tremendously special and means the world to all of us!

  • This fabulous face is RooRoo our 9 year old Weimaraner...She’s a real whirlwind of fun. She has the most amazing personality who provides the whole family with lots of fun and laughter! She’s super loyal to us all... she gets in a panic if she can’t find one of us especially when we are out walking her. She likes us all together where she can see us! She’s the best therapy for my daughter who suffers with anxiety, when she’s panicked Roo will just sit with her and snuggle in. She brings so much comfort to us both. I’m a very proud mumma of this furry one... my mobility is poor and I fell on a country lane. Roo sat in front of me, Road side so no cars could hit me. She’s tremendous and quite literally makes my world turn x 
  • I’ve never had a dog since we lost our childhood pet over 20 years ago, but after careful consideration we decided to go to a rescue centre to rehome a dog.  We met Eddie and although he was a bit of a handful, we fell in love straight away.  He had an awful 5 years before we took him on but he is so happy now....and he’s saved me from the anxiety and depression that ruled my life.  I love him so much 
  • We usually share my mum's dog but during lockdown we obviously aren't able to do that so as a family we are really missing him and our walks together. Roll on when we can be reunited. 
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