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Tell Dolmio what a regular family dinner is like in your home: £200 Amazon prize up for grabs!



  • Our family meals consists of different ingredients and dieter requirements as my sister has. A health condition so she cannot eat meat or other certain things and dairy free products and lactose tolerant,gluten free. We cook twice a day afternoon and evenings and it's all home cooked food we cook 7 days a week and on some days which consists of asian cuisine such as lamb karahi, baltis, rice, chappatis, samosas and spring rolls for starters, chicken tikka, sheesh kebabs, other homemade recipes, pizzas and chicken nuggets for kids with chips and my 2 children have a different approach to the dinner table they eat mostly vegetables and the good healthy stuff which I'm proud of and the greens as most children tend to avoid things like broccoli, peas, carrots, sweetcorns etc. Our dinner table is literally full of different surprises and you never know what will be cooked on what day as mostly my wife, my mum and my sisters help out so all the credit goes to them. 
  • in our house family meal times are a moment were we can enjoy it tigether we sit at the table as a family . We talk about our day etc . WE enjoy eating many different foods for our meals a family favourite is lasagne which we sometimes use dolmio sauces for if we want a quick nutricious meal . 
  • My children love domino and will eat practically any as long as it is covered in the rich tomato sauce. Fish,chicken, beef, and all with added pasta in lots of different shapes and sizes. I feel that it has rescued parents from the sad tyranny of frozen food and brought real cooking back to the kitchen. Popular with parents too,I have to store a variety of a selection of different flavours, extra garlic, onions and herbs to make a quick and low cost nutritious meal.
  • We usually cook from scratch. I help at our local food bank and have surplus food which can be used. I include this in our meals. We have lots of vegetables and these are used and local produce also is used.  My family love to chat and talk about the day. The dog has healthy food too and thrives on it. We love meal times and are healthy and happy because of the healthy meals and social aspect.
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    Mine and my other halves go to meal id have to say is either spaghetti Bolognese or chicken korma! We love saucy dinners and now with my lil one weaning I love to make her some good homemade meal with fresh ingredients and she hasn’t hated one yet  
  • A family meal for us is all sat around the table together. This only happens every other week as hubby finishes later one week but I still sit to the table with the kids. We have fairly traditional meals using recipes that i was shown by my Nan although I’ve changed them slightly. We eat healthily although the kids do enjoy a freezer tea every so often. I enjoy cooking meals from scratch and gaining input from the children. I like to ask them what they fancy for tea & if they would like to help. We like a range of meals such as curry, chilli, wraps, lasagne, cottage pie and potato bake although they aren’t a fan too much of the traditional Sunday roast! We always have something for pudding, as long as plates are clear. This is generally something home made ranging from cakes and biscuits to crumble and cheesecake!
  • A family mealtime for us can vary! Our son is 14 months, my husband works full time and I’ve just gone back part time. Some nights it’s a crazy rush and I’ll rustle something simple up for the little one and then me and the hubby will sit down for dinner once he’s in bed. On days where I’m off or we have a bit more time we’ll sit down and have a meal all together, I love that, him joining us at the table and all eating the same thing. I’m sure they will keep on evolving as he grows up! 
  • There is my husband and I who both share meal times and we have a 9 year old and 11 year old who have busy after school activities. My son swims 4 x week so meals need to be ready for after school but with both of us working full time we rely on our slow cooker a lot. Its our best friend and saves us so much time and we know that both children are getting a well cooked after a busy day at school. We also like to use up what veg we have at the end of week so no waste. We also all do the washing up as a family which teachers them. 
  • A regular family meal in my house consists of me & my daughter eating together at the table & most likely discussing how she can’t remember anything she did at school that day 😂 it’s just the 2 of us but I always make sure we have a meal at the table together every day ❤️

  • Dinner time is one of our most important times of the day as a family especially when everyone has been to school and work all day. It’s the one time of the day where we can all sit together, take our time, eat, chat, have a laugh together. One of the things I hope remains constant as my children grow. I love having us all round the table together. Just so special!
  • They’re a bit of a chaotic time in our house but that’s how we like it, lots of mess and laughter. A good lasagne really goes down a treat! 
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    It's just me and my little boy in our family, throughout this very rough time of lockdown, payment cuts and a limited budget, family tea time together is what I live for everyday. 
    Sitting down with me and my nearly 3 year old talking about our days with me working as much as I can and him being at my mum and dads or nursery. That tea time meal is what brings us together every night. I miss him so much being away from him in the day but needs must and that tea is the best part of my day by a mile! 
    He is so fussy when it comes to food and he will only eat basic foods which drives me INSANE! But plenty of Dolmio pasta sauces have hidden veg and great amazing flavour for an easy tea that he will eat yet it tastes amazing and still has that homemade family tea time taste which we love. 
    I'm not the best cook in the world but dolmio make it so easy! It's all done for you packed with flavour and so many varieties to choose from for both me and my growing fussy eating boy. 

    This competition is an amazing thing to do along with helping out families in need. And there are alot out there that dont or cant get the help they need to be able to feed their family. And I know at hard times ive been there. Every credit to you dolmio and we will continue to enjoy your products at our meal time every night. 

  • When we went into lockdown, my daughter and her boyfriend moved in with us as they both lost their jobs. This has proved to be a wonderful time to strengthen our family bonds and mealtimes help with that. 
    My husband grows a lot of vegetable, so he brings in what he's grown and my daughter and I cook the dinners, having sat down together on a Sunday evening to plan the week's menus. We cook a wide variety of different meals, including cottage pie, salmon en croute, lentil lasagne and coq au vin. We make sure to eat as healthily as possible, for example we have fish at least once a week and a veggie meal twice a week. But we also have some lovely treats such as blackberry and apple crumble using the fruit from the garden.
    We use our meal times to catch up on what's happened to us during the day and the local and national news, as well as to discuss plans for the future.
    All in all, this enforced living arrangement has been a wonderful experience for us all.
  • We think it's important that we eat together as a family, around the dinner table together and all at the same time. We also make the same dinner for everyone. My children are fans on the Dolmio Creamy Tomato and Cream Mushroom sauces. Although, recently we have not been able to find the Creamy Mushroom and the children are gutted! We love to use these sauces to transform our pasta dinner dishes on a weekday after a busy day at work alongside the rush of drop offs and pick ups from school. They're quick and easy to make and you can jazz it up with a variety of things to go into or with the pasta. For example, steamed/roasted/mashed vegetables with a protein choice. A favourite staple of ours is vegetable tempura with Korean inspired chicken. The sauces give us time to sit down with my children and ask them about their day but at the same time, nothing is more satisfying than hearing them all go quiet and tucking into their dinner before the chaos resumes!
  • We are a family of 6 and our regular family dinners are always say together around the dinner table every evening around 6pm. We love foods from all over the world, but some of our staples are spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne, fajitas, Sunday roast, risotto, chilli con carne, sausage and mash, marinated chicken skewers, meatballs and pasta, chicken curry, pizza....the list goes on and on! Usually it is me, Mummy, that does the majority of cooking, but one of the children will very often com and help me out, either measuring spices or helping chop and peel. I really enjoy cooking for our family but my favourite part is when we all lay the table together, sit down and chat all about our day over a delicious meal. It's a perfect moment to enjoy our food and catch up after work and school 😊
  • My children always seem to be hungry so whilst I am cooking dinner I often have to prepare a snack to tide them over until dinner is ready 🤦‍♀️ 

    In this case their appetiser is usually fruit, and dinner is most likely two steamed veg with either mashed potatoes, fries, or potato waffles with a meat (chicken, fish, hamburger, or sausages) as the protein. Once a week will be pizza or pasta.

    i am happy they still like to chat over dinner and not get lost in electronics or television. They have good appetites, get plenty of fresh fruit and veg every day, and are engaged with me and each other.
  • We nearly always all eat together at the table, but there aren't many meals that all the family like. I often cook two separate meals, except for bolognese, curry, or pizza. If I cook separately, I try to make the meals similar, like my daughter and I will have steamed fish with parsley sauce and my son will have fish fingers. I always let him try some of mine to try to widen his taste horizons! 
  • I love chatting to my two young lovely sons who are like a ray of sunshine
  • A regular family dinner is always home cooked: my family loves different types of pasta with meat or vegetables, Dolmio sauce and side vegetables or salads. We always sit down together and share our day.
  • Dinner times are a time to cook together and talk about everything that has been going on during the day.  I really love this time of day 
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