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  • Following the death of our beloved Rainbow last year, at the age of 15, this year we took on a little stray whom we have called Milla. We didn't realise right away that she was pregnant, but she now has one kitten and is an excellent mother although so young herself. Needless to ay, we love them both.
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    I have four cats (this is three out of the four). My cats mean the world to me they make every minute of life more enjoyable and exciting, each one has they're on personalities which just makes me laugh the oldest one I have is a drama queen, the second oldest is shy, the second youngest is micheavous and the youngest is just a little cuddle bug who follows me everywhere. That's why I found it important to find high quality food the fits my cats life style  I've tried numerous brands to no avail of finding one each and every cat enjoyed till I found gourmet which has been an all round winner for their dinner, especially with their petitie pouches means there's no waste at the end of the meal 
  • They are lovely; so sweeet <3

  • Our silly cat Panda came into our life last July like a whirlwind! She was the funniest, craziest cat we ever met! But in the evenings she enjoyed a lovely cuddle and licking our hands  <3

    However, sadly at just over 1 year old she was knocked down by a car last month and unfortunately passed away. We miss her And her crazy antics so much!  :'(
  • Minnie is 12 now and has been with us since she was 9 weeks old - she now has a human sister & brother!  She's very intelligent and mischievous, but also getting a bit of an old lady - she likes her routine and is set in her ways!  
  • My baby boy dodger is me and my partners everything!
    He is playful cheeky and an amazing We love him so so so much and we treat him like a little prince!

    He can be on adventures outside!
    Dressed up all fancy for his friends!
    He even sometimes helps us make the bed!

    Whatever we do we always make sure that he is happy!

  • I have 5 cats,Kiwi aged 17 who we rescued off the streets,Carly aged 9 who we've had since birth,Benji and Holly aged 6 we had from kittens,Ajax aged 5 who I hand reared just half an hour old he was found on a neighbour's front path,they brought him to me and I've never let him go,we've had 7 cats in total,they all mean the world to me their part of our family,the joy they bring is amazing,they all have their own characters and have a good routine,my life would be empty without them,they've filled some time for me and helped me through a very traumatic time when my son passed away suddenly in 2014 aged 11. I couldn't imagine my life without any of them,I love animals but my cats are more than that,they mean the world to me. Their very loving they know when I'm not feeling so good and comfort me so much everyday is filled with purrs meows and fussy time.
  • My cat Miller is my first born and will always be my special boy! When i was pregnant with my first little one Miller stopped eating and was constantly coughing my hubby took him to  the emergency vets and they told us it would be for the best to put him to sleep. Luckily my husband argued with the vet and asked if there was anything else we could try.she adminsitered a injection and the next day he coughed up a massive fur ball and has been ok ever since (7years!). Am i so glad that he argued with her and didnt just agree with her recommendation otherwise hed have been put to sleep all over a fur ball! Id have missed out on so much with him! Hes such a cheeky rascal, hes constantly chewing on my hair and pinching any bits of food he can get his little paws on! We often call him cat dog as hes more like a dog than a cat with his antics! He once took a full popadom off my plate when my back was turned! We often laugh about that now! Hes just such a cheeky little thing and ultimately hes part of the family!
  • Our little, or not so little cat, Smudge, was our baby before we had our son. My husband still treats him like our baby, but I’ll admit when our son came along, poor smudge had to take a step back for me!! 
    It’s cute how my husband and Smudge have bonded though over the years, even when Smudge brings unwanted visitors into the house, my husband deals with it and then continues to cuddle him! 
    He’s a bit of a fussy cat and insists on his food being fresh out of the packet. He loves to sit on the tv cabinet and demand your attention too! 
    Here’s a picture of him when he was a baby and a little older. Both great sleeping positions! 
  • We got our little rescue Nico last December and he has been a god send. My husband has spent a 5th of this year in hospital and he has kept me and our son company during this time, sitting by me whilst I worked from home and being a little angel. I have never had a cat prior, but he came to us just when we needed him. We love him so much 🥰 xx
  • My cat Jessie is 20 years old I got her when I was in primary school, me and my son love her so much and is part of the family. She comes and sits next to me every night and it wouldn’t be the same without her. Since she got older she has been more clingy but wouldn’t have her any other way. 
  • I rescued Felix from a lady who was pregnant and was desperate to rehome him during late lockdown when cat protection weren’t taking any more in. He rescues me now when I’m in pain or feeling low with his furry purry hugs. He makes me laugh when he hunts his toys and zooms about the place at night. He made my daughter’s dream of having a kitten come true. He’s adorable 🥰
  • We have two beautiful Male cats Oliver and Rolo we had them a week apart from each other . Oliver was hand reared by the vets at our old practise he had been abandoned and found at two days old in a plant pot with his brother and his sister .Sadly his sister had died but Oliver and his brother were strong little kittens and Oliver must have know that he had a fluffy cat bed waiting for him in his forever home with his name on . We went to the vets with one of our dogs one day and we saw this tiny black kitten sitting at the desk with the receptionist.She said he cries if they put him back to his pen and his brother had been rehomed . I took one look at him and I knew he was going to be my little fluff ball . It was just convincing my mum was the problem or so I thought but his little face and big eyes had melted my mums heart too and that was it we went home with the dog and I called them as soon as we got home to secure him as ours . A few days later we went on a little shopping spree to get all the things for my first ever kitten.We picked him up that evening and He started off in his pet carrier and then he ending up me cuddling him in my arms down the country roads home . Since then he has been the cheekiest little boy he’s always up to mischief and he’s very vocal going up and down his cat tree he always gets the top spot on the cat tree you wouldn’t think looking at him that he’d had such a fragile start in life. We wouldn’t have him any other way . Our Rolo is a big fluffy Ginger striped cat he’s a gentle giant he has such a small little cry his mum was taken in to the rescue centre and he was born in a little Wendy house when he was a baby he us to lie around my shoulders like a scarf with Oliver lying on my knee the dog had to cope with just one half of my leg to lie on 😂. There absolute favourite food is the gourmet melting hearts they have them every day with biscuits and their purrs just melt our hearts, they enjoy every bite .Our cats are now 5 years olds their such different characters but there too very loved boys and comfort should be both there middle names 😂, they have more luxury than me hehe 

  • My cat is very special because she is the best thing that ever happened to me, she is the cutest and cuddliest person who is jus there whenever i need her, she is the best friend i have ever had and she always listens to my rants and makes my daye even better
  • we  got poppy as a resuce cat she was terrified pooed all over the place hid under the bed wouldn't come out. Terrified and jumpy at the slightest sound We sat near her spoke soffly for hours. 2 years later she sits in our living room with us at a distance watching us the other day she sat near me and I stoked her softly. I don't know what she went through but slowly slowly with love she is coming around 
  • My cat Pixie is the most amazing girl ever and a super mom. She has always been a people person and seemed to prefer our company instead of other cats but when she had a litter we saw the most amazing act of love. We had gotten another kitten who had been rejected at 5 weeks old and since Pixie was nursing. I took a chance and I will never forget the moment she started grooming that little baby like she was her mum all along. It really touched me. They are now inseparable. 
  • I have two cats, Sansa and Arya, that I rescued 7 years ago when they were 16 weeks old. They had a very rough start and took a long time to come around to domestic life, but having them as part of my family is something I wouldn't change for the world. As someone who has struggled with her mental health these two cats have given me a reason to get up in the morning, comfort on my worst days, and plenty of reasons to smile over the years. I was worried how they would cope with the birth of my son and suddenly having a noisy infant to contend with, but they've taken it in their stride and my now almost 2 year old adores them (even if they prefer his love to be quietly from a distance!). They have never once hissed at him, or shown anything but patience. My cats are so much more to me than just pets, they truly are my family. 
  • My cat is now 16 years old although he still acts like a baby. I got cat when he was 7 weeks old from a rescue centre my friend worked at. Even though he was in a litter with 6 other cats it was love at first sight and I turned to my friend and honestly said this cat need to come home with me and refused to leave without him. We have been together ever since Even when I went to Australia to work cat came along. My husband complains that cat is spoiled but I say he just knows his place in the world. 
    FYI my cat is called cat. 
  • Hi there! I got my my beautiful Freddie from a local rescue over 6 years ago. He had been horribly mistreated, and was afraid of everything. It took 9 long months before he would even sit on my lap. It took much longer to allay all his fears.

    Today he's a happy, affectionate, sweet boy, who loves his kisses and cuddles, treats and playtime. He needs lots of brushing which he loves so much, he ends up drooling down his chin. We really did rescue each other. I fixed him whilst he brought relief to my chronic depression. I can't bear the thought of life without him. Not ever.

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