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Tell Gourmet Nature’s Creations all about your cat and what they mean to you: £200 Amazon prize


Luxury cat food brand Gourmet Nature’s Creations would love to hear all about your cat and what your cat means to you. And you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for telling them.

Gourmet Nature's Creations say: “We know how much cat owners love and adore their cats, which is why, when it comes to pet nutrition, we don’t just try to meet standards, we strive to exceed them, creating the best luxury cat food for your feline foodie.. We believe in pampering and spoiling our purrfect feline friends. Each exquisite recipe is crafted to make any discerning cat savour every delightful bite. After all, your feline foodie deserves the very best!”

To be in with a chance of winning, please post on this thread (scroll to the text box at the bottom of this page) and tell Gourmet Nature’s Creations all about your cat and what they mean to you. If you’d like to share a pic of your cat, too, Gourmet would Nature’s Creations LOVE that. 

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 28/10/20, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

This discussion is sponsored by Purina Gourmet Nature’s Creations. Please note, we may request to share your comments and images with Purina Gourmet, and that comments and pictures you post here may be used by Purina in future advertising and marketing material. See full Ts & Cs here



  • This is our beautiful cat Trick. He joined our family a few months ago and has brought a whole new dimension to our family life.  He has such a funny, mischievous personality and loves nothing more than chasing toys and exploring outside for hours followed by cuddles every evening. Our children love him and they get on so very well. Our Jack Russel is still undecided but she doesn’t like anyone or anything really lol. He loves his food and is a big fan of Purina food. We feed both wet and dry food to him. My husband is a dog person and I’m so happy that he came round to the idea of having a cat as they are such amazing pets. 
  • I have four fur babies (Simba, Nala, Luna and Tabitha) who are most definitely a part of our family and not just pets. I had my cats before I had my little boy and was concerned about how they would react to a baby in the house but they have been great. They are so patient with him! Simba was the first cat we got and we affectionately refer to him as ‘King Simba’ as he has such a regal personality and loves to be the centre of attention. All of my cats are quite particular on what food they will eat. We have went through many different types of cat food and currently the only wet cat food they will all agree on is the seafood varieties of ‘Gourmet Perle’.  It has to be food in gravy never jelly for Simba in particular though! I’ve not tried ‘Nature’s Creations’ yet so will have to give it a try x 

  • We got our first two cats, Mandu and Astrophe, 13 years ago from a rescue centre when they were just a year old. They'd never been outside and were terrified but we lived in a flat and kept them indoors at first until they'd settled. For the first 6 months our friends and family didn't believe we had cats as they were always hiding! Soon after we moved to a house and they thrived. They loved being outside and sleeping in the sunshine. They've also become quite good at catching little 'presents' for us and over the years we've had the usual array of birds and mice as well as a few squirrels, a live goldfish, some frogs and a live woodpigeon which was quite a challenge to get back outside! About 9 years ago another cat decided he liked us and wanted to move in. After a few weeks of sleeping in the plant pots outside the back door, one day we found him inside and that was that. We called him Bob. My husband had never had cats before but now sees each one as an important member of the family. Each of the cats has their own personality and little quirks. Astrophe loves to sleep on my lap, Mandu absolutely has to have his dinner on time and won't let you forget it, and Bob will shout at you until you give him some fuss. Now we also have 3 year old and 1 year old daughters and the cats have accepted them as part of the family, although they do clear off pretty quickly when things get a bit loud! 

  • My cat means the world to me. He is the only one who understands me and knowswhen I need love and am feeling stressed. He has been my lockdown partner and he even goes over to my Mum and stays when she needs company. 
  •  My beautiful handsome Tom he’s beautiful natured  fussy with his food gourmet is he’s favourite when he wants feeding he’ll try to eat plastic to get attention he had a terrible massive hernia when tiny was touch and go because our big it was and his skin was thin he suffers cystitis especially if spooked or has a scare he’s under the weather dribbles example he laid   in the road flat on a hump luckily car stopped he ran in oil marks over him where got up run from under car his my baby 
  • Percy came into my life nearly a year ago, just a couple of months before my partner died unexpectedly. We hadn't had cats in years, but when a friend was looking for a new home for Percy and I showed a photo to my partner, he fell in love with him and the two of them became great pals fast. Now Percy is my best friend and we look after each other.
  • Our family cat is called Baggins. She is a beautiful tabby with a lot of mischief, boldness and affection.
    Baggins is well known in the village as she will quite happily follow anyone that gives her attention.
    She regularly appears on the local Facebook page on posts saying "this cat has followed us home" and "does anyone know who this cat belongs to". She also hangs about at the bus stop as she knows she'll receive attention and often chances her luck by jumping on the bus.
    Baggins loves nothing more than having a nap in the flower beds and can quite easily turn a deaf ear when she is called on even while shaking her crunchies tin.

  • My 1st ever fur baby!! Dobby 😍
    she has completed our family of 2 adults and 4 children. We are all madly in love with her, she loves cuddles, playing, she’s everything we want and more. 
    Couldn’t imagine life without her and we’ve only had her a month. The best month ever!! 
  • My cat is called Lucky and he is two years old. He came from a farm of feral parents and was only 6 weeks old. He is a real character and was once on the naughty step as he chewed through my washing machine waste pipe! He has lots of toys to play with and loves crawling under the rug to hide! He is a little nervous at times and does not like being stroked, but really loves me talking to him and sometimes he even appears to smile. I love my Lucky but I am the Lucky one to have him in my life.
  • This is my elderly 22 year old kitty Mickey. He was 3 years old when we adopted him. He is full of sass and character. He absolutely love his fusses and play time and is always very vocal when he wants feeding. He’s been with me since I was a teenager and he’s stayed with me and shared my journey though life. Getting married and starting a family , he was there through it all. He somehow instinctively knows when I need a cuddle or some company. He means the world to all of us. Him and the kids are literally like peas in a pod and he is very protective of them. He’s lost his sight over the last couple of years so is an indoor cat now but still goes out daily for a walk with his harness. We are aiming to beat the world record of the worlds oldest cat by many many years hopefully. He’s a true true joy and we would be lost without him. 
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    Our cat is called Chick. She belonged to an elderly neighbour who had to go into a home. Chick was left to fend for herself. She was so shy and timid, and would run away from any human. Eventually my daughter befriended her, and day by day she grew more confident, eventually coming into our home for food and shelter. Its now almost a year later and she's a cheeky, loving and confident kitty. But this is what makes her extra 11 year old daughter was going through a tough time at school. She would cry every day. When she and Chick formed their friendship, it wasn't just the cat that gained confidence. It's safe to say, they saved each other 
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    Hi me and my partner have Hamish he's a Maine coon he is 6 this December he is my baby he is full of sass it's his way or the highway but we love him for it he's my best friend he follows me everywhere watches and gives his vocal views on every job around the house he is the most playful cat I've ever had he is so fluffy and has a big personality he is part of the family and I couldn't imagine life without out him I've taught him tricks and he's just amazing my furbaby
  • Our feline family member is Mr Stampy cat. He joined.our household when he was 7 weeks old and he is now 6 and a half years old. From the day he was born he lived his snuggles with his cat mom and when he came to us his human mom.  He had and still has the sweetest nature ever . He has always been so good. When he joined us , when we went to bed we found he was going into spare room and sleeping on bed there , clever little sausage.  He has never to date tried to climb the Christmas tree but will happily sit under it and eat it. He also has a liking for eating tinsel so no tinsel in our house. He loves birthdays and Christmas and helping open presents. He loves to follow us down our track to the beach but isn't so keen on the sea. He helps out in the garden when his dad is gardening. Joins his dad under the car for mechanic lessons. He loves snuggling with his mom but his biggest love is food. Any food. He will sit patiently by his dish staring at it for 2 hours waiting for the treat fairy. He learnt at an early age to respond to sit when it's dinner time, but he thinks it's dinner time all time. He also loves to hunt. From ants to rabbits. Chomps on his rabbit for first course then comes in for dinner. He is now a 6.5 kg beast. Big ginger Tom. With the sweetest nature. I genuinely cannot imagine life without my sweet boy. He makes our lives so much fuller. And he's very modest.
  • The Stig Rescued at 6 weeks old from severe abuse, he was severely under weight and his previous owners had broken his tiny nose. He's now 5 years old and was recently diagnosed with Psychotic Epilepsy where he attacks his mum and dad and self mutilates, he's now on permanent medication which helps but will also drastically shorten his life. He is a happy cheeky little boy who makes us laugh every day with his antics. I taught him to sit on command and he loves a good old belly rub, he will only sleep in his mummy's arms, he has done this since he was a kitten. He is the love of our lives 💖
  • My cat is special because she’s been through a lot in her little life. She is blind in one eye and unfortunately only has  3 legs after being run over. Yet she jumps huge heights, plays, runs. She’s really resilient. She’s also the  boss of my two big dogs and keeps them well in control 😊 her name is misty she’s just lovely and happy as larry.
  • Our Toby is such a joy to us. He was a gift from my best friend after our old cat Tinker died. He helped heal our hearts a bit. He is not the most affectionate cat, he likes cuddles on his terms. He likes to get our attention by gently nipping our ankles or chewing on phone wires. He is a food fiend - he loves his Gourmet Mon Petit pouches (they are  the perfect size for him - no waste) - the duo ones are his favourite, and he loves his Dreamies and Temptation treats. He can tell the difference between a normal tin being opened and a tin of tuna (of which I always have to share!)
  • My cats mean lots of laughs, snuggles on tap. Look forward to seeing me when I come in. Cheeky antics. Boris is very photo mad, Doris not so much. A proper madam
  • these 3 are my babies Toby is 2 and a half.. tommy 8 months and Theo 9 weeks .. they are my best mates as I live on my own now 
  • my my beautiful Kiki cheeks saved me! She opened my eyes to the wonderful life of cats. she helped me battle my alcoholism and cuddled me during my dark days of depression. 
    I didn’t save her from the streets....she saved me x 
  • I've had my ginger Tom for 13 years and he's been a constant source of unconditional love and affection. He seems to know when I don't feel well or am upset and then makes even more 'fuss' of me. He also does lots of silly things that make us laugh. He is definitely  a member of the family.
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