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December 2017 Toddlers


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our December 2017 Baby thread, whose equally lovely babies are now turning one and heading into toddlerhood!

If you have a toddler (born in December 2017), do please feel free to post here, too, and join in. We'd love to have you! 




  • Hello all! Getting the notification that this thread has started made me realise I've not posted in an age. I'll have to head back to the Babies thread to catch up on news 😊

    As for us, Hector is doing well. He's still small (in 6-9 clothes) but he's certainly full of energy! Not walking yet but starting to stand unaided, does lots of cruising around furniture and walking with his baby walker. Is a bit of a speed demon when it comes to crawling! He loves to play with his big siblings but I do still manage to get the occasional cuddle. Admittedly usually when I'm feeding him 🤣

    We are in the middle of moving house and hubby's mum is just starting chemo so I've not made any plans for Hector's birthday yet. Probably just us with party hat's and a little cake 😍

    Hope everyone is well xxx

  • Omg can you believe its been a year! I can't.. I mean people say it goes fast but it really really does! My tiny little man isn't so little anymore and can nearly walk! Less than a month and he will be 1! Hope every one is well xx 


  • Almost forgot pics! He's a bit of a poser...




  • For his birthday it will just be us with some presents, we did want a photo shoot but I couldn't find anybody that's not charging the earth for one :(

    Omg Thuper I can't believe that's the same little man! He's changed so much! What a cutie!... Congrats on the house move and sorry to hear your mother in law isn't well :( xx

    I have a mri scan today and I'm really nervous about it... Iv had one before but I get really nervous when I feel trapped and like I can't get out.. Had an ecg yesterday as the whole thing is bacically them testing me for epelepsy. 

    Odin is fab, he's a cheeky monkey, always babbling away and pointing, he's so happy and smiley, loves his food and says hi to random old people sat in the trolly at the shopping center 😂 he is a character xx

    He still loves his rabbit Teddy 'baby' but there's another favourite thing..  The remote haha he takes it everywhere and sleeps with it some nights.. Stands waving it at the TV bless him xx 


  • Evening!

    As if it's been a year already! I stopped posting towards the end as it because more clear I wasn't having a December baby and I got right fed up! I ended up being induced, having an emergency section and the most beautiful daughter I could wish for on 11th Jan. We named her Eleanor and she is a funny, clever little bean. 

    Can't remember a second of life before her now. Hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas xxx

  • image Pic of the little monkey today with her uncle ❤

  • imageimage

    I can’t believe the group has moved to TODDLERS!!! I don’t know about everyone else but mines still a baby 😩😢 I’m not okay about accepting that yet 😂 I hardly get time to sit down atm to come on here and nose, everyone’s little ones look lovley though getting so big 😆 

    Heres an updated picture of my little Ava-Rose 😍 very proud mummy 

  • aww nice to see all the beautiful babies 

    ridgey im also not ready to be calling gracie a toddler shes staying a baby for a little longer yet 

    i agree with rebecca hectors changed so much he looks all grown up little cutie 

    we had gracies cake smash photo shoot today was not a hit at all ha she just kept trying to escape and didnt like the cake all stuck in her little toes will be intresting to see the photos 😂

    gracies birthday is friday we are just having a little tea party with her two cousins at home 

    1 already 😱 

    anyone put there tree up yet im holding off i think its going to be hard work wonder how many times it will be pulled over 😂 xx

  • imageimage

    Birthday bear 🐻 and Christmas tree up 🎄 he can't get to ours but doesn't seem inturested in it x 

  • yayyy you got the bear 😍 lovely tree and how ideal that odin cant get to it i think we are going to put ours up tomorrow

    gracies offically 1 years old now had a lovely day i am shattered now might have been that she was up at 4am wanting to be up 🙄

    some pics from today xximageimageimageimageimageimage

  • Awww bless her beautiful girl, love that dress she's got on the one where she's sat in the chair :D


    I just read your email again and our little ones get a little gift for us coming to chat on this page :D that's so nice! I can't wait, told odin but I'm definitely more excited!! 😂 Xx

  • *I just read the email we got again 

  • wow wow wow!! Can’t belive all our baby’s are 1 (nearly 1) aleady!! Where has the time gone!? 

    Happy belated birthday Gracie! Hope you all had a lovely day celebrating!! 🎂

    Our tree is up has been for a few days but being decorated today... Isla seems to keep pointing at it and touching it very gently so hoping the lights and decorations doesn’t Intrigue her more! 🙈 

    Islas started standing about by herself but only if she’s pulled herself up to stand or stood from sitting on something.. still not worked out she can stand up without pulling herself up & stand from the floor.. not sure if she will have that skill mastered by her birthday in two weeks 🤨 however she took an accidental step 2 day ago! 😂

  • Hi everyone, thank you all for coming and sharing your amazing pictures - we're thrilled to see all your babies (or toddlers?) - we can't believe how big they are and so grown up!

    Please do drop me a PM with your name and address so we can send you your toddler gift. 

    Now what's everyone buying for Christmas? 

  • Sent you my pm Danielle :)

    For Christmas we have got him a boy rag doll, a play table, a ride on bike that we push but then it transforms for when hes older, his birthday bear, some wooden toys, a beetbo rolling ball, some sensory toys, pop up farm toy, a walking roll ball thing that makes a noise when you push it xx

  • Happy belated birthday Gracie! 

    Lovely to see/hear updates on some of the other babies. I refuse to believe they're toddlers, I'm not ready 😂

    My Mum text me yesterday asking what to get Hector for his birthday and Christmas and I have no idea. We have so much stuff from the other 2 that he doesn't really need anything. So I've suggested some clothes so he has something to unwrap. Because let's face it, that's the bit he will enjoy, never mind what's inside!

    I think I will take him to Build A Bear though, that birthday bear is cute 😍


    Here he is looking serious in the trolley the other day, just because it makes me chuckle.

  • Hello everyone, been a while since I’ve posted, can’t believe how much our babies have changed and toddlers !!! He’s still my tiny baby, even if he is in 12/18mth clothes already !! Dalton will be 1 on the 12th December and we are having a little party here in the day, opening presents, then after his nap we will take him out for his favourite foods at a near by restaurant for tea, most of it will probably go on the floor mind !! He’s a little cheeky monkey, he’s always laughing and talking away, he can stand alone for a few minutes so those first steps are not far behind. I have my Christmas tree up, we always put it up on the 3rd December so Damon when he was younger knew it was his birthday the day after, he turned 17 on Tuesday 4th and he seems to think I should now pop it up on the 11th so Dalton will be aware that it’ll be his birthday the day after bless him. Dalton had his first cut the other week, I’ll have to pop some pictures up. Hope everyone is well. imageimageimageimageimage

  • image

    Does any body else have a climbing monkey? He's trying to climb everything! 🙈


    We got him this doll for Christmas but I left it out and he found it, he LOVES it he takes it round the house with him it's super cute lol


    Watching TV with it and gives it kisses 😘

  • image

    Found vegan ice cream so he can have it with is milk allergy.. As you can see he's very happy about it. 


    His hair gets alot of attention when we go out haha 


    Finally managed to get one of him stood up, has everybody done all there Christmas shopping yet? I finally got a spare hour and did a mad wrapping session last night.. I can think more clearly now I have gotten it out of the way, just 3 more thinks in the post to wrap then I'm all done.. Not got any Christmas food though yet, we are having our first Christmas together just us so we have to buy all the food for once lol what's everyone else doing for Christmas? Xx

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