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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3



  • We put Daniel in his room at 7 and he goes sleep when he wants we just leave him
  • Louise your a saint honestly the only thing that worked for us is tough love took everything off him no feeds in the night no dummy no cuddles and since we did that Ollie had slept so much better it only really took a few days for him to get us to it to. Oh and putting him a quilt on the bed. But all babies are different... I would love another one maybe when Ollies about 3/4 my husband will take some convincing but I think he knows it will be the best thing for us. 
    We took Ollie to the zoo yesterday the first 30 mins I thought we was going to have to go home. He was growing trantrums left right and centre wanting to go on all the play equipment but after that and some food he did enjoy it... was still hard work tho ... you have these expectation that it’s going to be a lovely family day all walking nicely and interacting and the reality is 5 tantrums in 30 mins 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Glad it was slightly better in the end Lillian! 
    Weve been thinking of putting quilt on the bed instead of sleeping bag but also trying to get him off bottle and give him milk in cup so don’t know if changing two things at once is a good idea. 
    Anyonr started potty training yet?
  • We’ve had the potty out and a few wees on it but now he’s getting abit scared so it’s going away again he doesn’t really know what he’s doing yet 
  • We’ve got a quilt on Charlie’s bed now I took him out of the sleeping bags when he started being able to walk around in them like a mermaid lol 😂 he wore the bottom out of most of them. 
    Aww look at him Lillian he’s such a cutie he looks like he was having bags of fun :) and waiting TIL he starts school will make it easier for you and your oh having them so close is hard I wish I’d had a bigger gap and I defo wouldn’t have one so close to Charlie I’m going to broach the subject when Charlie’s about 5 
  • Hope saoirse had a good birthday katt cnt believe in two weeks Charlie will be two he’s definitely got the terrible twos down to an fine art atm lol 😂 he was awake all last night he went to sleep at four this morning 🤬
  • Hope saoirse had a lovely day katt! 
    Hope you have a better night Kayleigh xx
    How are you all ok bincey  xx
  • When Ollie doesn’t sleep we put his iPad on and he’ll fall asleep watching it ... I know that’s really bad but it works 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Hope she had a lovely birthday 💕
  • I’m at work @Louise 111 it’s my poor oh I feel for he’s already asleep on the sofa has been since about 7 fingers crossed so far no sound from Charlie @Lillian2410 we’ve brought Charlie a amazon tablet for his bday so might be trying that anything to get some sleep 
  • Hello ladies, hope Saoirse has a lovely day. I’m so not ready for Joseph’s birthday. He isn’t taking to well to having a baby in the house. He does go to bed well and sleeps pretty well most nights, but he does watch the iPad during the day or after nursery. I’m not sure where the last 12 days have gone. But little lady is so good. Hope everyone is ok xx
  • Yeah that’s what we do ollie woke up at 3 the other night we stuck boss baby on and he fell back to sleep ... I need to put the lion king on there because he’s obsessed with it 
    she’s a beauty ... we have the telly on a lot in our house cuz I hate the noise of the cars passing by 
  • Bincey she’s beautiful! Joseph will soon adjust xxx
    Do any of the babies watch the song videos on pinkfong and cocomelon on YouTube? Charlie is obsessed with them!! 
  • Yeah we watch them ... ollie does all that at nursery too and he’s getting very clever ... he sings wheels on the bus, if your happy and you know it .. and more he’s even started to sing parts of the lion king songs it melts my heart ... we’ve took him out of nursery now full time and he goes twice a week while I’m off ... I hope he’s going to be ok with it as it’s a big change for him but I’m looking forward to doing exciting things with him 
  • Gosh Lillian I’m thinking about putting Joseph in full time 🤣🤣 he goes 3 days. 
    Thank you Ladies, she’s like a little doll. 
    Joseph loves coco melon, his favourite is currently ally ally oh. It’s so cute when he sings along 😍
  • Charlie loves all of them. He loves 5 little ducks. He’s constantly passing me the remote control to put it on
  • Great day today.
    Saoirse and her baby x
  • We have done it to save money too cuz his child care fees are close to 900 a month so if we cut it down the plan is to save that money to hopefully buy our own house next year.... we go Away next week and I can’t wait will be nice for Ollie to have his own seat on the plane too !
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