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July 2017 Toddlers - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the July 2017 Toddler - Part 2 group, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



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    Tagging so you can find this thread (apologies if we've missed anyone - please do tag them) Please don't forget to hit the green star next to the thread title to bookmark it. 

    @Lillian2410 @binceys_mummie @mummy to olly and Charlie @Dizzyd @katt1906 @Dizzyd @Louise 111 @Charliemurphy
  • Found it 👋 cnt believe how many threads we have lol is it sad I’ve reread the earlier ones pre babies seems like a lifetime ago 
  • Can't believe the babies turn 2 soon
  • Joseph seems to have grown up so much the last few weeks...I don’t like it so much
  • I feel the same ollie is really coming on ... we have the hospital with him tomorrow he’s been on two months worth of antibiotics and he’s really doing well on them fingers cross this is the end of it all 
  • 2 months of antibiotics! Poor Ollie! Has it helped him? 
    Cant believe they’ll be 2 next month 😱
  • Ollie is two in 16 days! And yeah he’s got to be on them three months but within the two months of us using them he hasn’t needed any other medications or inhalers which he was on serval times a day before.

    i think we might get him a trampoline for his birthday 
  • Hi ladies. Sorry not been on recently. 
    Bincey so excited for you!!! 
    Poor ollie but glad the medication seems to be working. Yes we thinking of trampoline too. 
    Katt glad you had a good holiday xx
  • Hope everyone else well too xx
  • Which trampoline do you like the look of Lillian? 
  • The boys have one of the junior trampolines and they really enjoy it and there not too expensive either. 
    Cnt believe Ollie and Charlie and nearly two :) is anyone doing anything I’m thinking of taking the boys to see a show somewhere I’d love to go in the night garden live again but it’s a bit far out. 

  • We are all OK so looking forward to my holiday first holiday in 2 years dreading it though as went on holiday last time and came back expecting I can't have another one just yet as just moved jobs.
    Hope eveyone is ok. 
    Good luck bincey. Hope u are also able to stay cool
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  • That’s crazy! I don’t know how they’re nearly two! So scary! Trampolines definitely sound like a good shout! 
    Hope you have a lovely holiday Charlie!
  • Hi everyone, just to let you know, we’ve just posted a review and keep competition for a Mothercare Tulsa high back ISOFIX booster seat, worth £120. To take part, you can find the thread in latest discussions
  • Any news Bincey?
  • No 😕 went in for a sweep on Thursday but she decided she no longer wanted her head in my pelvis and is now floating around again. Due Thursday and booked for 2nd sweep attempt. X
  • So excited for you bincey. Can’t wait to hear news xxx
  • Aww that’s so exciting fingers crossed 
  • Aww bincey I cnt wait to hear that she’s arrived 😍 makes me want another lol although I don’t think me or my oh could cope with a baby right now. Charlie’s come down with chicken pox now that ollys have gone so it’s been a long fortnight in our house 
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