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Hoping for a January BFP!!

Hi Girls,


I found out I was pregnant on the 7th Oct 12, At twelve week scan found out baby had died at 9 weeks, underwent medical Management on 6th Dec.


It has been a month today since the medical management and have been ttc since 14th Dec as thats when bleeding had stopped.


Fingers crossed!




  • Sorry to hear about that Missymoox. But I'm with you in the mission for a BFP this month. Think I'm due AF in 16th (hopefully it won't come), I will test around then. What about you? I have been trying since Dec 15th.
  • Im not sure when im due AF as went through the medical miscarriage on 6th Dec so just counting that as AF i guess?

    How long have you been TTC Tinkerbell007?

    Its been a month today since going through the miscarriage so do not have a clue when i shoudl expect AF or hopefully BFP!! 



  • Sorry to hear that missymoo, sending you big hugs x

    I had an early miscarriage on the 19th December at 4 + 6, we are ttc number 2 and also continued trying as soon as my bleeding stopped. I'm 3 dpo but am not going to test until after a week after AF would be due so past the point I lost the last one.
  • ^ Sorry to hear about that Micromonkey. You both are very strong woman and I'm glad you are trying again.

    It's probably sensible to test after a missed AF, early testing isn't always accurate.

    Missymoox, hubby and I decided to TTC on 15th Dec which is when I took my last pill. Had a withdrawal bleed on 19th Dec, so I should be due AF on 16th Jan. My birthday is on 13th, so will test then - I know this could potentially spoil my birthday if it's a BFN, BUT I feel quite optimistic that it will be a BFP.. Here's to wishful thinking! image
  • ooo wishful thinking yup image, what pill was you on?



  • Microgynon. Was on it for 10months before stopping. This is my first time TTC. image Thank you. xx
  • ooo if you dont mind how old are you?

    I was on cerazette for 3 and ahalf yeard stopped my periods completely, took me a year to get pregnant that was my first pregnancy but i suppose after 3 years no periods it would take a while lol xxx

  • I'm 25 Hun. What about you? My husband is a Dr so I get most advice from him- lucky I know! But not lucky for him, I'm always asking him a zillion questions, lol.

    You've been off it for a while now I guess so hopefully won't take long for you cycle to get back to normal.

    I've been having quite a lot of pregnancy symptoms already.. Like that infamous "gassy feeling", heartburn, cramps, itchy boob! I went to see my GP, he told me that the pregnancy test might not have picked up on it yet, but it sounds like these are pregnancy symptoms.. Told me to test again in about a week.. But I'll just wait a but longer.
  • im only 20 but OH is 26 image, yeah we are TTC straight away as apparently you are more fertile after a miscarriage???

    oooo sounds promising, with my miscarriage before i found out i was pregnant i had lightheadedness, feeling sick when hungry and weeing a bit more! lol

    fingers crossed a!! 



  • Oh ok.. I didn't know that. Well you look afte yourself. Get plenty healthy stuff in you too. And take folic acid. I take Pregnancare which not only contains folic acid but also the right amount of vitamins and iron that you need in pregnancy.

    I think I'm ovulating today (according to ovulation calender), however I'm away at the mo, not with my hubby so got plenty of "baby dancing" in yesterday morning and night, and the night before. Apparently sperm stays in the system for a few days so hopefully we'll be ok. Plus ovulation is not supposed to be seen as a "window", you have more of a chance then but that doesn't mean you can't get pregnant at any other time of your cycle. image

    Btw.. If you don't mind me asking, when did you start feeling symptoms in your last pregnancy?
  • I didnt have much symptoms tbh apart from feeling sick, sore boobs, weeing more and being able to stay up till barely half past 8 at night!! lol but ive got the lightheadeness again, not sure if its a early preg sign as dtd nearly everynight since !4th Dec barring missing one night one week and one night another.

    apprently it can live up to 48 hours cant it ??


  • If pregnancy tests were cheap I'd test almost every day.. Lol! I have to wait 11 days.. *sigh*.

    I had a bleed on 6th Dec-9th. Then I took 5 pilla from a new pack before deciding we want to TTC, so stopped on 15th, had another bleed on the 19th which lasted a couple of days. So I think I should go by that bleed.

  • I really dont know when to test as no idead to when AF is due?!?! lol


  • Hi ladies. We're ttc no 2. I had an ectopic pregnancy late Sept which resolved itself but took 2 months. We started trying as soon as bleeding stopped but missed ov the first month because of it. Am hoping for that bfp but trying to remain relaxed about it all!

    I'm sorry to hear about your losses. Such a hard thing to go through. Fingers crossed for your bfp's tooimage
  • Hi I am back ttc again too as I also miscarried at 12 weeks. I had 12 week scan on 5th dec and found the baby had died so I underwent medical management on 7th dec. I bled for about 2 weeks but I believe I ovulated on 26th or 27th dec and we managed to dtd so now in the 2 weeks wait. It's good to hear of other ladies trying again straight away.

    In the past I have been on cerrazette and microgynon. I conceived my youngest son after being on microgynon, stopped taking it 28 th December 4 years ago and conceived him 19th January but after his birth I was put on cerrazette and it took me 3 months to conceive then I miscarried image. I hope we all have good luck and it isn't too long till we hear of some bfp, it would be a wonderful start to the year image
  • Sorry to hear your news babypie.

    I'm in for jan too! Cd18. 3dpo. Just want to know already but trying to stay relaxed!

  • I can really say what cycle day I am on as not had AF since mc but I guess I am 7dpo which would make me cd21 roughly! I have quite bad pmt symptoms but not sure if that's good or bad as early pregnancy symptoms very like pmt but either way at least if AF arrives I know my body is getting back to normal.
  • Hey ladies.... image fingers crossed to us all. Have just found out that my best friend is also TTC so i deffo want to get in there first as now she is wondering if she should wait.... i know it sounds mean but shes only been married a year and i feel we are much more ready than she is.

    I have no idea when i OV as the last two cycles since being off the pill have been 50 days, so since 21st dec (last day of AF) we have been at it as often as poss and we will keep doing it till either AF arrives or day 50 comes and goes without anything happening. Im gonna try and look out for signs of OV like C.M. but will just keep doing it everyother day lol really want it to happen this month as the longer it takes... the longer i have to stay at my work (which i hate) ..... but you lovely ladies dont wanns hear about that lol

    Fairy Dust to us all

    *sprinkle sprinkle*

    Manda xXx

  • Hi. sorry to hear about your mc missymoo. I'm hoping for a bfp this month too, I'm on  CD17, 2dpo x 

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear of your loss also babypieimage. Fingers crossed for another bfp not that that takes away the pain.

    As for me I'm trying not to obsessively symptom spot but feel I'm failing!! I've been feeling nauseous on and off late afternoons and evenings for last 3 days, have had period type cramping pains and back ache. Period is due around 8th Jan. Have done test today which was negative so either too early to show or it's period pains or perhaps even late ovulation if cycles are up the creek after ectopic! Who knows! Seems unfair that so many symptoms are the same for any of the above. Time will tellimage
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