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Seven Seas trying for a baby Part 3



  • Hi Enmy, difficult one this I have always said that I would keep it quiet until I had the 12 Week scan (if I ever get there!) but I really wouldnt want work knowing I was trying so would only want to tell them when all was ok. 

    But if you have a good relationship maybe go for it, if you know someone else is trying you are more sensitive to the fact so it could be easier to tell her than not. 

    Sorry don't feel I am much help either xxx

  • Thank you ladies you are definitely helpful :-) 

    it's such a tricky one! they know I miscarried so it won't be a shock for them but yes I suppose why offer up the info when I don't need to yet xx

  • I would personally keep it quiet until you have had a scan to make sure everything is ok :) you don't want to have to go through the heart ache of explaining things again. We have told our parents and my sister and brother and his brother and a close friend each and that's it. My fella isn't telling his work until a week before out 12week appointment so he can book it off :) xx

  • That might actually be the best advice!!

    im just on folic acid this month as I think ss was messing with my cycle a bit. Mummy2littleman was it you who was just taking the folic Acid?


  • I am on a ban on who I can tell! My husband doesn't want everyone knowing till after 12 weeks, so I suppose I am also a little desperate just to tell someone! :-)

    I also just took folic acid, I stopped SS as I didnt think they helped and they didnt make me feel great. I also fell pregnant before just by taking folic acid.

    I made an appointment with the doctor though as I want to understand whether I should be taking any vitamins. I dont particularly want to take anything unless I have to! xx

  • Aah emmy that's good to know that you was on just folic acid. I don't blame ur hubby either. Tbh Im not gonna wanna tell anyone until 12 weeks (when it happens) my biggest problem will be work though. I will need to hold out as long as possible with telling them haha 


  • yeah I am finding it so difficult! plus one of best friends found out she was expecting the day before I did and text me in excitement and i can't tell her I am also expecting as my husband has really asked me not to. i would like to tell me boss but I will try and hold out.

    At the moment though I just keep getting waves of feeling sick. 

    Definitely try just folic acid though and also just dtd on the really relevant days. If you can get your other half to 'save up his boys' for 3/4 days as well then you know you are getting quality boys the day before you ovulate! xx

  • Okay. That sounds like a good plan.

    how long was u just taking the folic acid on its own before you got your bfp? 


  • I started at the end of last cycle so one cycle in total xx

  • I took plain folic acid about 3/4 days before I found out I was pregnant, since then I have been taking seven seas pregnancy tablets which my doctor told me was excellent and the best ones to take :) I didn't wanna tell anyone either but we have sworn everyone to secretcy :) xx

  • Thanks guys!! AF is still here now but started taking the folic acid tpray. I hope I get a bfp this month =[

    just wanna start a new chapter in my life 


  • you and me both Jessica I'm now in the two week wait AF due 2nd Feb, promised myself I wouldn't test early this month too! xxxx

  • good luck ladies!! Hope it goes fast :) and hope you get your bfp soon. massive fingers Xed for you xx

  • Thanks mummy2, I feel ok this month as we managed to bd three times in my most fertile days so I feel as though we have done all we can and the rest is out of our hands. xxx

  • Thats all you can do is try and hope :) xx

  • Hi ladies, 

    ive been reading this thread for weeks to catch up, so motivated by the bfps I'm seeing congrats to all!

    this is my first month ttc, came off pill in july but wanted to wait till the new year! I'm so excited but trying to be realistic as I know its but likely we'll catch first time. Just started the seven seas pills and bding every other day! Fingers crossed! 

  • Thanks girls. I have had a couple of people look at the test as well today and they have all said there is a line there! I'm going to test in the morning again with fmu and hopefully the line will be more visible. 

    Fingers crossed for u girls this month! Really hope to see lots of bfp!! lots of baby dust to us all xxx

  • Lovepink have you tested yet??

    me and the OH was watching to last night and an advert came on for the clear blue opks. He just looked at me and said oh god you're going to order them next, and I was like ummmm I already ordered them!!! Hehe

    men! I think he thinks it's just a wham bam thank you maam process! 

    Fingers crossed for this month


  • My ov sticks haven't come through the post yet but I got my basal thermometer. My temp was 35.5 yesterday. Bit low. But apparently according to ovia the temp drops before ov then rises when you are ovulating. Might have to go boots to get over tests.

    My AF finished has started. Hoping for bfp next month. Fingers crossed. Need lots baby dust. ..

    As for telling work hun, I would wait for 12 weeks scan. And work don't need to know where you're going when u book day off. 

    Good luck all. X

  • daisy I like this, AF stopped for me yesterday too. So at least we will have the 2ww around the same time. =]

    my sticks are due to arrive for Friday, but I've still got my cheapy ones at home too. Gonna use them until I get a positive and then my clearblues. 

    I'm going to London at the weekend so hoping the little break will help the process. 


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