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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • So AF has arrived on time for me☹. Moving on to the next cycle. Glad to know i can eat whatever I want for my birthday this weekend😊.  Fx for those waiting to test🤞. 

  • So sorry Giegie! It's horrible when she arrives. Hope you have a fab birthday! Eat and be merry. Sending hugs. XX

    Genebella I agree with what Giegie says and just keep DTD to cover yourself. Hope you're jollie goes well. XX

    9dpo and it dragging. Nothing to report, no sore boobs not even a cramp or twitch to obsess at least I'm having a symptomless cycle so far. I have wet milky cm but going by past cycles I can't count on cm at all. 

    Hope all is good with everyone else. Xx

  • Sorry to hear af turned up giegie, glad to hear you being positive and looking forward to your birthday and i hope you have a lovely day xxx

    its my mums bday on Saturday and we are going out, am i alright to drink alcohol around ovulation time? Since ttc the only time I drunk was after the miscarriage xxx

  • Thanks ladies. Keeping my fx for you all.

  • Hi guys thought the thread was really quiet didn't realise we had moved over 😂😂😂

    Also been feeling ill with a cold and working a lot recently so been quite spaced out 

    Anyhoo hope everyone is ok and going to have a lovely weekend 

    Hope to see some BFP really soon 😁😁 love you all guys xxx

  • Lol Trying you have an excuse...pregnancy fog 😂😂😂

    Hope you feel better and manage to get some downtime. Is your scan on Monday? Xx

  • Definitely got the fog lol and yes it's the scan Monday evening time both very excited and scared as it gets closer are you hunni? Xxxx

  • Hope it all goes well with your scan lovely. How exciting!! Keep us uodayeu, can't wait to hear how it goes. XX

    I'm ok lovely, just waiting to test or AF to turn up. Have a very symptom free tww which is nice as I'm not obsessing. I really want to this bfp!! Lol. Xx

  • When are you due the witch hun? Good luck hope she stays away for you and you get your bfp 🤞🤞 xxx

  • She due the 7th and going to try my best to not test. Thanks Hun. Xx

  • I bled a lot today to the point where my u date aer was wet earlier and I felt Uncomfortable and used a tampon as we were on a day tour thing and I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable. I bought a hpt once we got back to town just to rule out pregnancy and it came up negative and o can’t figure out what Is  going on. I have a private gp app next week so I’m hopinh they can shed some light on it for Me. 

  • Morning lovelies ❤️

    Genabella sorry I can't offer advice but wanted to say sorry you're going through this. Hopefully you're doctor will have answers. X

    10dpo for me and still nothing to report. Apart from this thin milky like cm. Here's a question...with faint bfp last month I had symprsym from the get go this month I have nothing. Can you be pregnant again with different symptoms??? Just popped into my head. Xx

  • Hope everyone else is good.

    Flowers with your question I'd say a little drink won't do harm. How many people get pregnant from a drunken Enjoy. Xx

  • Hi ss1101 thank you so much for your comments last month when I had my chemical. I’m am now on 8dpo and have similar symptoms so keeping my fingers crossed x

  • Hi Smith, hope you are doing well and lovely to see you back on here trying. FC you get your bfp this month. How are you feeling? Xx

  • Sas I think each pregnancy is different and can/does have different symptoms my boobs was the massive hint I was pregnant with my daughter but even though they are sore this time no where near as bad and I have days where I am completely symptom free and days where I feel like death hope that helps and good luck hunni xxxx

  • I’m a bit annoyed with myself for thinking about it so much but it’s so hard not to :( 

    I have had lots of cramps for the last week, and massive thirst! after last month I don’t know when to expect af as the dr said last month wasn’t a proper period due to the miscarriage. Going by my app it should be a week today...although that’s only my Fitbit app!  Xx

  • Thanks trying. It's all so very confusing! I'm trying not to symptom spot and here is am symptom spotting over having no symptoms. I'm mental 😂😂😂

  • It's so hard not to think about it and I've learnt that it is ok. I think we sometimes best ourselves up but it's just because we want it so much. I've heard lots of stories that you are extra fertile after a chemical. I think it's just a wait and see game if you're unsure about AF date. Hope the wait is kind to you .Xx

  • Thank you so much xx

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