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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Oh I’m so disappointed because I’ve got proper af pain now rather than the pain of had in my tummy last week :( at least when I have a proper period this month I’ll have more of an idea about next month, I’ll be getting back into the routine!

  • Hi Smith, did you use an opk for ovulation? Have you got any blood or spotting? It hard to tell hun, it could be AF coming, your body getting back to normal or implantation. As you said if AF turns up at least you know where you're at and can start a fresh new cycle. Sending hugs xx

  • Thank you lovely :) I did use some cheap internet ovulation tests and got a positive 25th so last Friday. Then Tuesday I had the tiniest bit of light blood when I wiped (sorry tmi) which I’ve never had so that got my hopes up but I did a test this morning and it was negative. Do you think there’s any chance its just too early? I’ve had so many pains all week but today feels like af :( x

  • If you got a positive opk and you're 8dpo then it does sound promising but then I'm not sure how your body would be after chemical. Although I've heard that lots of women cycles hi back to normal straight away. 8dpo is early to rest so you're not out yet Hun. Xx

  • *to test

  • I think as long as there's no red blood with pains you're not out. Xx

  • ok I’ll try not to panic and just see what happens, will keep you updated. Thank you so much xx

  • It's hard to relax, I the queen of looking into things! Although I have gotten so much better than I used to be. I'm 10dpo so it a little bit ahead of you. This is a lovely forum, the girls are fab and I couldn't have got through many months without them.  Come on here and chat anytime. Xxx

  • Oh definitely!! It’s brilliant, it’s so good to know other people are in the same situation!! 

    How are you getting on this time? when will you test? Xx

  • I'm feeling ok this cycle so all good. I'm planning on waiting until day AF due to test, so thursday. Although I may cave and test at 12dpo. Xx

  • Happy birthday Giegie! Hope you have a lovely day. Xx

  • Help!!!

    Hi anyone see a line on this test?imageimage

  • Sorry Sam but I don't see anything maybe test again in few days xxx

    Happy birthday Giegie have a lovely day xxx

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend xxx

  • Thanks! 

    Yes i will have to wait Anyway. As i  have no more tests left and have ordered some more which will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday! 

    Fingers crossed!!

  • Hello everyone, it’s cold isn’t it?! 

    sending best wishes xx

  • Sam I didn't see it but it could be just early. GL!

    Hi trying hope you're well hunni. Can t wait to find out how scan goes tomorrow!!! XX

    Morning Smith, it's definitely wanting to sit in PJ's all day weather but have to go and do some shopping. Although I do have a nice pair of new PJ's waiting for me at how are you feeling today? X

  • Aw lovely :) 

    we have come out for a greasy fry up which is naughty!! 

    ive still got lots of pain which is making me feel like af is coming but jmust waiting to see, what fun! X

  • Just! 

  • Enjoy your fry up!! Sounds lovely 👍

  • Hi Ladies, Thanks for the birthday wishes.  My day was quiet just how I like it. And thank goodness AF behaved herself-no painful cramps. Went to a Japanese restaurant and ate my fav dishes. 😎😋😁.

    Welcome to all the new lovely ladies, hope your TTC journey is short🤞🤞.

    Keep us updated with your scan tmrw Trying. I'll be amazed if you don't cave at 12dpo Sas😏. Looking forward to you testing and 🤞 af stays away. 

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