Hoping For A BFP In March <3

hey guys <3 its that time again to start a new monthly group <3

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please tag the ppl i forgot <3 welcome to Make A Baby March <3


  • good morning beauties <3 the chills just started badly tonight :(
  • Hi xx
  • @LouTTC83 morning love 💖 
  • @Catlady220 the chills? 
  • My temp went from 35.91 to 36.09 this morning, still low but let's see what happens tomorrow. I just can't ovulate later than today since the last time I bd was on Wednesday night.  And won't bd till Monday again 
  • @Catlady220 thanks love, *sigh* month 10... 
  • AF arrived. 30 days after MC started. Back to normal I suppose. My partner really upset me other day saying should we bother trying again 😢 said he wants to do what makes me happy which I understand but I feel like I'm alone in this now xxx
  • Morning everyone! Let’s hope this is our month! 🤞🏻

    @TTCnumero2 oh I can understand exactly how you feel, although my husband wants another one just as much as I do, he doesn’t seem too bothered, has the “it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen” attitude, I feel like he doesn’t understand how devasting it is for me when AF arrives and I too sometimes feel like I’m alone in this but it’s just that men (not all!) are simply not programmed to understand and feel the way we do about this as it all happens to our bodies and it’s the women who go through the emotional and physical turmoil. Don’t ever feel alone, there’s loads of lovely ladies on here who are here to help or just for you to vent at ❤️

    I am now CD5, last day of AF and if I’m completely honest, I really can’t be bothered with all this trying right now, I started bbt last month and was really excited and now keep “forgetting” to take my temp in the morning (actually just cba) it just seems like it’s gonna be another long disappointing month! Oh well, will have to go through it all to get our beautiful end result ❤️

    Sorry for long post, I kept myself away during AF as I’m a miserable moo when I’m on and just thought id let it all out now.

    Hope everyone is doing well and holding up wherever you are in your ttc journey 💖
  • @Alannah786 thank you for your kind words. It has helped me. I think I'm still upset over my MC after trying for 9months to have that happiness and it to end has broken me as much as it has other ladies. I think I need something else to focus on to take the stress away xxx
  • Morning. 6dpo today for me. Hope everyone is well. 
  • @TTCnumero2 yes definitely find something to take your mind off things for a while even take a little break away from here and before you know it you’ll have your little rainbow joy 💖

  • Hi everyone,

    good luck for everyone this month!

    i was just wondering if anyone has done BBT whilst working days and night shifts so definitely unable to take temps at same time.....wondering if it’s worth doing if unable to do at the same time and if the information will help at all.

    been of BC since November and still waiting for AF to return

  • Hi everyone, might join into March too..hoping to ov in next week or so. Good luck to you all this month!x 

  • Hey everyone! Thanks @Catlady220 for starting new post for March. Just plodding along at CD 6. AF done. Opk low.

    Good luck to everyone this month!

  • ok i hate being super hopeful bc i honestly have a gut feeling that this isnt my month BUT my chart is very similar(2dpo is technically inaccurate on the purple but i left it anyways bc it didnt make a difference) to last months chart except the temp pattern seems to be 2 days early.......i also have a weird tugging feeling on my ovaries?......im trying to ignore everything this cycle my best but UGH its so hard

    @Jtk96 yes feeling soooo cold n not being able to warm up.....i had it twice last cycle....i didnt mark it but i had one night before 7dpo and one at 7dpo(i only know bc i went to my moms both nights it happened but shes old n her heat is always blasting) and last night my heat was on 75F so it was just me n hubby kept saying it wasnt cold :neutral:

    ugh i never thought this would be the hardest cycle lol.....feels like the first month all over again
  • it so quiet
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for you @Catlady220 💗
  • So all my symptoms seem to have subsided except what I found out ppl call "lightning croch", frequenter peeing, and fatigue......makes it wayyyytt easier to relax
  • @Catlady220 my fingers are crossed for you, but lightning crotch in relation to pregnancy really occurs in the third trimester because of baby’s head being in position. I’m not sure about it being a symptom of pregnancy at 6dpo
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