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Hoping for a BFP in April!! Whose with me?

christy annechristy anne Regular
edited Apr 1, 2020 4:14PM in Trying to conceive
hi i have a 2.6years old daughter and i decided to try to conceive again for a second baby.whose with me? im cycle day 4 today so i have about 10days more for ovulation and im already feeling excited!


  • Hi @christy anne How are you doing? May I join you please? I looked at your thread a few days ago and I hoped that I will not need to be here, but after an epic and very unusual 35 days long cycle (normally 26 days), AF arrived today, so here I am, hoping for a BFP in April. 
    8 more days until ovulation then for you? Do you have a 28 days cycle then? I think I will ovulate around the 13th, so BD will start around the 8th. 
    How long did it take to conceive your first child? 
    Best of luck to us both! ;) 
  • Hi ladies. I am 10dpo, AF is due on Sunday. Have ordered FRER which will come tomorrow. Not really had many symptoms apart from being really tired but was the same with my last pregnancy, took until about 6 weeks for them to kick in for me. Had a MMC in February and have had a cycle since so just crossing fingers now! 
  • Hi ladies,
    I'm in (I think!)
    We had a mmc back in Dec, and I have pretty much bled continuously since the D+C in Jan - It's been pretty hellish. However I now seem to have stopped bleeding completely bar a tiny bit of brown every so often when I wipe. Went for another scan to check things around 3 weeks ago and they said my uterus and womb lining were healing nicely and very even (what an odd compliment haha) And the retained products were just 7.5mm in measurement so it was classed as a complete miscarriage finally!
    Due to all of this, we are taking a beyond laid back approach this month. just trying to BD every 2-3days or so throughout the cycle as I have no clue what CD I am due to the long bleed. @Remedios sorry AF arrived - treat yourself to a nice glass of wine tonight! @Fairycakes88 Sorry to hear about your MMC xx
  • Sorry about the MC @Fairycakes88 & @KL10! Let's hope that things will get back to normal and we will all have our BFP soon! Let's bring on the Easter EGGS! :D Cheers to a new month, fresh start, hopes and dreams! xx
  • Hey everyone! Good luck to you all, I hope to be in but tbh I’ll take being in for a period at this point! Today is cycle 122 since my withdrawal bleed! 
  • Hi ladies! Mind if I join in?
    Started TTC last September and unfortunately had MMC at 9 weeks at start of January. On 2nd cycle since original MC cycle now. I’m CD12 and on second day of flashing smileys on CB OPK so hoping for ovulation in the next few days. 

    I recognise a few of your names from other threads

    @christy anne is this your 1st cycle TTC? 

    @Fairycakes88 so close to it normal to be jealous of someone who’s so far into the TWW😂 hope you’ll be showing us 2 lines on that FRER🤞

    @KL10 that’s good ur finally getting back to normal. You’ve really been through it.

    @Remedios I love ur take on the Easter EGG😂
    cheers and baby dust to you too and to all of you!
  • Hi everyone. I got a peak on ov test today and have signs of it so expect to ovulate tomorrow. I had a miscarriage nov and had only just come off pill and we were barely trying- typical! Af due 15th april, another long cycle for me as mucked up after mc! How are all you ladies doing? I'm now In official 2 week wait  x
  • Hey everyone! I’ve got a 9month old baby boy and I’ve just got my periods back after having him due to breastfeeding! It’s my second cycle and we’ve been using clear blue smiley face ovulation tests and I’m on my second peak day today, so tomorrow I will enter the TWW!! Anyone else in the TWW??! 
  • LuckyLeonie123 said:
    Hey lucky! I could have written this myself regarding the tests and when your periods due! We’re cycle buddies, sending lots of baby dust your way and sorry about MC xx
  • Ah yay we are cycle buddies!! When was your last period? X
  • And congrats on baby!! X
  • Lucky, Thank you 😊. My last period was 15th March xx
  • Mine was 10th march. Last month I had 27 day cycle and before that 37! My body defo confused after mc! Annoying as I used to be like clockwork x 
  • I was like that when ttc my son, my cycles sometimes we’re going on 50 days some months nothing at all! Then they came to around 30 something days and that’s when I fell pregnant. There around 32 days now, although this is only my second period since having my son. Yes my periods are nothing compared to how I was, or how I was on the pill or patch! Since coming off the patch before having my son they were rubish! Two days max and not really what u would call a period at All! Very light.. so I was surprised when I fell pregnant! X
  • Oh wow 50 days! I'm just hoping I conceive soon but worried mc have mucked things up!  X
  • Fingers crossed for us all this month 💜💜
  • Morning, defo! When will you test?
  • I'm also hoping for a BFP this month ! I conceived the 24th of March so hopefully I get my BFP this month I wish all you ladies the best and hope we all get to see that positive this month 
  • Morning! Well I’m hoping to wait until my missed period, around the 16-17th or something! But saying that, I’ll probably give in and start testing on 13th (12DPO) what about you?? X
  • @Ellarose22 good luck to you!!! Fingers crossed for lots of BFP for us all xx
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