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Hoping for a BFP in August 2020



  • @Emmagem oh gosh, that's rubbish that your husband ended up not being allowed in with you. It was 9.5 years ago that I had my youngest, but it wasn't known about really at all at that point. It was only because I knew an antenatal teacher who was also an aromatherapist that I spoke to her about natural remedies. I was booked for a birth centre birth but it closed when I was 37 weeks, and as I refused to go to the main maternity hospital (it's like a conveyor belt) I decided on a home birth. The antenatal teacher told me about hypnotherapy so I bought the cds as soon as the 12 week scan showed everything was ok, and she told me about the local home birth group, which I attended and found was full of women into alternative therapies. 

    I watched home birth diaries when it was first on the TV, and I've been watching them again on YouTube. There's been a couple of women who had VBAC and VBA2C at home, so if you researched it and went ready to be strong and give your informed choice they'd accept it. They may try to make you change your mind, but if you're forceful and stand by what you want it's ultimately your decision and they can't stop you. I'm ready to argue my decision with them next time about having a home birth because they'll class me as high risk due two being an older mum plus my last baby being born over 10 years before the next baby would be due.

    Hi @Fairycakes88, nice to hear your update. Fingers crossed for a quick and positive 2ww for you.

    @EmPa hi. That's good that you've got your toddler to distract you from testing 😊 I've had more than one child and I have definitely shown quicker with each one.

    @RiaMushk it took the first month to conceive my oldest daughter, and 4 months to conceive my youngest. Yes, the day before ovulation, according to the Shettles method, is too close to ovulation for a girl. But there are other people who disregard the method completely and say the opposite. It worked with all my children, so I can only go from my own experience. Modern scientists on The Great Sperm Race also say that boy sperm are faster and girl sperm are slower but stronger. Which is what the Shettles method is saying.

    Ooh, scary teaching the full hour class with your mentor there. Yes, definitely pretend she's not!

    @Mary58 good luck this month! It's definitely difficult with other children around. Teenagers are even more difficult as they stay up so late. We were almost caught out last month 🙈

    @Smilla86 it absolutely is the sisterhood of the travelling sperm 😆

    Ooh, that's definitely a line @Lexcy95, so congratulations! 👏 x
  • what is the best app to track things on - everything is giving me different dates of when im fertile etc! haha i think im ovulating but some say another 2 days etc - im horny as anything, ive got watery CM and i feel very hot not actually taken a temp check - we have BD past two days and i still want more haha! any advice on an app would be fab! 
  • hey ladies, can anyone see anything, due AF on saturday so still bit early but I'm sure there is something there just not sure if evap :neutral:
  • @Ashwee2428 I'm using fertility friend for charting temps, cm, cervix and other signs and I'm using the Premom app to input my opks.

    @Mama2louie I'm sorry, I can't see anything. X
  • @HippieMama4 hmmm very interesting! I might try it this month... the theory I read up on and purchased (it came with a diet plan, which I’ve given up on as it’s the most boring plan ever lol) said that girl sperm thrive in acidic cm. and the most acidic cm is the cm released just after ovulation. So they recommend catching the egg literally on o day! 
    But I’ve seen so many people write about their success with the shettles... guess we will never know! So I will have to bd every day up until perhaps my OPKs start showing dark..: or up until I get a positive, otherwise I’m not going to know when I actually ov! 
    Also thank you so much for the YouTube yoga recommendation, I’ve saved A few of her videos for the 2ww and definitely going to do them, she seems so calm and reassuring too, I know it’ll do me good! 

    @Lexcy95 that is 100% a line, congrats!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳
  • @RiaMushk I heard about them surviving in different sperm but couldn't remember which was which. Ooh, that's different to the other method then.

    Yes, I think that's a good idea about bd up until you get a dark/positive. 

    No problem re the YouTube recommendation. I love that she's so calm and that she does meditation ah well as a little bit of yoga. If (when, positive thinking) I get pregnant I'll move over to the prenatal yoga videos. I found some Psyche Truth ones that I was doing last time I was pregnant. They were half an hour long each, which was enough as I'd only just restarted doing it again and I didn't want to push it too much.

    I've had a real and a high fertility on my opks today. They don't look very dark, but I don't know if it's the light when I upload them onto Premom as I'm real life they're darker. I've told dh we need to bd for the next 3 days (as per the SMEP, but I didn't tell him that bit) and he is shattered just thinking about it 🙈🙄 We managed last night, but he has such a low libido it's a nightmare! X

  • @Lexcy95 definitely positive! Congratulations xx
  • @Mama2louie I'd try a pink dye test see if that makes things any clearer. Good luck x
  • Thanks ladies for your comments ... to think it's been 16 months we have been trying to conceive until just now after seeing the doctor n taking clomid....i don't have much patience thought I was going to lose my mind really ..... I cried every night all alone .. Being newly Wed n young (only 25) .. Going through the constant negative tests... I was even scared to be happy without knowing what others thought cus I didn't want to be imagining things.... So thank you
    Baby dust to you all
  • congrats @Lexcy95

    work up this morning with crampy pains on my left hand side. Trying not to be obsessed or think about it, it’s my first month off the pill and I’m not hopeful but I’ve become too obsessed already. 

    Gunna bd tonight aswell hopefully I’m tiring my partner out he’s a lot older than I am haha xxxx
  • @Lexcy95 congratulations xxx
  • @Lexcy95 i can see a nice line too🥰xx
  • @Lexcy95 congratulations 🥳 xx
  • Good morning ladies! Hows everyone? I have a quick question! Has anyone ever experienced metalic taste in their mouth? I've had it since last night... I remember reading it was a symptom during my first pregnancy.. i dont understand what it could be!
  • I get it every month between ovulation and af, let's hope yours is a sign xx
  • @RiaMushk I am so prone to panicking too! I would love to have a Vbac and just to have that experience. My emerge c-section was not a bad experience for either, the only thing is I really wanted to get through birth and be the first to hold him but with the c-section I was the last to hold my son.

    Sending you lots of girl energy! I have a feeling I will have a girl plus a I have had 3 mediums tell me I will have a boy and a girl, I already have my boy!!

    @Lexcy95 congrats! That is a dark line!!

    @HippieMama4 they said he couldn’t come in because I was put under.. not sure why that was a rule but that’s what they said..

    A home birth sounds amazing, I don’t know that I am brave enough to do one though lol wishing you the best home birth when that time comes! Im sure everything will go great and you know what is best for you!!


    I got my happy face on my Clearblue digital yesterday! So its go time for me!! lol I was kind of shocked since its only CD 12 for me yesterday but I did get my LH surge! Hoping August is my month!!

    Good luck to all this month!!!

  • @Emmagem lots of people say it's brave, but it feels so normal to me. You're statistically safer to birth at home than in a hospital if you have a low risk pregnancy. And what the hospital deems high risk isn't always high risk, it's often just what's more convenient for them. Plus you have 2 midwives there just for you, not popping in and out to see other people, literally there for you the whole time. 

    That's brilliant that you got your happy face on your digital! It's weird that you got your surge on cd12 and that is early for you, me too. Yesterday Premom said that I was having my peak at cd12 as well, but since inputting more tests today it's changed it just to high. It looks to me though, like I've had my peak this afternoon judging by the darkness of the test line compared to the control line, but I'll do another tonight and see what that says. It's logging me as 1dpo but my temp was still low this morning! It's so confusing! X

    I've attached a collage photo of what it said yesterday, and what it's changed to today. You can clearly see the darkness and numbers getting higher as I go on, so I don't know why it doesn't say peak today and why it's telling me I'm 1dpo!! 

  • This is what fertility friend is saying:

  • Side note: I have been taking Estrosmart plus for just over a month now and I have ovulation pain today! I'm actually kind of excited about this. Im waiting for my last blood test to see if I ovulate or if my body has "forgotten" from being on depo prevera for so long.
    Ovulation pain in my right side was a happy surprise today, makes me think I might be ovulating since havent had the pain in years!
  • That's brilliant that you've had the ovulation pain! It is exciting to feel it, as its it's a bit of physical confirmation alongside charting that you've ovulated 😊 x
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