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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @BethO I am so so sorry, I remember you from ttc May, that must have been so so hard for you. The only positive I can say is that you were able to get through it without an operation, and seems you are ready to ttc again. Sending lots of love and really hope you get your rainbow baby quickly 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    @HippieMama4 lovely to hear from you 🙏🏻❤️ I’m CD3 so AF came for me again... onto my 5th cycle now so getting a little impatient but feeling positive and reminding myself to trust my body and the universe!💫
    that sounds lovely by your chaplain. I really regret not taking our baby home. We chose the baby crematorium (I think?) and it said they give the baby a service, or sort of read something whilst being cremated. But I just wish we had asked to bring him/her home. I would have much preferred to take them home and have somewhere I can go and grieve when I want to. 
    But anyway, I would take the chance if I were you. Makes me upset knowing we weren’t there during it. 
    When are you due AF? 
    I’m due 16/17th of Sept. got the clearblue ov digital stocks this month and conceive+ but mostly keeping on top of my yoga, meditations and eating well! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • @HippieMama4
    I lost my little boy at 16 weeks in May. We opted for the hospital burial in the little angels plot in the local church. We were also given the option to take him home or cremation. 
    They rang me at start of August to tell me the burial was on 12th August. There would be a few words said and then the burial would take place. 8 little babies together. From day 1 we were going to the burial but after that phone call I cried all night for 2 nights. I knew it was too much. There already too much going on in my head. My husband was worried about me. I couldnt stop crying. 
    We made the decision not to go. Instead we went down for the weekend to visit his wee grave. Took the weekend to spend together ( I had him in a hospital 4 hrs away due to covid here at the time) and mark it how we wanted privately and in our own time. 
    As soon as we were at his little grave I knew we had 100% made the right decision not going. We remember him how we seen him in hospital after we had him and the time we spent with him. 

    You need to do what feels right for you and your husband. There is no right or wrong in these situations. You will find the strength when the time comes if you know in your heart that its something you need to do. 
  • I just want to say that I love you ladies even though I don't know you, you are all so supportive and everytime I come on here i am reminded of human kindness and compassion. 
     You all really do lift me up in these months of stress and madness, thank you all xx 💕 💖 
  • @HippieMama4
    I also lost my little boy at 16weeks with a missed MC. Myself and my partner both didn’t feel we had the strength in hospital to see him we went through the process I needed at the time and was just taking it one step at a time. The heartache was just too much to the find the strength back then. We both decided we would remember Francis as we named him how we see him in scans.

    we had a cremation for Francis which was all organised through the hospital, myself hubby and 25 members of our family attended, we chose 2 songs to be played for him and the service was beautiful. Francis is now home with us, we collected his ashes and has his very own planter in our garden. We chose this as it’s somewhere for us to sit with him, our children to sit with him and when I feel I need to grieve I can also feel him close to me. 
    As @Ada34 said there is no right or wrong decisions in these situations it’s what you have the strength to do and go through at the time. 💕x
  • @Smilla86 what a lovely message. Welcome 💕 when times are hard for each of us it’s such a lovely feeling to know we are not alone and can all support each other 💞 
  • Hi ladies, I haven't written anything since the group was first made..  been so busy. Im so sorry for all the losses... I can't imagine how tough it would have been. 

    Af is due in 10 days for me... I don't really know when i ovulated to be honest... Probably at some point between Thursday and yesterday haha. I only use and app to track my periods... I dont temp or use opks... We honestly didnt bd that much.. we did thursday and last night.. we've just had so much on we honestly didn't have time or were too exhausted! We'll probably be out this month. 
  • Im CD1 here again 😑
    AF arrived right on time this morning but I wasnt tracking, just leaving it to chance with plenty of bd'ing 🙈 so onwards and upwards for this next cycle. 

  • @Ada34 so sorry lovely, hope you’re feeling ok. Reset and refresh ready for the next cycle 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    @EmPa you May be surprised!! Fingers crossed for you 🙏🏻 Hope the 2ww doesn’t drag xxx

    @Smilla86 😘😘 everyone is so lovely aren’t they! It is honestly my sanctuary, saves me from over spilling out to anyone else 🙏🏻

    @[email protected] I didn’t realise you were hoping for a rainbow baby - sending lots of love 🌈💖 rainbow baby dust coming your way xxxxxxx 
  • Does this look like an invalid test? 
  • @Laurawilson. Its rather strange looking. 
    Id say you be better doing another one either way

  • @Laurawilson it looks invalid to me sorry.

    @Kylie1987 thanks its just keeps me going when I just want to quit, last weekend I was just like sod it maybe I should just have my hysterectomy and be done with it, but now I'm like no i can do this haha
    @RiaMushk yes its a great support group 

    Well I'm cd9 I've had 2 short cycles 23 or 24 days I know I shouldn't complain as the wait is shorter but feel like I'm bleeding all the time haha xx
  • @Smilla86 you can do this, with all the help and support your get there lovely. I’m now 1dpo and this tww is going to kill me... we bd’d right on my peak but unfortunately didn’t get as much in around it as we wanted to. I personally don’t think it was enough. My peak was Sunday 9:30pm and we bd’d then, however we didn’t yesterday nor did we Saturday the day before peak. I’m now worrying it’s not enough 🤷🏻‍♀️😔 
  • @Laurawilson not a clue what that is! Definitely take another one, however annoying it is to be wasting money but that test looks like it’s been out on the razzle!! 

    @Smilla86 ahh i have short cycles at 25 days, sometimes 24 or 26. It is nice not having to wait too long but also feel like I’m always in two groups cause I sort of cross over in the month haha! 
    I’m cd4 so a bit behind you. Due to ovulate CD13 and AF due on the 16th of September roughly. 

    Anyone else in here due AF around the same time? 

    @[email protected] I know the feeling but honestly all it takes is one pump! (Scuse the wording!) 
    Even when I’ve tried bding like 4 times in the fertile week still nothing happens so 🤷🏻‍♀️ - I think when I conceived my son it was literally once, twice at the maximum during the fertile window so it really is enough! 
    Fingers crossed your 2ww goes nice and quick xxx
  • @RiaMushk thanks so much for the reassuring words. That’s is very true I think it’s cos we could of done more and we didn’t do more for other reasons it’s playing on my mind a little, actually a lot! 😬 I didn’t track with my other children just went with it. It’s when we want something so much we put so much pressure on ourselves don’t we. X
  • Hi ladies I’m new here, 

    im currently 5 days late, and I’m 18 dpo and I’m CD 36. 

    This is honestly the first time I’m tracking anything, I fell pregnant back in may of this year and it ended in a miscarriage, after that my periods were regular again, I’ve taken at home pregnancy tests and they just keep coming up negative so i definitely feel pregnant but I’m not sure, AF usually is on time and I have some breasts and cramps usually a week before AF hits and that hasn’t happened yet not sure what I should do? Any advice. 
  • Ladies I have a weekend away coming this Friday - Monday whilst away it’s a birthday celebration I’m already worrying about having a few glasses of wine? Can anyone send some advice. Should I steer clear completely or would a few glasses over the weekend be ok? X
  • Currently 1dpo 
  • So I usually ovulate on the 31st and 1st it’s been like clockwork since I lost my twin girls. I know we need to BD 31st, 1st, and 2nd but should we do any more before or after? I want to be successful this month. I heard too much BD is bad. Advice? 
  • @RiaMushk
    Im CD1 today. AF be due again not long after you on the 20th September im usually 28/29 days so at that rate I should ovulate about 5th or 6 september. Doesnt seem so long to wait to try again when you write it out like that 😊 Ill start tracking in middle of next week to be sure. 

    @Kylie1987 frustrating when our bd plans dont all work out especially when we are waiting on it so much but it only takes the once and by looks of it you hit it right on the mark. Dont overthink it too much and hope you tww goes in nice and quick for you. Lots of baby dust your way xx
  • @Katieking22 Ive never heard of too much bd being bad. I must look into that. We did the bd alot this month as I wasnt tracking..... 

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