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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • Thanks - can't wait told OH to preserve his energy. Good luck yo us all.. xx
  • LOL Lilypod!!

    Well I have been poas for cbfm for 2 days now & had 2 highs (strange I know usually a low to start with) started bd last night!!

    My friend is on the same CD as me & she & her oh have decided to try for n.o.2 so was able to pass on some wisdom & opk's to her LOL we joked about how fun it would be if we were pg together, it may happen now!!
    Hope everyone is getting on well xx
  • ah what the hey may as well add myself a bit of optomisim is good for us..going by cdi feb 16/17 to testxxxxx
  • hi ladies,

    i should be ready to ttc soon - yeaahhh!!!

    not much to report here - just eating healthy and getting excited about ttc again

    have a great weekend all
    x x x
  • Hey lovelies

    Yay Roisine I will add you now hun, Good Luck, I love your PMA sweetie.

    PB that's fab news sounds like your doing just the right thing for the time being.

    I had a slight blip last night feeling a little fed up as edd coming up & seeing everyone preparing made me a little sad that I couldnt join in.

    PMA is on it's way back had another high today but not expecting a peak just yet xxx

  • get to poas soon! yay! i love my cbfm! xxx
  • YAYYY Im on CD9 today poas before oh left for work & he said "are you pg testing already" LOL!!! So I looked at him like he was crazy & he says "oh no that's for ov"!!! Ha ha ha xx
  • Hi ladies, can I join please. I was in the Januray TTC thread but seeing as I didn't get my first peak until yesturday, on CD25 after 15 days of highs imageimage I will not be testing on 7th Feb - i day after AF should be due. I'm just hoping we haven't missed the boat because I thoought my CBFM had missed my peak, I've not been BD so much - we BD on Tuesday, then last night and gain this morning, and may again tonight :lol: but as I'm sure I actually ov yesturday (laujai I think I actually felt it after saying to you that I never had before!) there will be no egg then anyway :\? :\?

    Anyhoo, here's to my firsy 2ww after my mc so you can guarantee that I'll be ss like a made woman :lol:

    Good luck everyone and here's loads of uber sticky lurve bug baby dust to all

  • Hi ladies!! Sorry I haven't been on much lately, I've been a busy bee but am happy to report I have booked my wedding!!! (finally!) We had booked to go to Cyprus but cancelled that after the mc and few other reasons, it just didn't seem important to have a big expensve day anymore so now we are having a little ceremony and meal in our local hotel with a disco after, can't wait!!

    Right sorry for blabbering on there, can you add me in for testing on the 6th Feb, cd13 today and I'm feeling really good about this month image

    Good luck ladies!! xx
  • Yay Huni on your wedding booking. I LOVED planning my wedding image

  • Hey Laujau,
    I would love more than anything in the world to join Feb Thread but my body is a nitemare to say the least. No AF since surgery 10 wks ago and have tested just to make sure . Hope to join you soon sweetie. Have followed your story and think it would be amazing for you to get BFP on 14 th Feb. You really deserve it soooo much x lots and lots of love and angelpower and keep rubbing that monstrous fertility statue x x x x Senga
  • Hi ladies

    Will add you'll to the list now. Good Luck.

    Huni great news about your wedding sounds lovely.

    Rainbow that's good that you think you felt ov, good luck hun remember it only takes 1 little swimmer xxx
  • yay huni to the wedding, i also loved planning mine!

    Laujai have you had a peak yet? xx
  • Sorry SengaMcbride you must've posted as I was typing cause I missed your msg!! Thats so sweet of you, dont worry I rub it everytime I see it LOL.

    Hope that something happens soon for you hun it's horrible waiting! Join in the chat on the thread anyway hun everyone is welcome.

    Hi Rocky, no peak yet only on CD9 so im not expecting one yet strange that it went straight to highs though isnt it! How you doing? xx
  • Thanks ladies, I've got the excitment back, it still seems a long way away, 8th June 2012, but I'm determined to have a special little flowergirl/pageboy there with us on the day so that should keep me occupied!! xx
  • Oh you will hun & how lovely will that be, im excited for you xxx
  • Have no idea when I will be tesing on cd 12 today and average cycle is about 34 days which would take me to 15th Feb - but who knows!! Month 1 after mmc so fingers crossed.
  • I'll add you to the list Muffin & if you want to change the date let me know hun.

    Good Luck hun xx
  • Me me me!
    Testing date 7th Feb Cheers m'dear
  • started poas today, cd6 but won't get anything til about cd16, not sure why it started at cd6 again.... better check i have enough sticks!!!!! lol xx
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