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Who wants a lurve bug??? 4 BFP & counting...



  • Ha ha i like your thinking Rainbow, your immune system does go down when your pg, when I was having my bloods done with the last pg in Oct my immune system was low & they said that was normal during pg!!!

    Good Luck hun.

    Im fecked off today, if youve seen my other post you'll understand, no 2ww for me this cycle ); cry!!!

  • Hi Laujai, can you add me for testing on the 26th Feb - day after stoopid AF is due!!
    I just spent a fortune on Amazon buying CBFM and sticks and ov sticks for this month as I'll use the CBFM from March (hopefully I won't need it!) and vitamins!! I am not messing about this month. Hubby thinks I've gone baby mad!! xx
  • ha ha will do babyluv. Good Luck hun xx
  • Hey Rainbow, how you holding up? I'm soooo tempted to test :lol: think I'll maybe give in on Friday, I did ov a day early so it should be accurate enough. I'm still getting sharp pains around my ovary (right hand side) and low down in my tummy, trying hard not to ss but maybe.... image

    Good luck to tomorrows testers!! xx
  • Hi Huni, I'm quite laid back which is very unlike me, I'm not even sure exactly how many DPO I am although I know I got my peak on the Friday, and it will be 2 weeks this coming Friday. I think I'm going to try and hold out until Sunday/Monday. Only reason being is that on the cycle I got my BFP I had my peak on the Tuesday and fast forward nearly 2 weeks later and got a BFN on the Monday, so I donlt think there would be much point in testing on Thursday (sosh sorry that was babble but hopefully you get the picture :lol: )

    I don't think I have any symtoms besides a little bit of niggling last week and my tummy bug at the weekend (if you can even count that)

    How are this morning's testers? Any news? Wishing you all lots of luck

  • Hi ladies

    How are we all, how are our testers doing??

    Got a high today, the stick lines were the same colour I know were not supposed to look at that though! Can I ask a dunce Q please. When you get a your 2 peaks is that the day you are actually ov'ing or right about to ov?

    So we bd on thurs & last night wish we had done a bit more but I might do it tonight as well as the SMEP is messed up now LOL xxx
  • i think the tests pick up the LH surge, which happens just before ovulation laujai so i say sod the smep and do it tonight!
  • Any news from our testers?? xx
  • Thanks littleb will be at it again tonight LOL.

    I had ov pain on Sun the night we didnt get around to doing it but i've had a bit of a strange type feeling today as well.

    I second what Huni says how have our testers been doing? xx
  • Sooooo, my chances although practically non existent due to lack of activity and my hubby's love of tv, I am due to test 15th Feb.

    Have visitors coming over tomorrow so hopefully that will keep my mind off doing a million HPTs this month image
  • Well it's Wednesday, AF is due on Friday I think (I had first peak on the Friday :\? so maybe I'm due Saturday :\? :\? ) and the only symptoms I have are feeling sick, which I think may be the after effects of my tummy bug, I don't even have sore (.)(.) so don't think I've done it this month :\(

    Where's the news ffrom our testers, come on ladies image


  • morning ladies image

    Hope everyone is well?

    Lau - I hope you did manage to grab hubs last night - remember, it only takes one little dot to do the deed ;\)

    Rainbow - sounding promising for you, I know when I was pg with the twins the washing machine tummy was the only thing that made me test as I was convinced I wasn't pg as had no other symptoms - test came back + :\)

    Well, I'm on CD18 of a normal 28 day cycle. I *think* I ov'd on CD11 (not 100% as I'm not doing ov tests for the forseeable after a pact taken with hubs in one of my dumber moments :roll: )

    So, if I did ov on cd11 I am now 7dpo, if I ov'd on my "normal" day then I'm 4dpo. Nothing left to do but sit back and wait.....and symptom spot.....and obsess.... I WILL NOT TEST EARLY :lol:

    My cat is still being stranger than a strange thing in a strange land, on a strange planet in a strange universe!! Hubs even noticed it last night and asked what was wrong with the daft beggar - so I'm not imagining it image

    I'll indulge in symptoms this cycle - purely cos I haven't done it for two cycles!! So here goes...

    *cat acting mental
    *incredible sense of well being/happiness
    *sleeping for england (normally in bed for 11pm and up at 5am, currently going to bed at 9.30pm and in bed til 7am!! image )
    *Stitch like feeling just below my ribcage last night
    *can't lie on my stomach as too uncomfortable - feels the same as when you have an upset tummy and cannot bear anything touching it
    *temps still up image
    *constipated imageops:
    *can *feel* my knicker line (tmi - sorry)
    *cannot stand the smell of my deodorant (had the same one for about 2 years and generally adore the smell of it)

    So....there ya go, a few to chew over and obsess on :lol:

    Anyone already tested yet? Didn't we have some early feb testers on this thread?
  • Hi ladies

    Kazzie & Rainbow dont give up yet ladies, it's not over till the fat lady sings!! We havet had as mcuch activity around ov that I wouldve liked but i've dug out some PMA so am happy to share it around.

    Lily loving your symptoms hun, there great!!! We did the deed last night just to make sure.

    Got a low on CBFM today so does that meke me 1dpo today??

  • Hi Lau,

    I must admit...I'm secretly loving my symptoms too :lol: haven't told hubs any of them other than the lying on my stomach thing as I always lie on my stomach to go to sleep and haven't been able to - so when he's asked me why I've just said I'm trying not to lay on my stomach in preperation for being pg image

    Going on everything altogether, your peaks along with your pains I'd put you either 1 or 2dpo - but I have never used/seen/touched a CBFM so I am probably talking out of my arris :lol:

    Roll on test date!!

    *Sprinkles a genrous helping of PMA and super sticky babydust upon leaving thread* image
  • Ha ha i've had that lying on stomach thing before when pg it just feels uncomfortable & makes the boobies hurt even more!!

    I dont tell my oh symptoms so to speak I just tell him how I feel & then he says ohh are you pg LOL.

    Loving the sprinkling of babydust hun!!! xx

  • Naughty girl!! 9dpo is a little early so dont give up hope yet hun, it's not over.

    Sounding good though hun, here's some extra PMA to keep you going.

    Keeping everything crossed for you xxx
  • Well ladies, I have another symtom beside my wishy washy tummy (get ready fot the TMI) I am very wet in the lady area so who knows? :\?

    Mum+4 you silly nana, there's still plenty of time though so try and hold out

    lilylilac, sounding very promising for you, fingers crossed hun!

    laujai, I usally count ov as my 2nd peak so I would count your first low as 2DPO, as your 1DPO would be your high after the peak iykwim?

  • ooh rainbow more cm is a very positive sigh - fingers crossed!
  • Ohhh thanks hun so Im 2dpo (im a bit out of touch LOL).

    Im praying that there was good little one waiting for my eggy or a fast one made it there in time.

    Rainbow extra cm is great!!! Normally at this stage in your cycle you'd start to dry out down in your lady bits!!! Sorry tmi. xx
  • Yay, I have good symptoms :lol: also I'm quite emotional, I could quite easily have cried just when speaking to my lil bro :cry: must admit I'm tempted to test in the morning...

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