TTC January thread

Hi ladies image

thought I would start a thread for ttc in January. I'm cd 16 at the minute and had a positive ov test yesterday (yayyyyy!) so fingers crossed this is a lucky thread for us all!!

How is everyone? x

oo and here's the start of the testing list

gemgems......... 31/12/09..........BFP!!!
Babyluv............ 02/01/10
Jodie13............ 08/01/10.......BFP!!!
Mrslolly84......... 09/01/10
Huni................. 10/01/10
Snooks............. 10/01/10........BFP!!!
HappyTraveller.. .. 10/01/10...BFP!!!
Gussie.............. 13/01/10
Laujai.............. 13/01/10
Mum+4............ 14/01/10
JoB81.............. 14/01/10
Rocky_Kiz........ 18/01/10
Breighlin.......... 20/01/10
Mrsossy46......... 23/01/10
Lynzk................ 29/01/10
reevester1985... 29/01/10
Rainbow........... 29/01/10
Mafia Princess.. 30/01/10

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  • Lovely idea Huni

    I am cd15, just one day behind you! Not entirely sure when I will test, but will hold out for as long as is humanly possible, cos if there is one thing I have learnt it's DON'T TEST EARLY!!

  • Hi Sara, I've made the same deal with myself, no testing until I'm late! Problem is I know already I won't wait :roll:
    I think I'm due AF on the 10th so hoping I last until at least that anyway!

    Jo xx
  • will give a test date when i get my OV, which should be end of this week or next week depending on how much of a cow my body wants to be! lol, sorry that sounds SO grumpy! PMA wavering even though coming up to OV, so many bfp's on here over xmas so feeling a bit jealous i guess, xx
  • Huni please put me down for the final test of the year on thursday!! (assuming no AF arrives to spoil the party before then)
  • no probs gemgems, that would be a great end to the year, fingers crossed!!

    Rocky_kiz I know that feeling, I was on ttc earlier and there are sooo many bfp's at the minute, course I'm happy for all the girls just wish it was me image but have to get the pma WILL be us very very soon!! image
  • Put me down for the 20th of january. If my cycles are back to 28 days again that would be when af would be due.
  • hello everyone, doing ok around here. due for AF on jan.13 i think please put me down for then. thank you for starting the new thread huni. good luck GEMS!!!! will keep my finger and toes crossed!!!
  • Hi gussie, no probs hun xx
  • Hi there!
    Trying very hard to be positive this month. I should have been testing on the 2nd January 2010! I have had some weird things going on with my body like cramps and spotting and headaches. I stupidly did a test this morning which was a BFN but I'll wait till AF arrives or not!!!
    Good luck ladies xx
  • Hi Babyluv, well it is probably a little early for a bfp yet, you would be 10dpo? Fingers crossed for a BFP on the 2nd! xx
  • Hi Huni!!

    Can you put me down for 8th Jan. AF due on 6th/7th/8th and havent been POAS this month!!! Haven't been on BE for a few days so i need to catch up with you girlies properly over the next few days!!

    Jodie xx
  • Hi Jodie, I'll put you on the list now. I'm daydreaming about poas already and I'm only 2dpo!!! :roll: how on earth am I going to manage to the 10th :lol:
  • Waiting is such a struggle isn't it!! Am trying my best not to cave and test too early, trying to keep myself v busy in the next 10 days!!! Although i think the queen of willpower is gemgems!!!

    Jodie xx
  • LOL! only the queen of willpower coz I don't have them. Hubby laughed at me when I told him I def would have tested this morning if I'd had the tests. 10dpo today and nothing red despite constant knicker watch!! last 2 cycles AF's have come 10+11dpo. no symptoms whatsoever.

    Got a baby info pack from sma today. God knows why it came now! would have cried if it'd come 6 weeks ago I think. but instead I thought hmm that free muslin will be useful when I get a sticky bean! Really hopeful this month as I feel ready. Don't know if that will make the upset worse tho if it doesn't happen.
  • I had a few packs arrive during the week, had a little cry when I opened one to find a gorgeous little teddy in it but it's now on my bed wating for the cot it can call home image

    I have 2 CB's in my drawer but they are so expensive I'm hoping that puts me off using it until at least the 10th! I do keep taking the packet out to "read" though :lol:
  • Hi there yes I am about 10dpo. The spotting has stopped but I feel like AF is on her way. Trying not to get my hopes up and I keep reading into every twinge and feeling in my body!! This 2ww is awful this month!!! I am getting impatient even though I know that it has only been 3 months since I had the mmc. I just miss my little bump and I want another one asap!!!

    Hey Jodie!!! How you coping with the wait?? We keep doing this together don't we!! xx
  • thanks for posting my date huni, it looks like its me and you on the 2ww together huh...gem that would be lovely hun keep your head up high ill be watching for your post!! good luck going to try to refrain from eairly testing but already getting anxious!!
  • This is my first ttc since ectopic and I'm a bit excited! Can you put me down to test on 30th January, I'm going to try and wait until I'm a day late and test if no af. Don't think I'll last but worth a try!x x
  • Hi Mafia, I'll add you in now, I don't think any of us has confidence in our will power :lol: xx
  • mafia princess i am in the exact same situation as u im due to test around the 23rd jan and i dont know if im more worried or excited..huni add me for 23rd please x
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